True Grit Pre

True Grit Pre, a bodybuilding supplement created and marketed by people who really don’t want us to know who they are. No company name, no contact details – nothing.

So we thought we’d do a little detective work of our own, and this is what we found.

True Grit Pre Pros

  • No proprietary blends
  • Interesting selection of flavors
  • No banned substances in the ingredient list

True Grit Pre Cons

  • You need to double the dosage to get the recommended amount of most of the ingredients
  • It doesn’t appear to be on sale in many places any more
  • We have no idea as yet about who creates and markets True Grit Pre
Watchdog Rejected

True Grit Pre


What You Need To Know About True Grit Pre

We will find out who creates and markets True Grit Pre as this review progresses, because we love a mystery, especially when we click on the “Buy Now” button and get taken to what appears to be the only online retailer True Grit says carries it, only to read that no longer carry this product.

A quick web search reveals True Grit products are available elsewhere, but very seldom Pre – the one we’re looking for.

But during our web search we came across product reviewers (as opposed to customer reviewers) who felt that although the ingredients in True Grit Pre were a good mix, they’d be more effective if the dosage were to be doubled.

That in theory, would have been fine except for the resulting huge caffeine content – which would be a small issue for users who have a very high tolerance to caffeine, but could cause serious problems for those who don’t.

It would also mean, of course, that you’d be getting through tubs of True Grit Pre twice as fast, which would make the people behind True Grit (whoever they are) very happy indeed.

What Are The Side Effects Of True Grit Pre?

Side effects in general could include; digestion problems, changes in blood pressure and sugar levels, reaction to the amount of caffeine, and WebMD tells us there’s not enough research on more than one of the ingredients to prove it’s completely safe.

How Much Does True Grit Pre Cost?

30 servings will cost about $35, from what we’ve found online. If you’re going to double the dosage to get the right amount of most of the ingredients, you’re looking at about $2.33 a time.

Our Verdict On True Grit Pre

After going through the website looking for clues as to who produces True Grit Pre, we clicked on the link to the privacy policy. There we discovered the company behind True Grit were our old friends Iovate.

We say “old friends” because we reviewed Nitro-Tech, a product from MuscleTech, which is another company under the Iovate corporate umbrella. Both companies have been on the receiving end of some fairly heavy-duty class actions. We’ve seen quite a few lawsuits regarding the lead content in their products, misleading advertising, and protein spiking (that’s basically mixing in cheaper ingredients which give a false reading about the protein content of a product).

All in all, we haven’t really trusted Iovate, any of their companies, or any of their companies’ products ever since that review.

And we’re really not that confident they’ve turned over a new leaf – otherwise wouldn’t they admit to being behind True Grit Pre openly, rather than just having copied and pasted the small print of their other websites at the bottom of the website? And yes, they really have copied and pasted that small print, because we remember falling about laughing the first time we saw their stern warning forbidding anyone from visiting the site. That’s if they weren’t “a legal resident of the States of America”. (United appears to be no longer applicable on this or the MuscleTech site. Are they trying to tell us something here?)

And it’s even more bizarre when you consider that Iovate’s based in Canada. With everything taken into consideration, we do not recommend True Grit Pre to our readers.

True Grit Pre Review

OK, so now we know who’s behind True Grit Pre, and so what we’ve found (and what we’re not going to find) no longer surprises us.

If they’d balanced the caffeine out in True Grit Pre, then they could have been a little more honest about using two scoops for a single serving. As it is, they’re telling us to take a single serving, but only giving us half of most of the recommended dosage of many of the other ingredients in it.

Then again, if they hadn’t put together a website that completely left out a description of how the taurine in True Grit Pre was supposed to help, we wouldn’t have had to look elsewhere for the facts we needed. As well as that, we click on a link that says it’ll take us to more details about the effects of mixing caffeine and theanine, and it takes us to a report about how caffeine by itself can improve focus.

Sloppy website about a deceitful product from a dodgy parent company. What’s more to say?

True Grit Pre Facts

  • Iovate Health Sciences International Inc, is a Canadian company based in Oakville, Ontario
  • They produce, at last count, eleven supplements for “Weight Management” and “Active Nutrition”
  • Lawsuits against Iovate include false advertising, falsifying ingredient listings, lead content, deaths due to use of their products, and so on

How to Take True Grit Pre

Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 6 oz. of cold water and drink 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. For best results, mix 2 servings (2 scoops) with 12 oz. of water and drink 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24-hour period. Drink 10 glasses of water daily for general good health. Read entire label before use and follow directions provided.

True Grit Pre Concerns:

  • Iovate has a long history of lawsuits and class actions, so perhaps it’s no wonder they don’t want their name on the product
  • The website is sloppily put together, with links that take you back to the same page, and ingredient descriptions omitted
  • If the website is that sloppy, we can’t help wondering if their products are made with the same lack of attention to detail

What Does True Grit Pre Claim To Do?

Here’s what the web page tells us.

