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Your testosterone levels deplete with age, and when this happens, it becomes difficult for you to continue put on muscle and give your 100% in the gym. Lower testosterone levels can also affect your sexual health, which is the reason why men always look for ways to boost testosterone levels, and that is where Test Reload promises to make a difference. It uses a combination of ingredients and claims to boost testosterone levels in a short time. It helps you get lean, increase endurance, and improve your sexual performance.

By using ingredients like maca root, fenugreek, White Button mushroom extract, and D-aspartic acid, Test Reload claims to increase testosterone levels and improve your overall health. Is there really something in Test Reload that makes it any better than other commonly available testosterone boosters in the market? Here is our review to help you decide.

Test Reload Pros

  • May help improve sexual performance
  • Contains some natural ingredients

Test Reload Cons

  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Auto-ship program
  • Very expensive
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Test Reload


What You Need To Know About Test Reload

Test Reload is one of many testosterone boosters you can find in the market today. It claims to be better because it uses a combination of natural ingredients. Not only does it help increase testosterone, it also claims increase lean muscle mass, lower weight, and improve athletic performance. Some of its natural ingredients have some scientific evidence to support their claims, but we do not know exactly how much of each ingredient is available per serving.

What Are The Side Effects Of Test Reload?

Test Reload claims to have natural ingredients only and is considered generally safe. However, some customer reviews suggest that it includes stimulants, so you are likely to experience some gastrointestinal problems with sleep issues when you first start to use it. Refer to our ‘Side Effects’ Section for more details.

How Much Does Test Reload Cost?

It is quite expensive. Depending on where you go to place your order, you may have to spend at least $67 to get one bottle of Test Reload.

Our Verdict On Test Reload

Test Reload claims to boost testosterone levels for improved endurance and better gains in the gym. It certainly includes some natural ingredients, but most of them do not have any scientific evidence to support their claims. Fenugreek, for instance, is an active ingredient in Test Reload, but studies show that its use would lead to a slight increase, if any, in your testosterone levels. Similarly, maca root may increase libido, but not enough scientific data is available to confirm that it boosts testosterone as well. The price of Test Reload is very high as well, and they automatically enrol you in their auto-ship program that is hard to opt out later. Our verdict: avoid this ineffective and expensive testosterone booster and look for something else!

Test Reload Review

Produced in the tested as well as by the adrenal gland, testosterone is a hormone responsible for the development of body hair, sex organs, and deepening of the voice. It also helps improve your gains when you spend time in the gym. Testosterone levels deplete with age, which can lead to decreased energy, less muscle mass, weakened bones, and decreased sex drive. Test Reload claims to have a combination of ingredients that boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Unfortunately, you cannot find sufficient clinical evidence that Test Reload or other similar testosterone boosters bring a significant change in your testosterone levels. Some ingredients may help make you feel more energised because they stimulate your nervous system, but this does not mean that the boost in energy is due to an increase in testosterone levels.

Test Reload contains fenugreek, which works as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. This chemical uses testosterone in your body and converts it to DHT. Supplement manufacturers believe that fenugreek can stop this conversion and make more testosterone available in the body. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm these claims. Most studies regarding the effects of fenugreek involve mice and rats. There are some human studies available but they have produced contradictory results. Some studies like this one has shown positive results, but it is thought that supplement manufacturers sponsored them.

Test Reload Facts

  • 30 tablets per container
  • 4 tablets per day

Then, there is D-aspartic acid (D-AA) in Test Reload. This amino acid regulates testosterone synthesis in the body. There is some evidence that D-AA may help men with fertility issues, but there is no human study suggesting that supplementing with D-aspartic acid leads to a significant increase in testosterone. Some studies have not found any change in testosterone levels. For instance:

28 days supplementation of D-aspartic acid to resistance trained men at 3 g was unable to change body composition or hormones (testosterone and oestrogen) relative to placebo.

No study showed that supplementing with D-AA would help change fat mass. Another issue is that some studies with positive results have used up to 3 g of D-aspartic acid daily, which we do not think is available through each serving of Test Reload. This is another reason why you may not notice any change in your testosterone levels after taking Test Reload.

The presence of maca root does not change the picture either. While there is some evidence that maca root may help treat fertility issues, there is no clinical data suggesting that supplementing with maca root increases testosterone levels or improves muscle mass. Here is a study:

Lepidium meyenii (maca) improved semen parameters in adult men. Reportedly there was an increase in sperm count, volume, consistency, and motility. Testosterone and hormone levels were not affected and therefore any fertility benefit is not because of those.

It confirms that you may not notice any improve in testosterone levels when taking Test Reload that contains maca root. Here is another example:

This was a double blind and placebo-controlled trial. There were 57 healthy men who participated, ranging in age from 21 to 56 years. They were instructed to take 3 tablets per day over the course of 12 weeks. For their daily dose, each man received either maca in a dose of 1,500 mg/3,000 mg, or a placebo. Those receiving the tablets did not experience a change in testosterone or other reproductive hormone levels; however, they did experience an improved sexual desire.

It is important to note that even if you want to take maca root or Test Reload for better sexual health, you may not get good results because most studies have used up to 3,000 mg of maca root a day, which is certainly not the case with Test Reload.

How to Take Test Reload

You have to take 4 tablets of Test Reload daily to get desired results.

Test Reload also includes white button mushroom, which is supposed to work by preventing the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen, but again, no scientific study is available to confirm this claim. The same holds true for beta alanine, a molecule that is supposed to help increase physical performance. Some evidence suggests that supplementing with beta alanine may aid lean-mass gain, but the increase in muscular endurance is not that significant. In fact, you may be able to perform 1-2 additional rep after supplementing with beta alanine. Some strength trainers believe that taking beta alanine along with creatine may help boost strength and endurance. Again, there is no evidence that this combination will offer any significant benefits. Moreover, you may not notice any results from Test Reload because studies with positive effects of beta alanine has used up to 5,000 mg/day, which we do not think is available in each serving of Test Reload.

