Shredz CLA

Looking to burn fat but don’t want to take a supplement that contains stimulants? Shredz CLA seems to offer a fat burning solution with this supplement that contains just Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Does CLA work for fat loss? Does Shredz CLA work? We seek answers for these (fat) burning questions!

Shredz is a US company based in New Jersey that offers a huge range of, bodybuilding, and weight loss supplements as well as eBooks, dietary plans, sports clothing, and more. Shredz is active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, where customers are encouraged to use the hashtags #ShredzArmy and #SHREDZ.

Shredz CLA Pros

  • Looks reasonably safe for most people
  • Easily available to buy
  • Comes with a free eBook if you buy from the site

Shredz CLA Cons

  • Totally inadequate ingredients profile
  • Evidence about CLA not very conclusive
  • Heavily touted across social media
Watchdog Rejected

Shredz CLA


What You Need To Know About Shredz CLA

Shredz CLA is marketed as a stimulant free fat burner, but in truth there is no real evidence it will work as described. The clinical evidence for CLA is not strictly proven, and this combined with the lack of research and the number of chemical combinations that are possible, this supplement like all CLA supplements seems a bit hit and miss. It might work, it might not but nobody knows for sure.

Credit to Shredz, this is an exciting company with brilliant social media marketing, but this doesn’t mean that this supplement is any better than countless others available on the market. And with the lack of ingredients information, we feel this that Shredz CLA is probably one to probably avoid.

What Are The Side Effects Of Shredz CLA?

Potential side effects may include, constipation, diarrhoea, soft stools, nausea, dehydration, and a pounding heart sensation (the last according to a couple of customers).

There are concerns about some types of CLA leading to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

How Much Does Shredz CLA Cost?

Shredz CLA is not too expensive. Buy from the official site and one month’s supply of 90 capsules costs $29.99. This is advertised as a limited time offer in place of $49.99, but we guess it’s the usual price, with the higher price added to simply look as if you are getting a bargain.

This price also contains a free eBook to download. You can choose from a selection and there are titles including “Beginners Guide To Weight Loss”, 30 Day Ab Challenge, and more.

You are encouraged to sign up to auto ship, where fresh supplies are delivered each month, and your bank or credit card billed automatically. This option costs you $26.99 so it is not much of a saving. We never advise anyone to sign up to auto ship agreements, as they can be extremely hard to cancel.

You can also buy Shredz CLA via Amazon USA for $34.50 for one month’s supply.

Our Verdict On Shredz CLA

Shredz CLA is not that good despite the impressive social media campaign carried out by the company. The supplement lacks information regarding the one ingredient, and the type of CLA used and the quantities of the serving size should have been disclosed. With only one ingredient, one would think it would have been simple for Shredz to provide this basic information.

Some people believe in CLA as a fat burner, and although it lacks evidence that it is very effective, you may feel that it is worth a go and of course it may do something. Many people believe in CLA and have lost weight and built muscle while using it. However we don’t think Shredz CLA is really worth trying. There are better CLA supplements on the market that provide full information about ingredients, and although they may not come with fashionable fun social media marketing, and the chance to write #ShredzArmy on Twitter or take a selfies on Instagram, does all that really matter when you are trying to lose weight at home? If it does, Shredz CLA may be worth a try, but for the rest of us there are better weight loss and better CLA supplements on the market.

Overall, we do not recommend Shredz CLA.

Shredz CLA Review

Shredz CLA is a straightforward supplement that contains just CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) as the sole ingredient. You would think that with only one ingredient contained in this supplement, the advertisers would have revealed just how much CLA is contained in each 3 softgel capsule serving. However this information is not provided so we guess the people at Shredz just don’t want the customer to know. Not a good start to our investigations about this supplement.

Shredz CLA Facts

  • Contains 90 capsules per bottle (1 month’s supply)
  • Buy from the official site and you can download a free eBook
  • Shredz was founded by Arvin Lal who comes across as a social media marketing genius!

Shredz CLA contains only CLA as the only ingredient, and this does have some evidence or at least some belief among many body builders that it can be effective for muscle building and fat loss.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a group of chemicals present in a natural substance called linoleic acid; a fatty acid found in dairy products, beef from grass grazed animals, and eggs. Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, CLA is present in a usual diet with people consuming between 15mg and 174mg daily.

Taking enhanced quantities of CLA in supplement form is believed to work as a natural fat burner. Many people take CLA supplements because it appears to offer a safe and stimulant free support to fat loss, unlike most fat burners that rely on stimulants.

How to Take Shredz CLA

  • Take 1 CLA softgel up to 3 times a day with meals.
  • Consume plenty of water throughout your weight loss program

Shredz is a well known US supplements and body building company that sells a wide range of supplements, gym wear, and guides, to body building and weight loss (in the form of eBooks). The company is very switched on with regards social media, and advertises widely through all these platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In fact it is a social media marketing success story.

There are numerous before and after pictures on the Shredz website that originate from Instagram and Facebook, that show customers who claim to have lost weight while using this supplement.

