Warrior Blaze Reborn

If you are looking for a super strength fat burner, Warrior Blaze Reborn looks to tick the right boxes and according to product information, will get you results! Warrior Blaze Reborn is a new version of an earlier fat burner called Warrior Blaze, which is no longer available.

We look at Warrior Blaze Reborn to find out more.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Pros

  • May be effective as a stimulant
  • Compared to many other body builder fat burners it looks pretty safe
  • Reasonably priced for a months supply

Warrior Blaze Reborn Cons

  • Incomplete ingredient profile – proprietary blend issues
  • Contains Citrus Aurantium in unknown quantities
  • Large pills may not be easy to swallow
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Warrior Blaze Reborn

What You Need To Know About Warrior Blaze Reborn

There is a lot we like about Warrior Blaze Reborn. The company behind it looks reputable and will not trick you into any billing scams and we like that they provide full contact details.

The supplement comes with clear information and health warnings too. It may cause stimulant side effects but these will not be as extreme as the previous supplement Warrior Blaze. For a high strength fat burner we think that Warrior Blaze Reborn looks pretty safe.

We are not keen on the proprietary blend classification – we wish supplement companies would not use this because it does not help the customer. We also think that they have been a little economical with the truth regarding original supplement Warrior Blaze.

That said we understand why. Mentioning safety can be the kiss of death when it comes to bodybuilding supplement advertising because customers sometimes are attracted to a dangerous edge.

What Are The Side Effects Of Warrior Blaze Reborn?

Safety is a reason why we must reject Warrior Blaze Reborn. We do not know how much Citrus Aurantium is contained in each capsule and this may cause potentially dangerous side effects.

How Much Does Warrior Blaze Reborn Cost?

You can buy Warrior Blaze Reborn direct from the Bodybuilding Warehouse website. 90 capsules (approximately 1 month’s supply) costs £29.99. You can also buy Warrior Blaze Reborn via Amazon USA from a third party seller. 90 capsules (approximately 1 month’s supply) cost $78.02.

Our Verdict On Warrior Blaze Reborn

Although this supplement looks good and is saying all the right things there are concerns over the side effects as some of the ingredients aren’t fully stated. There isn’t a money-back guarantee on offer either and so if this doesn’t suit you then you have wasted your money.

For these reasons we wouldn’t recommend Warrior Blaze Reborn.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Review

Warrior Blaze Reborn Facts

  • Manufactured by Bodybuilding Warehouse in Manchester UK
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules
  • Replaces previous supplement Warrior Blaze that contained dangerous ingredient DMAA

Warrior Blaze Reborn is a fat burner supplement that contains stimulants, weight loss ingredients and, mood boosting ingredients.

The advertising style is punchy and direct. The product description states that this supplement is the World’s Strongest Fat Burner and although this is an exaggeration, it does give you a clue about what to expect. However, after this build up the ingredients list does not look quite as scary as you might think.

The stimulant firepower is provided by caffeine and citrus Aurantium, two ingredients that regularly show up in other supplements. Citrus Aurantium is derived from orange peel extract and has an effect upon adrenaline levels, which includes raising the heart rate, and blood pressure so will not suit you if you have any health issues.

Warrior Blaze Reborn also contains Capsicum extract believed to increase the speed of the metabolism, raspberry ketones and 5HTP – an amino acid that works as precursor to the manufacture of serotonin – the brain’s feel good chemical.

Other ingredients include a powerful green tea extract; green coffee and amino acid L Carnitine that helps convert fat to energy.

Overall, this supplement looks to be an effective fat burner that may help raise adrenaline levels and energy so will probably suppress appetite as well. Warrior Blaze Reborn replaces an earlier product called Warrior Blaze, no longer on sale from the company.

How to Take Warrior Blaze Reborn

Take one (1) Capsule upon an empty stomach first thing in the morning before breakfast, to assess tolerance.

If suitable, take a second capsule at lunch time later in the day (at least 4 hours after first dose).

If you have a high tolerance to stimulants, take two (2) capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and one (1) 4hrs later around lunch.

Warrior Blaze Reborn is on sale from The Body building Warehouse. This British company was founded in 2008 and according to their info offer a personal service to customers from their premises in ‘sunny Manchester’. All supplements are manufactured by the company in Manchester so are fully traceable.

We love to see transparency and contact details about supplement companies and Body Building Warehouse provides this. You can contact the company by phone or email and they also provide their full address.

