Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

Not so long ago, all a man needed to do to grow a beard was to stop shaving. Simple. Nowadays, it’s no surprise supplement manufacturers that are looking for a fast buck are adding beard growth enhancers to their product range, one example being Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard supplement.

We checked out the impressive (and not-so-impressive) range of other beard growth supplements available today, and then decided to take a much closer look at Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard. This is what we found.

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Pros

  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • Non GMO
  • GMP compliant

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Cons

  • Proprietary formula
  • What looks like an excessive amount of biotin
  • Takes between 2-4 months to feel the benefits of one ingredient
Watchdog Rejected

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard


What You Need To Know About Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

Here’s Zhou’s take on Iron Beard: “There are many reasons why your beard may not be reaching its potential, and one of the most common is nutrient deficiency. While it’s difficult to get all of the nutrients to fuel your beard from food alone, this advanced complex helps make beard care easy.”

And our take? It’s not at all difficult to get those nutrients from food alone – all it takes is a little research, a bit of patience, and the ability to get through that awful itching stage every self-respecting beard owner has to face. And keeping the skin beneath that beard well looked after throughout the process isn’t such a bad idea either.

However, Zhou have bundled up a lot of B vitamins – useful for hair growth in general – plus a few other ingredients which don’t look so useful from here, and mixed them all up to create this supplement. So even though there’s potential for some unpleasant side effects (which we’ll look at in more detail later), there might just be some benefit to investing in a course of Iron Beard.

What Are The Side Effects Of Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard?

You mean apart from excess facial hair? We checked the ingredients and found they could bring on anything from acne right where the beard is growing, to other skin problems, digestion issues and liver problems, and even hair loss.

How Much Does Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Cost?

The price looks pretty constant wherever Iron Beard is sold. For $21.99 you get 60 capsules (30 servings), but of course you’re advised to take it for at least thirty days. Given that it can often take 6-8 weeks before a beard is full enough to trim down to a decent size and shape, you could find yourself investing just under $44 before your beard gets to that stage. And then there’s the option of continuing with Iron Beard to keep your beard in shape from there on in.

Our Verdict On Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

So you want to grow a beard. And you want to grow it well, but you can’t wait those six-to-eight weeks or so it’s going to take before it’s full enough to trim back properly.

Those six-to-eight weeks work out to two bottles of Iron Beard, which, with all its B vitamin content, does look like it could help that beard grow a little quicker.

Iron Beard could possibly give your existing beard growth process a nudge in the right direction, but then again, so would keeping an eye on your diet, keeping your facial skin scrupulously clean, and enjoying the right amount of exercise and rest.

We’d would however suggest you take that $44 you’d save by not buying it to speed up beard growth, and treat yourself to a trip to a barber once your beard is ready. He might talk you through beard care during your initial trimming and shaping session, and then you could put the rest of that money you’ve saved towards a suitable beard trimmer you can use yourself at home.

Overall, we do not recommend Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard to our readers.

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Review

Looking through the ingredient list, we find many B vitamins, which are known to be useful when it comes to hair growth. We also find pantothenic acid, which helps to increase testosterone production – as does the zinc in Iron Beard.

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Facts

  • Zhou sell supplements for both men and women
  • Other Zhou products include nootropics
  • Iron Beard is for “men of all ethnicities and hair types”

What concerns us about Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard, is the saw palmetto and pumpkin seed extract we found. Both are more often used for men’s sexual health problems – as is the nettle root extract, and none of them seem to be used for hair or beard related purposes. We read elsewhere that saw palmetto may – repeat, may – block a particular enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, which is a molecule linked to hair loss. But on the whole, saw palmetto is used to deal with issues elsewhere.

Saying that, there actually is a part of the nettle plant that has been used for hair loss – and that’s the part of it above ground level. But there’s none of that part of the plant is in Iron Beard, from what we can see.

How to Take Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

Suggested Use:

  • Adults take two (2) capsules once daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. For maximum effect take daily for at least 30 days.

The vitamin A content in each serving is 160% of the recommended daily value, and that’s not including the vitamin A you’d get in your everyday diet. Too much vitamin A by itself – or even combined with other antioxidants – is known to lead to hair loss.

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Concerns:

  • It looks like they’re using the wrong part of the nettle plant
  • Several of the ingredients are much more suitable for men’s sexual health issues
  • The large amount of biotin could cause acne just where the beard is trying to grow

What Does Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Claim To Do?

According to Zhou Nutrition,

Whether you’re new to the majestic world of facial hair growth and beard products or are a veteran man-beast, Iron Beard ™ is formulated to help support healthy hair growth for a more even, fuller beard you can be proud of. Ideal for beards and hair on the scalp, as well as mustaches, goatees, and sideburns.

Does Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Work?

From what we can see, it’s got some potential to speed up the initial beard growth process. Then again, so does looking after your facial skin (which could be hard work, considering the amount of acne-inducing biotin in Iron Beard). And so does including magnesium, copper, silica, and iron in your diet, and getting the right amount of exercise and sleep. And then there’s the good possibility of keeping your beard well maintained afterwards.

What Are The Ingredients of Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard?