5 g/day for 7 weeks improved the performance of elite rowers on all-out 2 km time trials.

It is important to note that even when there is some improvement in strength, this does not mean supplementing with beta alanine is going to improve testosterone levels. For instance:

4.8 g/day for 30 days failed to alter the hormonal responses to exercise, despite an increase in work volume and power output.

It means that if you are taking Test Reload specifically to boost testosterone levels, you may not get desired results, and that is not going to change with mucuna pruriens or boron citrate. Mucuna Pruriens is a bean that is supposed to help boost your mood, but not many studies confirm that claim. Moreover, you need up to 5,000 mg a day, which we do not think is what you get from Test Reload.

Test Reload Concerns:

  • Proprietary blend
  • Not enough scientific evidence
  • Very expensive

The fact of the matter is that Test Reload makes some amazing claims, but most customer reviews suggest that it is not nearly as effective as it claims to be. You may also want to avoid it because it is very expensive as well. You are likely to pay someone around $67-$75 for each bottle of Test Reload. Each bottle contains only 30 capsules, but with a serving size of 4 capsules a day, it is not going to last more than a week. Another problem is that with your first order, they enrol you in their auto-ship program. It means that if you do not opt out of it in a timely manner, you may be charged for another bottle along with shipping cost. So, do not waste your time and money on Test Reload and look for a better product to supplement your weight training.

What Does Test Reload Claim To Do?

Test Reload is designed to improve your testosterone levels that come down with age. There certainly are several natural ingredients in this supplement, but they do not have enough scientific evidence to support their claims. Here are some of the ‘claimed’ benefits of Test Reload:

  • It helps you lose weight in a short time.
  • It helps you build lean muscle mass.
  • It helps boost natural testosterone production.
  • It makes free testosterone available in your body.
  • It lowers oestrogen production.

Does Test Reload Work?

Test Reload claims to be different from other testosterone boosters because it includes several natural ingredients. While some ingredients like fenugreek may improve testosterone levels to some extent, the effect is never significant. Other ingredients like D-aspartic acid, maca root, and even White Button Mushroom Extract do not have enough scientific evidence to confirm their claims. Beta alanine may improve endurance, but again, it is going to do nothing to boost testosterone levels. It is also hard to say for sure that Test Reload will offer any results whatsoever when there is no information about how much of each ingredient is available per serving. Therefore, you should consider boosting testosterone naturally by getting enough sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. Test Reload is not going to help!

What Are The Ingredients of Test Reload?

Test Reload is supposed to improve your overall health while enhancing your muscle endurance and athletic performance. It offers these benefits because it uses several natural ingredients that are supposed to boost testosterone levels. Here are some active ingredients found in Test Reload:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: Supplementing with D-Asp is supposed to increase your testosterone levels, but that is usually when you take it in larger doses that you may not get from Test Reload.
  • Vitamin D: Some studies show that vitamin D also works as a hormone in the body and may help promote testosterone levels. Not enough evidence is there to confirm this claim though.
  • Fenugreek: It is supposed to work by keeping your body from converting testosterone to DHT. It may have an effect on testosterone levels, but do not expect a significant change.
  • Maca Root: It is supposed to help by making sure that your body does not convert testosterone to oestrogen. Again, you may not get enough from Test Reload.
  • White Button Mushroom Extract: You find this ingredient in Test Reload because it is supposed to suppress levels of oestrogen in your body, but scientific studies do not support this claim.

Does Test Reload Have Any Side Effects?

Test Reload includes natural ingredients, but that does not mean you should not worry about any side effects when taking it. Since we do not know exactly how much of each ingredient is present in the formula, it is hard to say how severe the side effects will be. Some customer reviews suggest that you may experience stomach upset and bloating when taking Test Reload and that is mainly because the supplement includes stimulants.

Some people have complained about experiencing a tingly feeling called paraesthesia. This could be due to the addition to beta alanine in the formula. We do not know how much of it is included in the blend, so it is better to avoid Test Reload altogether.

Fenugreek may also lead to certain side effects. It does not deliver great results when used in smaller quantities, but in larger doses, it can cause side effects such as diarrhoea, stomach upset, gas, facial swelling, wheezing, nasal congestion, severe allergic reactions, and coughing.

If you are taking certain medications, you should avoid Test Reload because it can interact with drugs and cause serious side effects. It has D-aspartic acid that may interact with other drugs and may even lead to problems like depression, headaches, diarrhoea, acne, and mood swings. Avoid taking Test Reload if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Test Reload?

Test Reload does not have many positive reviews, which is certainly a concern for new customers. Here is a bit about what people say about this supplement:

I tried this product religiously with great expectations. I’m very disappointed! After 3 weeks, my belly has not gone down and I’ve gained 4 pounds.

Started taking it and I don’t feel the benefit of it. Never going to buy it again.

The smell of Test Reload pills is just horrible, not to mention severe diarrhoea caused by the product. This supplement almost gave me kidney failure. I will never take it anymore and do not recommend it to you.

I tried Test Reload with great expectations but I was very disappointed! After three weeks of regular usage of this supplement, I have gained four pounds and my belly has not gone down.

Do not trust the manufacturer of Test Reload. I was pissing blood because of that damn supplement. Besides, the bottle did not even look the same as advertised. I received gray tablets instead of the capsules.

Does Test Reload Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, but it is not easy to get a refund.

Where Can I Buy Test Reload?

You can buy through the official website or order through third-party retailers.

Summary: Test Reload

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1.3 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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