There are several products in the Warrior Range. These include Warrior Bulbine a testosterone booster which contains a Zulu herb Bulbine Natalensis, Warrior Rage a protein powder and other body building related products.

There is also a Warrior Princess range aimed at women.

There is not much information about the Original Warrior Blaze on the Bodybuilding Warehouse website. However, we found out that this contained 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) now illegal in the UK and the USA. DMAA is an amphetamine type substance that increases heart rate and blood pressure.

It is still sold illegally and has led to the death of athletes, including marathon runner Claire Squires who collapsed and died in the 2012 London marathon following taking a supplement, which contained high levels of DMAA.

Warrior Blaze Reborn is a safer alternative to original Warrior Blaze but even the formula for the new product appears to have changed since its inception.

The first version of Warrior Braze Reborn contained Acacia Rigidula – also known for health risks, but this ingredient has since been dropped, possibly for safety reasons.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Concerns:

  • This supplement may be effective if used sparingly but is taking stimulants a healthy way to achieve weight loss?
  • There are some issues with raspberry ketone – it was banned as a supplement in 2014
  • Although this supplement looks safe compared to some others, it still could cause dangerous side effects

What Does Warrior Blaze Reborn Claim To Do?

According to Bodybuilding Warehouse,

Warrior Blaze Reborn builds on a legend – the first Blaze was a hard and fast thermogenic beast, a fat burner so powerful you could rely on especially rapid results!

It continues,

Blaze Reborn now has even more incredible ingredients, in even greater dosages, to make it better than ever before and BEAT every other fat burner on the market, ever produced.

Although it goes against the grain with bodybuilding supplements to admit safety as an advantage, Blaze Reborn is much safer than the original supplement. Bodybuilding Warehouse do not mention the fact that DMAA was banned for being dangerous. According to the information, Warrior Blaze Reborn is made from,

Scientifically optimal dosages synergistically combined to elicit dramatic results on your body.

There is an explanation about how each ingredient will work but would have liked to seen links to clinical evidence.

So What Does All This Mean?

Warrior Blaze Reborn looks a lot safer than its predecessor, the original Warrior Blaze. However, the ingredients are condensed and may be stronger than is suggested by the sum total of 557mg per serving.

This supplement will probably give you an energy kick, which will suit you if you are looking for a stimulant. However, some of the claims about weight loss are not proven. Many of the ingredients, such as raspberry ketone and green coffee extract have no evidence that they will work as described. There are health concerns about the side effects to Citrus Aurantium because it is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure in high quantities.

The true breakdown of ingredients is not known owing to the proprietary blend classification which is disadvantage to this supplement.

So Does Warrior Blaze Reborn Work?

We think it may work – that is if you are looking for an energy boost to assist with training and many customers have felt that has reduced hunger pangs.

The 5HTP is safe and may help increase serotonin levels too. The appetite suppressing effect is usual with stimulants because they usually knock off your appetite. Not everyone can cope with this effect as it can leave you feeling nauseous and on edge.

There is evidence that the green tea/ caffeine combination can increase the speed of the metabolism as claimed. In addition, there is evidence that green tea and caffeine can be effective if combined with resistance training.

So What Is Warrior Blaze Reborn and What Are The Ingredients?