Founder CEO Arvin Lal says he started the company with “Facebook fan pages, tweets and YouTube videos to connect with consumers through positive messaging on lifestyle choices.”

According to a Jersey City newspaper interview with Lal, Shredz, “currently has more than 15 million followers across social media platforms. Through the company’s social media followers, it has the ability to reach 600 million people in a 90-day period.”

Shredz CLA Concerns:

  • Why is there no information regarding the source and the quantity of the CLA used in this supplement?
  • Could increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • No money back guarantee

Some sources describe Shredz as a direct marketing company, but it seems a little different to most. There is no real hard sell opportunity plastered all over the official website, and there is not a price structure for everyone to see. However, apply to be a Shredz Master Coach and you are promised $70,000 a year. There are also wholesale opportunities available.

We covered Shredz Fat Burner for Women on our sister site, Diet Pills Watchdog.

What Does Shredz CLA Claim To Do?

According to the product information, CLA reduces fat mass while increasing lean body mass.

There are four key factors:

  • Stimulant Free
  • Supports Metabolism
  • Weight Management
  • Healthy Cholesterol Levels

According to the advertising this supplement will help you if you are,

“Looking to tone up and lose weight without any added caffeine”

In addition, Shredz CLA is described as a,

“Non stimulant supplement” and “a great addition to include in any weight loss plan that can help fight fat, and improve muscle development to help you achieve the physique you’ve always wanted.”

The product advertising does not explain how CLA will help you achieve these aims.

Does Shredz CLA Work?

Shredz CLA only contains this one ingredient in unknown quantities, so results will depend upon how much CLA is actually provided in each serving, and whether or not CLA actually works in the way as many people claim.

The problem is that CLA is not strictly proven to work. In a review and Meta analysis of the many randomised clinical trials carried out over 6 month period, independent analysis found many serious flaws in many of the research methods.

In some tests CLA did appear to reveal a small significance difference that favoured CLA over taking a placebo, but the effects were very small and the clinical relevance was therefore uncertain. The analysis of results concluded that,

“The evidence from RCTs (random controlled trials) does not convincingly show that CLA intake generates any clinically relevant effects on body composition on the long term.”

Other research suggests that some types of CLA may increase risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but this point needs further investigation.

Shredz CLA provides very little information about the CLA contained in this supplement. According to research a type of CLA (Trans 10, cis 12) may increase risk of heart disease, but with so little information available and not even the ingredient quantities provided, it is hard to evaluate risks and possible benefits. SourceSource

What Are The Ingredients of Shredz CLA?

This supplement only contains CLA but there are no further details regarding the type or quantity used. According to research the optimum serving size seems to be within 1.8g to 3.4g per day, but it is impossible to know whether the three capsule serving reflects this dosage.

  • CLA: Conjugate Linoleic Acid is a group of chemicals present in the fatty acid Linoleic acid and dairy, beef, and eggs are the most common sources. There are around 28 isomers (molecules that have the same structure but contain different chemicals) in CLA and it may have numerous benefits to health, weight loss, and even the fight against cancer. But studies are complicated by the fact that the isomers all act in different ways and there are 28 of them leading to multiple potential combinations. CLA is safe and in general beneficial to health when taken via diet, but there is not enough information to really prove that all CLA in supplement form works for muscle building and weight loss and is suitable for everyone. Source

Does Shredz CLA Have Any Side Effects?

According to the research carried out on CLA the most common side effects include;

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Soft stools

Some customers have reported side effects too including

  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Pounding heart sensation

There have been concerns about some types of CLA leading to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor before using if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Shredz CLA?

There are numerous customer reviews for Shredz CLA. We took a look at the feedback on Amazon USA where over 170 comments have been left, although only 78 from verified purchases.

Some customers are satisfied.

First time in a long time trying to shred weight, these helped me tremendously in my diet. I didn’t feel jittery or overwhelmed, great product!

Awesome product! No side effect and works to perfection.

However not everyone is convinced and there is a lot of indifferent feedback.

Nothing too special, no noticeable increase in energy

didnt work too well, but it kinda helped…

Shredz customer services dept have been quick to respond to negative feedback with comments such as,

“We receive numerous success stories from our customers on a daily basis. However, we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone. Many factors go into achieving desired results such as a proper diet and effective workout routine. Good luck with your fitness training!”

This of course neatly puts the blame back onto the customer!

Other negative comments include;

Doesn’t work

Not worth it

Waste of money. .

Does Shredz CLA Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee. We looked through the terms and conditions and found that “refund requests will only be considered if the respective dietary supplement is unused, unopened, and in the original packaging.”

In addition you have to pay extra to return your unwanted supplements. It clearly states,

A restocking fee will be charged for all returned items; this will be deducted from the total refund/store credit being issued: $10.00 restocking fee for returned supplements

Where Can I Buy Shredz CLA?

You can buy Shredz CLA from the official Shredz website. It is also advertised all over social media so is easy to find.

Shredz CLA is available via some independent sellers, and you can also find it via Amazon USA.

Summary: Shredz CLA

Shredz CLA

2 out of 5
Shredz CLA Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Shredz CLA.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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