Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

“Sweet Sweat” – sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We thought for a second it was a new version of that yummy-sounding Japanese sports drink, Pocari Sweat. But no. Even though there’s a coconut-flavor option, it’s really not as appetizing as it sounds.

So what is Sweet Sweat, then? It’s a gel you smear gently onto yourself before working out. You’re not supposed to rub it in, apparently, and as soon as that area starts warming up, Sweet Sweat causes it to sweat. More than usual. But sweetly? The jury’s still out on that one.

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Pros

  • Ideal for water-based weight loss
  • Helps fight muscle fatigue
  • Good for excreting toxins in sweat

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Cons

  • Makes clothes feel uncomfortable
  • Many people don’t like the smell
  • Only good for water-based weight loss
Watchdog Rejected

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar


What You Need To Know About Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

We’ve looked far and wide, but we can’t find anything in the way of evidence that increasing sweat production for any area of the body is going to reduce fat in that area. So as far as the claim of burning fat in a targeted area goes, we can’t help but have our doubts.

From experience and from what research tells us, the body does burn fat, but essentially that fat burn starts at the top and works its way downwards. So if you’re trying to target fat around your middle the only way that targeting’s going to be effective is if the only fat you’ve got anywhere on your body is around your middle.

There’s also the question of how effective Sweet Sweat can be with or without trimmer bands, also made and sold by Sweet Sweat’s manufacturers – Sports Research. But we’ll get to those shortly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Sweet Sweat Gel Jar?

Other than seriously elevated laundry costs? (Sweet Sweat tends to melt into the clothing you wear over it.)

Because they’re applied to the skin, the ingredients in Sweet Sweat are going to behave differently to when they’re taken by mouth. Just don’t eat this product! Potential side effects can include skin problems, breathing issues, and the possibility of tumors and mercury poisoning.

How Much Does Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Cost?

You can buy Sweet Sweat as a stick, kind of like roll-on deodorant. But if you prefer slapping handfuls onto yourself (the instructions are very clear, though: you’re not supposed to rub it in) you can buy Sweet Sweat by the jar, too.

A 6.4-ounce stick will set you back $33 (add a couple of dollars if you’d prefer to smell of coconut while you’re working out) and a 13.5-ounce jar without coconut will cost you $49. Add another dollar if you’d prefer the coconut-aroma option.

But let’s not forget Sweet Sweat works best with Sports Research’s dedicated body trimmer bands. At least, that’s what the good people at Sports Research want us to think. For arms, you’re looking at $21 – presumably for each. Waist trimmers cost $29, and each thigh trimmer will cost you $32.

Our Verdict On Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

Where to start? We haven’t managed to find any conclusive proof that a bit of extra sweating results in weight loss – or even fat loss. Water loss, sure: that’s fine for squeezing out those last few ounces before any kind of weigh-in, but as for weight loss on a permanent basis? No way.

And the whole idea of targeting an area to burn fat from sounds great, but in reality it’s too good to be true – otherwise there’d be an awful lot of people smothering their stomach areas in Sweet Sweat, or something like it, and suddenly looking slim and trim.

And in any case, judging from the ingredients listed, an alternative to Sweet Sweat would be much more cost-effective: the main ingredient here is the alluringly-named White Snow Petrolatum. Which basically translates to petroleum jelly. Which translates to Vaseline.

And if we really want to smear ourselves with something that’s pretty much Vaseline with a few extra added ingredients to make it smell nice, we’d take the more economical option, avoid Sweet Sweat and reach for the Vaseline.

As it is, we’re not really into smearing anything anywhere at the moment, so we’ll just reject Sweet Sweat and leave it at that.

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Review

Let’s start off by saying there’s nothing wrong with warming up your muscles, at least up to a point. Warm muscles work better, and don’t stiffen up so much after use.

But as a weight loss gel, and a selective one at that, it just doesn’t work: the body sheds its fat from the top down, so no matter how much you wrap your middle in Sweet Sweat and the recommended trimmer before you start a workout, until the fat above it has gone the fat around your middle is going to stay there.

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Facts

  • Sweet Sweat is manufactured by Sports Research Corporation, headquartered in San Pedro, California
  • It started out as “Maxercise”, an athletic body “cream” created by MLB draftee player and fitness expert Jeff Pedersen back in 1977
  • Also available (and definitely recommended) are “trimmers” – neoprene bands for upper arms, waist, and thighs, said to increase heat and sweating during exercise

We grumbled a bit just now that Sweet Sweat isn’t much more than glorified Vaseline, but it does contain a few ingredients to make it smell nicer (if you don’t mind paying that extra dollar for a coconut aroma). And some of those ingredients, when taken orally, might just be good for you. But this does not mean you should eat it!

Few of them, though, have much to do with weight loss when smeared on the skin (but not rubbed in).