Warrior Blaze Reborn is a Fat Burner diet pill. Each capsule is equal to one serving. Disappointingly, the contents are in the form of a proprietary blend, which means we cannot provide a full ingredients breakdown.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Crystallised form of caffeine but otherwise the same ingredient that you find in coffee. It can increase the speed of the metabolism and help fat burning but the effects can be wear off as you get used to it. When combined with green tea, as here it may enhance the fat burning effect. A cup of instant coffee contains around 75 mg of caffeine.
  • Capsicum (8:1 Hyper-Strength Extraction): All peppers contain capsaicin, the compound that puts the heat into chilli peppers. There is evidence that this compound can have weight loss benefits as the product information claims. According to one clinical test, it may help break down carbs after a meal and regulate blood sugar levels. It may also have a short-term metabolism boosting effect following ingestion.
  • Citrus Aurantium: Also known as bitter orange extract, this stimulant contains synephrine, which is well known for raising the heart rate and increasing blood pressure. It is billed by many as a way to increase the metabolism in place of banned substance ephedrine and it acts in a similar way by increasing adrenaline levels. This is turn can decrease your appetite. In high levels, synephrine is not safe and can cause heart palpitations and a whole range of side effects. It has been linked to causing heart attacks and strokes. Amount in this supplement unknown.
  • Raspberry Ketones 99%: According to the product information, Raspberry ketones the aroma phenol in raspberries is a compound that regulates adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. This sounds good but most of the weight loss claims are based on animal testing and it lacks human evidence. Some Raspberry ketones supplements can no longer be sold legally in the UK. In 2014, the Food Standards Agency ruled that raspberry ketones were an unauthorised ‘novel food’. However, this appears to be a grey area when it comes to supplements, which contain raspberry ketones along with other ingredients.
  • L-Carnitine: The product information says that L Carnitine increase your energy levels and physical performance during workouts. This amino acid helps the body convert fat into energy and is present in the kidneys and liver and stores it in the muscles, heart and brain. It is also obtainable by diet – especially offal. Taking L Carnitine supplements can be effective for some medical conditions including depression and elderly memory loss but there is no real evidence that it improves weight loss or exercise performance.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): Naturally occurring amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is the brain chemical that affects mood, appetite, and sexual behaviour and when levels are low it can lead to depression, comfort eating and low mood. 5 HTP is produced synthetically in order to treat these issues. There is not much evidence to prove all the claims about 5HTP but trials have found that doses of 50-3000 mg daily for 2-4 weeks can improve symptoms of depression. Amounts contained in this supplement are unknown.
  • Green Tea (20:1 Hyper-Strength Extraction): In a recent study, it was found that when Green Tea and caffeine were taken together, the results were more than the sum of their parts – “A green tea-caffeine mixture improves weight maintenance, through thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and sparing fat free mass”. The product information provides a source for this evidence.
  • Green Coffee (40:1 Hyper-Strength Extraction): Green coffee is derived from raw unroasted coffee beans. It is believed to increase fat oxidation and the metabolism and a human study carried out in Norway found that chlorogenic acid – the significant component of green coffee bean extract has a significant effect on the absorption and utilisation of glucose from the diet. However there has been little clinical testing and many of the claims are based on seriously flawed evidence.
  • Bioavailability Catalyst (Piper Nigrum): Black pepper extract is believed to increase the absorption of other ingredients so may make them more effective.
  • Chromium: This trace mineral has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and therefore control food cravings. It has been investigated as a treatment for diabetes.

Does Warrior Blaze Reborn Have Any Side Effects?

Warrior Blaze Reborn may cause side effects including:

  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Palpitations
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Stomach discomfort

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

This product is only intended for healthy adults, 18 years of age or older.

Before using this product consult with your physician if you are using any prescription or over the counter medication of if you have or suspect you have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) or any other medication.

Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

Any Warrior Blaze Reborn Reviews From Customers?

There are independent customer reviews for Warrior Blaze Review and much opinion is positive. One customer reported,

The tablets have helped with weight loss and cut my hunger down. So able to control my weight and fat tissue.

Some customers have mentioned the energy buzz,

After awhile your body will adjust and the kick won’t feel as powerful. I only use for my football matches on a Saturday now and it really gets me going. I could only compare it to 5 espressos served in a sugar cube!


Made me feel a little shaky first week, but ooh got used to it and they have started to work. Good result.

One female customer compared Warrior Blaze Reborn to original product Warrior Blaze,

The reason for four stars and not five is this. Compared to the original warrior blaze, the energy buzz is a lot less.

However she continued,

I don’t have mood spikes with this product as I did with the original and also I don’t come crashing down of my energy buzz.

This customer also mentioned the size of the capsules as being a reason for the four star review.

They are big, sometimes it feels like it’s stuck in my throat and with the burning sensation the first half hour can be somewhat unpleasant.

Not everyone is satisfied,

Bought these after using the previous product which was great. But using this product has had no effect at all. Therefore would recommend you save your money.

What About A Guarantee

No guarantee is on offer.

Where Can I Buy Warrior Blaze Reborn?

You can buy Warrior Blaze Reborn direct from the Bodybuilding Warehouse website. 90 capsules (approximately 1 month’s supply) costs £29.99.

Shipping appears to be free to UK addresses and customers can pay via PayPal. 90 capsules of Warrior Blaze Reborn is also available from Amazon UK for the same price, which includes free shipping.

You can also buy Warrior Blaze Reborn via Amazon USA from a third party seller. 90 capsules (approximately 1 month’s supply) cost $78.02 and include free shipping from the UK.

Summary: Warrior Blaze Reborn

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3 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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