True Grit Pre:

“Maximizes the pump
Increases power, boosts VO2 Max & Improves time-to-fatigue
Improves muscle performance – get bigger & stronger”

Does True Grit Pre Work?

In theory, yes, True Grit Pre should give you that pre-workout edge you need to make those final few reps count.

However, Iovate, the parent company for this and other supplement brands were on the receiving end of at least one class action when it came to the quantities and strengths of ingredients of certain of their products (Muscle Tech springs to mind, with its episode of protein spiking, which cost the company more than a couple of million dollars.)

But if they’re being honest about what’s in True Grit Pre, then since most of the ingredients in a single scoop are considered half-measures by other reviewers, a couple of scoops should work quite well – as long as you’re not overly sensitive to large amounts of caffeine.

That’s if they’re being honest about what’s in True Grit Pre. But after what we found out when reviewing MuscleTech, we’re not so sure.

What Are The Ingredients of True Grit Pre?

  • Beta-Alanine (CamoSyn) 1.6 g: Amino acid that benefits muscle endurance and high-intensity cardio training. (Recommended dosage: 3.2 g)
  • Creatine HCL 1.5 g: Concentrated form of creatine, which improves strength and endurance while increasing lean muscle mass. (Recommended dosage: 3 g)
  • Betaine 1.25 g: Amino acid which works as a recovery agent by helping with hydrating cells, reducing soreness, and reducing cortisol output brought on by training. (Recommended dosage: 2.5 g)
  • Taurine 1 g: By itself it provides an energy boost while helping to reduce feelings of stress. Mixed with caffeine it helps with cognitive functions. (Recommended dosage: 500 to 2,000 mg)
  • Arginine Silicate Inositol (Nitrosigine) 750 mg: Its main function is to help the body increase Nitric Oxide production. (Recommended dosage 1.5 grams)
  • Arjun Extract (as Terminalia arjuna) bark 250 mg: Used in Ayurveda medicine, this is good for the heart and increases oxygen intake. Recommended dosage 500 mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 175 mg: This amount in a single scoop would boost focus, mood, and energy, but you’d be losing out on the recommended dosages of other ingredients. On the other hand, if you use two scoops you’d get more benefit from those other ingredients, but at the cost of overdosing on the caffeine.
  • L-Theanine 65 mg: Amino acid, which when combined with caffeine improves reaction time, focus and resistance to fatigue. It also has a calming effect, so although clinical trials used much more than the 65 mg here, much more than that would counteract the get-up-and-go you’d get from the caffeine.

Does True Grit Pre Have Any Side Effects?

On the basis that a single scoop tends to contain half the amount of the ingredients are required to make True Grit Pre an effective pre-workout, it’s unlikely you’re going to overdose on anything in a single scoop.

That said, two scoops might just bring caffeine levels up to close to the daily maximum and if you’ve got a low tolerance level you’ll certainly notice it.

That said, there’s always the possibility of side-effects of any ingredient, no matter what the dosage, and here they are:

Beta-Alanine (CamoSyn) – a tingling sensation, combined with flushing.
Creatine HCL – muscle cramps, digestion problems and possible problems with the heart, kidneys, and liver.
Betaine – changes in cholesterol levels and digestion problems.
Taurine – appears to be safe, even for long-term use.
Arginine Silicate Inositol (Nitrosigine) – Digestion problems, bloating, stomach cramps, allergic reactions, increased urination and issues with sleep, memory, and motivation.
Arjuna Extract (as Terminalia arjuna) bark – WebMD advises caution here as in, “don’t use it without medical supervision” as it could affect the heart.
Caffeine Anhydrous – OK, don’t let us put you off your morning coffee, but WebMD considers caffeine “possibly unsafe when taken by mouth for a long time or in fairly high doses”. Side effects listed include digestion problems, insomnia, nervousness, increased heart rate and respiration, headache chest pain, ringing in the ears, irregular heartbeat and, the list cheerfully concludes, “even death”.
L-Theanine – it’s not known if using this for “longer periods of time” is safe. It seems to lower blood pressure and interact, like we’ve seen before, with stimulants such as caffeine.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For True Grit Pre?

Of course there are customer reviews telling us True Grit Pre is the best thing since whatever the best thing was before True Grit Pre came on the scene. You can find them on websites selling True Grit products, a very few of which actually include Pre any more.

On Amazon, things are somewhat more balanced in the review department: we found four positive reviews and four negative reviews, and you can’t get much more balanced than that.

The biggest complaint was about the mixture clumping together at the bottom of the container, which made at least one complainant toss it all into the garbage.

Does True Grit Pre Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

We can’t say. Right now, we’re not even sure we can buy any to send back for a refund in the first place.

Where Can I Buy True Grit Pre?

Well, there’s always Amazon, but we always need to warn people that what they order there might not be exactly what they receive.

We’ve visited several online retailers who carry True Grit products, but those who include Pre in their product range are very few and very, very far between.

Summary: True Grit Pre

True Grit Pre

1 out of 5
True Grit Pre Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend True Grit Pre.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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