TestoStorm is a supplement that claims to boost your testosterone levels so that you can enhance your muscle building and sex drive. According to the product information the aim is “to provide every man the energy he needs to finish strong, every time”. We take an in-depth look at TestoStorm to find out more.

TestoStorm comes from a company called Future DNA and although it is described as a premier supplement, this product does not even have a website. These days the supplement is only available via Amazon but previously TestoStorm was sold via a free trial scam offer.

TestoStorm Pros

  • May help increase testosterone levels
  • Clear ingredients profile

TestoStorm Cons

  • Limited information on the company
  • May cause side effects
  • Negative feedback
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What You Need To Know About TestoStorm

TestoStorm is a testosterone-boosting supplement that contains a branded fenugreek product as the principal ingredient. The supplement looks reasonable enough but there are concerns about the company behind it. In 2015 this supplement was part of a free trial scam where buyers were signed up to expensive auto-ship contracts and although this seems to have been discontinued, it indicates that Future DNA is not the most reputable of companies. There are other testosterone supplements on the market that may be a safer bet.

What Are The Side Effects Of TestoStorm?

TestoStorm may worsen conditions such as prostate cancer or BPH if used long term. Other side effects may include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, worsening of asthma conditions, allergic reactions, low blood pressure, risk of causing birth defects.

How Much Does TestoStorm Cost?

When TestoStorm was part of the free trial scam, it was very expensive and cost $74.90 a month. These days it is only available via Amazon USA and is much cheaper. Three bottles of 60 capsules (or 1 month’s supply) of TestoStorm costs $54.71.

Our Verdict On TestoStorm

TestoStorm does not look too bad as a supplement. The ingredients profile is clear so you can see what you are taking and the ingredients may help increase testosterone levels as claimed if you combine it with diet and exercise. We have seen a lot worse testosterone supplements on the market and the current price of $54.71 for 3 bottles makes it very reasonably priced.

Feedback is mixed. Some customers obviously like this supplement and although there is also a high percentage of negative comments, you may find that TestoStorm may do something for you.

However there is something about this supplement we just don’t trust. We are never impressed with free trial scams and although this is no longer continuing, it indicates that the company behind it, the shadowy Future DNA are not very reputable. The lack of contact details are of concern and the fact that there is no longer a website associated with this product suggests that TestoStorm might not have long to go.

TestoStorm Review

TestoStorm is a supplement that is supposed to help men boost their testosterone levels naturally. This all-important hormone affects many aspects of life and is the key feature of what is regarded as manliness as it is involved with strength and endurance, muscle building and sex drive. As men age so testosterone is depleted. Healthy testosterone levels are important for the general state of male health.

TestoStorm Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules.
  • No product website.
  • This supplement used to be sold via a free trial scam.

TestoStorm contains ingredients that may help your body produce more testosterone. It contains zinc and vitamin B6 plus a branded testosterone supplement called Testofen which is based on fenugreek. This Indian culinary spice may have numerous benefits and clinical testing suggests that it can improve sex life and mood.

How to Take TestoStorm

Take one capsule with water in the morning and another capsule later in the day.

TestoStorm also contains a Mediterranean fruit extract called Tribulus Terrestis (commonly known puncture vines) which is often taken to improve sex life and exercise performance. This can cause side effects around heart and prostate health so will not be suitable if you suffer from any related health issues.

The final ingredients are Rhodiola Crenulata extract and L Arginine, an amino acid that is often used to improve exercise and muscle building.

TestoStorm Concerns:

  • There could be side effects. Some of the ingredients are unresearched.
  • Advertises a guarantee but there is no evidence this will be honoured.
  • Lack of information regarding the seller. Why is Future DNA so unknown?

We tried to find out more about Future DNA the company selling this supplement. We drew a complete blank because there is zero background information such as a company address or relevant contact details.

This shadowy background may be intentional. This company may not want you to find them. Worryingly it appears that back in 2015 Future DNA was operating a free trial scam with TestoStorm and generated many customer complaints after people were billed $74.98 a month until they cancelled.

What Does TestoStorm Claim To Do?

According to the Amazon advertising, this supplement has five key features:

  • All-Natural Ingredients Clinically Proven to Increase Testosterone Levels – #1 Rated Most Powerful 100% Natural
  • Testosterone Booster
  • Patented All-Natural High-Quality Formula Designed to Show Fast Results
  • Reinvent Your Body, Build Lean Muscle, Improve Endurance, Increase Your Strength
  • Noticeable Increases in Energy, Libido, Recovery and Mood Within 2–4 Weeks
  • Backed by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

There is not a shred of evidence to prove any of these claims, including the one about the guarantee.

