MyoShred is designed to help you lose weight and put on lean muscle at the same time. It uses ingredients that play a dual role in the body – it not only increases thermogenesis but it also increases your T-levels. By increasing your testosterone levels, you are likely to have more energy to perform in the gym, which is also going to help you with muscle gain.

MyoShred uses a 2-in-1 formula to help you lose weight and gain lean muscle as well. The question is, does it really contain anything that boosts testosterone levels? Will you see any change in strength and muscle mass? Here is our review to help you get a better idea.

MyoShred Pros

  • Free of banned substances
  • May help improve focus

MyoShred Cons

  • Does not work for everyone
  • Does nothing to increase T-levels
  • Does nothing for weight loss
  • May cause several side effects
  • Costs you more than similar supplements
Watchdog Rejected



What You Need To Know About MyoShred

MyoShred is essentially a weight loss supplement, but it contains ingredients that not only support fat loss but promote muscle gains as well. It helps with muscle building because it increases the levels of male sex hormone, testosterone. In the absence of enough testosterone, you will feel tired and have no energy to perform in the gym. You also need adequate levels of testosterone to notice an increase in muscle mass. By providing you with a combination of fenugreek, caffeine, and boron, MyoShred is supposed to push your T-levels up. The presence of a stimulant ensures that you have enough energy to approach your workouts with equal intensity from start to finish. The formula it uses is also supposed to increase thermogenesis or body temperature, which is likely to help you with weight loss. It does not contain any banned substances. Though it looks good on paper, the ingredient profile is not that impressive and there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the formula.

What Are The Side Effects Of MyoShred?

MyoShred uses a combination of natural ingredients, but it is possible to develop some gastrointestinal side effects after taking it regularly. Some of the most common side effects are gas, bloating, nausea, and stomach upset. Refer to our “Side Effects” section to learn more.

How Much Does MyoShred Cost?

You have to pay $49.95 to order a bottle of MyoShred. You get a 30-day supply. If you order one bottle, you have to bear the shipping cost ($4.95) as well.

Our Verdict On MyoShred

MyoShred is mainly a weight loss supplement that also helps with muscle gain, mainly because it promises to increase testosterone levels. Unfortunately, you will not experience any benefits after taking MyoShred. It contains fenugreek seed extract to help increase T-levels, but it works by lowering estrogen levels. It does not work for everyone. The idea of lowering estrogen to raise T-levels is not always effective, and the approach is quite flawed because MyoShred contains boron, which may actually increase estrogen levels. Whatever little effects you experience come from caffeine, but even it does not work for everyone, especially for those who may already be taking any stimulant-based supplements. In terms of price, MyoShred is never a great choice either.

Overal, we do not recommend MyoShred to our readers.

MyoShred Review

MyoShred is essentially a weight loss supplement but it claims to help with weight training by raising your testosterone levels. With your T-levels going up, it is natural to feel charged up and have more energy to handle high-intensity workout sessions. It certainly contains some popular ingredients, but it seems that it does not have enough to produce any health benefits.

You will find fenugreek seed extract in MyoShred, which is quite a popular ingredient, generally used to raise testosterone levels. The problem is that quite a few studies have failed to notice any testosterone-boosting effects of fenugreek seed. For instance:

  • In a 2009 study published in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,” fenugreek supplementation was conclusively shown to have no effect on the hormonal profile of the test subjects.

Some studies have found positive results, but even they have failed to establish any direct link between fenugreek supplementation and raised T-levels. Many of these studies were also found to be biased. For instance:

  • One of the studies cited by the plaintiffs found the placebo group experienced a rise in testosterone by an average of 10 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) over the course of the experiment, while the group who ingested fenugreek suffered a decline in testosterone by an average of 4 ng/ml. Indus Biotech, a consumer health care products research company in Pune, India, sponsored the studies, according to the lawsuit.”

Some animal studies have highlighted the benefits of fenugreek seed extract, but you need to take very large doses to see the same results in humans.