Iron Beard doesn’t contain any gluten, soy, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or preservatives. What it does contain is:

  • Vitamin A – 160% DV: For healthy teeth, soft and skeletal tissues, skin, and mucous membranes.
  • Vitamin C – 167% DV: A powerful antioxidant, also for forming and maintaining connecting tissue, bones, blood vessels, and skin.
  • Vitamin D – 100% DV: Regulates levels of calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood.
  • Vitamin B1 – 333% DV: Supports skin, hair, and nails.
  • Vitamin B2 – 294% DV: Converts carbs into energy for cells.
  • Niacin (AKA vitamin B3) – 25% DV: Improves blood flow, particularly to the scalp so hair follicles get more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Vitamin B6 – 250% DV: Increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the scalp.
  • Folic acid (AKA vitamin B9) – 50% DV: Helps to stimulated and repair DNA molecules linked to hair growth.
  • Vitamin B12 – 333% DV: Keeps blood and nerve cells healthy, and for creating DNA.
  • Biotin (AKA vitamin B7) – 1667% DV: For healthy hair growth.
  • Pantothenic acid (from vitamin B5) – 1000% DV: Raises cell metabolism levels and increasing testosterone production.
  • Zinc – 100% DV: Increases thyroid hormone and testosterone production.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 400mg: Dosages vary between 2,000 – 6,000 mg/day. A dose in Iron Beard is 400 mg, and it can take between two to four months for the body to absorb it to the point where you feel the benefits. It helps create collagen to keep body and hair in good condition.
  • Collagen Hydrolysate 200mg: Suggested daily dosages are in grams, rather than the 200 mg included in Iron Beard.

Iron Beard Complex 300 mg:

  • Fo-Ti powder: Also known as He Shou Wu, it has a very high estrogen content and is good for liver and kidney health, as well as hair growth.
  • Saw palmetto: Mainly used for hormonal imbalances (perhaps to counteract the estrogen in the Fo-Ti, maybe?) and prostate problems.
  • Pumpkin seed extract: Again, used for problems relating to sexual health, as well as kidney infections bladder issues and intestinal worms.
  • Nettle root extract: Yet again, used for male problems, however, the above ground parts of the nettle plant have been used for hair loss – but there aren’t any included here.

Does Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Have Any Side Effects?

We looked up what kind of side-effects individual ingredients could bring on, and this – very briefly – is what we found:

Vitamin A – digestion problems, jaundice, irritability, liver problems, birth defects, lowered bone density, and hair loss.
Vitamin C – digestion problems, headache, faintness, and skin warmth and redness.
Vitamin D – kidney stones, digestion problems, extreme thirst (and frequent urination), weakness, bone pain, and confusion.
Vitamin B-1 – digestion problems, tightness in the throat, warmth and sweating, restlessness and allergic reactions which could include facial swelling and breathing difficulties. Serious side effects can include chest pain, chest pains, stools which could be black, bloody, or tarry, and coughing up blood or vomit.
Vitamin B-2 – digestion problems and discolored urine.
Niacin – skin itching, warmth or redness, sweating or chills, digestion and problems, dizziness, muscle pain, and leg cramps.
Vitamin B-6 – digestion problems, tingling skin, headache, and sleepiness.
Folic Acid – digestion problems and abdominal cramps, sleep disorders, irritability, confusion, and excitability and behavior changes.
Vitamin B-12 – nervousness and anxiety, headaches, itching, swelling, and uncontrollable movements.
Biotin – acne on the chin and jaw line, allergic reactions, increased urination, digestion problems, interaction with other drugs, and raised blood glucose levels.
Pantothenic Acid – digestion problems.
Zinc – digestion problems, damage to the kidney and stomach, and a metallic taste in the mouth.
MSM – digestion problems, fatigue, sleep issues, headache, and concentration difficulties.
Collagen Hydrolysate – changes in appetite and allergic reactions (depending on the source).
Fo-Ti powder – laxative effect, changes in blood sugar levels, and liver problems.
Saw Palmetto – digestion problems, reduced sexual desire, tenderness in the breast area.
Pumpkin seed extract – sexual problems.
Nettle root extract – increased urination and lowered blood pressure.


Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard?

Indeed there are. We visited Amazon for a more balanced sample of reviews than the collections we tend to find on product sales pages, and discovered there were 641 positive reviews versus 79 negative ones.

Most of those reviews were submitted between January and May 2018, but then we ran those reviews through Fakespot.com – a website that analyses reviews on Amazon to see how genuine they are – and this is what it said: “Our engine has profiled the reviewer patterns and has determined that there is high deception involved”.

It told us that Amazon had scrubbed reviews for Iron Beard, and that it had its suspicions about 44.4% of those reviews which it labeled as “low quality”.

Higher-quality (as in critical) review statements included:

This product gave me rash instead of hair growth. My face became full red and very itchy.

Wanted to give it a good trial so used Iron Beard for six weeks so far… don’t really see any difference from my normal beard growth… Can’t say as I’d recommend product…

But after taking this for less than 2 weeks, my scalp has become noticeably bald.

Does Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

It does. This is what they say:

ZHOU’S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We’re so confident that Iron Beard ™ will help you achieve the facial hair you’ve been looking for, we’ll give your hard-earned money back if you’re not thrilled with your purchase. Simply contact Zhou Nutrition DIRECTLY for a refund. No tricks, no excuses. Just the best guarantee around.

Where Can I Buy Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard?

You can buy it from Amazon, but as always we have to warn you to be on your lookout, because what you think you order doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you’re going to receive.

And you can buy it from Zhou’s website, but be careful when you’re clicking “Add to Cart” that you’re not automatically signing yourself up for a subscription. The way that page is set up, it looks like it’s very easy to do.

Summary: Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

2 out of 5
Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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