How to Take Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

From the label, “DIRECTIONS: Before exercise, apply an ample amount of Sweet Sweat topical gel to the skin coating all desired areas without rubbing in. Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio, circuit, and high interval training.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Do not use Sweet Sweat with any skin cream or lotion, as it creates a barrier that inhibits Sweet Sweat results. Sweet Sweat should be work under loose fitting clothing to prevent friction and increase “breathability”. Sweet Sweat can also be used while swimming and in dry or infrared Saunas. For optimal results, use with Sweet Sweat brand Waist Trimmer.

REMOVAL: After exercise and the normal “cool down” period, towel off Sweet Sweat first before showering.”

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Concerns:

  • We haven’t found any documented, scientific proof that Sweet Sweat can help people lose weight – especially in those “targeted areas”
  • Users need to remember they’re only losing short-term water weight
  • And let’s not forget those “recommended” Sweet Sweat brand trimmers, which make Sweet Sweat gel work so much better

What Does Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Claim To Do?

From the website,

  • Targets “Slow To Respond” Problem Areas
  • Substantially Improves Circulation and Sweating
  • Accelerates the Thermogenic Effect During Your Workout
  • Enhances Muscle Activity While Fighting Muscle Fatigue
  • Stimulates Your Sweat Glands to Release Built up Toxins
  • Fights Painful Injuries Such as Shin Splints, Pulls, and Strains”

Does Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Work?

If you want to speed up loosening your muscles before a workout, or keep them warmer for longer afterwards, then yes, Sweet Sweat does work – especially if you’ve also used those recommended trimmers.

As for losing weight, and/or fat in those “slow to respond targeted areas”, we doubt it very much. To start with, any weight lost is going to be water and who’s to say how much weight loss is down to working out, and how much is down to Sweet Sweat?

What Are The Ingredients of Sweet Sweat Gel Jar?

Many of these ingredients have known benefits when taken by mouth, but as for benefits when applied directly to the skin, there’s not so much information available.

  • White Snow Petrolatum: Just petroleum jelly. Think Vaseline.
  • Acai: An antioxidant.
  • Pomegranate: Good for blood pressure, heart health and cholesterol management.
  • Coconut Oil: Taken orally, this may help burn fat, suppress appetite and boost energy. As for applying it to the skin, it’s an excellent moisturizer.
  • Kosher Brazilian Carnauba wax: Good for softening skin.
  • Kosher Jojoba: Widens blood vessels, a good source of vitamins and a moisturizer.
  • Camelina: Contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Squalane oils: A skin moisturizer.
  • Aloe Vera extract: Good for healing damaged skin.
  • Vitamin E: Helps with muscle strength, physical endurance and post-workout muscle breakdown.

Does Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Have Any Side Effects?

You mean other than turning your exercise clothing into a greasy mess? Again, because there’s little information about potential side effects of many of the ingredients when they’re smeared on the skin (but not rubbed in), we have to include potential side effects when these ingredients are taken orally.

White Snow Petrolatum: Suffocates skin, causes premature aging and acne, and is often found in breast tumors.

Acai Pulp Oil: Berries can lower blood pressure, and WebMD says there’s not enough information to confirm it’s safe in the first place.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: Symptoms of sensitivity can include itching, swelling, runny nose, and difficulty breathing.

Coconut Oil: Excessive topical application can result in deterioration of skin tissues, and can worsen acne.

Carnauba Wax: Used for glossing cars and surfboards. On humans it can cause dry skin, rash, acne, hair follicle inflammation, contact dermatitis, and other skin irritations.

Jojoba Oil: Safe when applied to the skin, but not so good when taken by mouth: it contains erucic acid which can cause heart damage.

Camelina Oil: No known side effects

Squalane Oil: It either comes from olives or shark liver. If it’s from shark liver, beware of the amount of mercury that could be there.

Aloe Vera: Not many problems when applied to skin, but can cause interactions and digestion problems if taken orally.

There’s no real caution notice to be found anywhere, which means it looks like Sports Research don’t mind you using Sweet Sweat if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or anything. All they warn us about is the fact the product’s going to melt under warm conditions – you’ll need a pre-wash stain remover – and for optimal results, you’ll need to use it with a Sweet Sweat Waist trimmer.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Sweet Sweat Gel Jar?

People either love it, hate it. The customer reviews are both positive and negative, like these:

This product definitely achieves what it says, but it also stains clothing.

Wasn’t a fan of the smell, but the product worked well.

Yes it help you sweat but it’s too greasy and it doesn’t help you lose weight. It’s mostly good for preventing injuries.

Does Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, there’s, “an unequivocal full refund on the purchase price of any of our products (minus shipping) any time within 90 days of your purchase.”

Where Can I Buy Sweet Sweat Gel Jar?

You can buy it from the Sports Research website – and don’t forget your recommended trimmers for those targeted problem areas.

You can also find it on Amazon, but not necessarily with those trimmers, and it’s available at many retail stores.

Summary: Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

Sweet Sweat Gel Jar

1.1 out of 5
Sweet Sweat Gel Jar Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Sweet Sweat Gel Jar.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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