TestoStorm is described as “a premium supplement carefully envisioned by specialists at Future DNA” but again this is nonsensical. If this really had happened, we would have expected Future DNA to at least have a website and a physical address.

We do not trust this supplement or the company behind it.

Does TestoStorm Work?

Although we do not trust Future DNA because of the free trial scam and the lack of any real information about their location, TestoStorm itself does not look too bad.

The principal ingredient is a branded supplement called Testofen which is made by a company called Gencor. This has undergone clinical testing and results indicated that it led to significant improvements in sex drive and muscle mass when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. We like that TestoStorm contains zinc too – important in the formation of testosterone and the reason that oysters are an aphrodisiac because these too are high in zinc.

Although some of the other ingredients may cause side effects, we can see that this supplement may help you increase testosterone if you combine it with exercise and a healthy diet.

What Are The Ingredients of TestoStorm?

Serving size is equal to one capsule.

  • Vitamin B6 (10 mg): The body needs B6 for more than 100 reactions required by the metabolism so is crucial for health and it is present in many foods including poultry, offal and fruit. The RDA is only 1.7mg but 10.00mg falls in the tolerable upper limit although can cause side effects.
  • Zinc (20 mg): Zinc is a mineral that is very important for a healthy immune system and low zinc levels are associated with male infertility. In addition to a healthy diet, zinc can help increase testosterone levels especially when combined with B6 which can help absorption. Your body cannot store zinc. It has to be ingested every day. The RDA for zinc is 11 mg but here in safe levels. Toxicity can occur if you take over 40 mg a day.
  • Testofen (300 mg): A branded supplement made by a US company called Gencor and based on Fenugreek – an Indian cooking spice high in phytochemicals. According to clinical research, “a formulation containing Testofen as a major ingredient showed a statistically significant increase in the sexual function, performance and satisfaction of the active group”. Other studies showed improvements in exercise performance and muscle mass.
  • L-Arginine (150 mg): This amino acid converts in the body to nitric oxide which helps blood vessels widen and improves blood flow. This may help issues such as erectile dysfunction as well as improve exercise performance.
  • Tribulus Terrestis (50 mg): Mediterranean fruit extract that is often taken to improve sexual and exercise performance and some studies suggest that it may be effective. However it is dangerous and may cause numerous side effects including a possible link with prostate problems.
  • Rhodiola Crenulata (20 mg): this plant extract is not the same as the better-known Rhodiola rosea which is an adaptogen – a substance with general health boosting qualities. Rhodiola Crenulata has not undergone much clinical research or testing into safety. It is sometimes used to prevent mountain sickness in the Himalayas and it may have neuroprotective effects but it requires further investigation.

Does TestoStorm Have Any Side Effects?

Most customers have not mentioned side effects. However the Tribulus Terrestis is of concern and may cause the increase weight of the prostate gland so worsen conditions such as prostate cancer or BPH. In addition there is very little safety information about Rosea Crenulata so it could cause effects that are simply undocumented.

Other side effects may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Worsening of asthma
  • Allergies
  • Hypotension
  • Risk of birth defects

Not suitable for individuals under 18. This supplement is aimed at men and should not be taken by women, especially if you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breast feeding as there is a risk of birth defects. Do not take this supplement if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication because it could cause interactions.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For TestoStorm?

There are plenty of customer reviews for TestoStorm posted on Amazon USA.

Good stuff. I’m 45 and really surprised how much better I feel when taking it. I’ve tried others and they start out well then quit working after a few weeks but this stuff keeps on. I’ve been using this product for about 4 months now.

Terrible product! It is a scam, don’t buy! Made me sick every time I tried to take it.

Saw no difference after taking this product for a month.

Does TestoStorm Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Although a money back guaranteed is offered and the advertising states that TestoStorm is backed by a 30-day guarantee, there a no details regarding claims of refunds.

Many customers seem dissatisfied but without a return address and zero information about the supplement including a nonexistent website address listed on the bottle, we think it is unlikely that you will be able to claim this guarantee.

Where Can I Buy TestoStorm?

These days TestoStorm is only available from Amazon USA.

If you browse the Internet, you can still find the old free trial being offered from some independent websites. This is no longer available because although the adverts are still visible the links to the buying page no longer exist.

Summary: TestoStorm

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1.7 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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