  • In a study on male and female rabbits published in “Contraception” in 2006, fenugreek not only lowered circulating androgens, including testosterone, it decreased fertility in both genders.

It is also claimed that fenugreek seed extract helps increase your testosterone levels because it serves as an aromatase inhibitor. The truth is that even if it inhibits aromatase to limit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, there is no guarantee that you will notice an increase in the levels of free testosterone in a short time. Your body needs to maintain a balance and in the absence of enough estrogen, it may stop producing enough testosterone to ensure everything stays in perfect balance. Therefore, it would not be wrong to suggest that supplementing with fenugreek seed is not going to affect your testosterone levels.

MyoShred Facts

  • Natural ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee

Another issue is that MyoShred contains boron, which is supposed to help increase your T-levels, but many studies have found that it may actually increase estrogen production. Many studies have failed to notice any benefits of boron. Some supplement manufacturers claim that boron helps improve testosterone levels because it improves vitamin D and magnesium levels in the body. However, not enough scientific evidence is there to support the claim. Even animal studies have failed to observe its benefits:

  • Another study examined the effects of boron deficiency on testosterone levels. A lack of boron led to a reduced testis weight and sperm count, suggesting that boron plays a crucial part in male development throughout life. This study’s results don’t hold a huge amount of weight for humans, though, as it was conducted on South African clawed frogs. Unless you have some frog DNA in you, a lack of boron might not have the same effect on your own manly hormone levels.

How to Take MyoShred

Here is what the official site says about taking MyoShred:

  • Take 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch with 8-16 ounces of water. For an explosive workout, take two capsules prior to training. MyoShred is powerful. To assess tolerance, take 1 capsule twice per day for the first 7 days. Do not exceed 4 capsules a day

Whatever little benefits you get from MyoShred are due to its caffeine content. Each serving of MyoShred provides you with 256mg of caffeine, which is quite high for anyone who does not have caffeine included in their diet. It stimulates your central nervous system and makes you feel more energetic and charged up. With more energy, you are likely to perform better in the gym, which translates into weight loss and muscle gain. Some supplement manufacturers say that caffeine promotes thermogenesis, which helps with weight loss. However, many studies have notice insignificant changes in body temperature and body weight. For instance:

  • Caffeine at doses of 3 mg/kg bw (equivalent to 210 mg for a 70-kg adult) ingested about one hour prior to endurance exercise appear to induce only a modest increase in body temperature compared to placebo. The Panel also notes that higher doses of caffeine (6 mg/kg bw 1569 equivalent to 420 mg for a 70-kg adult) ingested about one hour prior to prolonged endurance exercise in a hot environment do not affect body temperature or hydration status beyond what could be expected from the testing conditions.

Similarly, supplement manufacturers claim that caffeine can help reduce muscle soreness, but not many studies are there to confirm the claim.

  • Muscle soreness during exercise. Evidence on the effect of caffeine for muscle soreness during exercise is inconsistent. It seems that taking moderate doses of caffeine (10 mg/kg) can reduce muscle pain during exercise, while lower doses may not have this effect.

You may have to increase the intake of caffeine after some time to experience the same benefits. Your body can develop a tolerance and you have to double the dose to see the same effects. However, taking higher doses can lead to depression and other side effects. For instance:

  • Some research suggests that caffeine intake is linked with an increased occurrence of depression symptoms in children. However, other research suggests that caffeinated coffee intake is linked to a decreased occurrence of depression in adults.

MyoShred Concerns:

  • Not effective for everyone
  • High dose of caffeine
  • Possible side effects
  • Not suitable for everyone
  • Possibly under-dosed ingredients
  • Quite expensive

You will also find green tea extract in MyoShred, which provides you with catechins and EGCGs, which are supposed to help with weight loss. Again, some studies are there to support the use of EGCGs and catechins, but many studies have also found that green tea supplementation leads to an insignificant change in weight.

  • A study was recreated with the purpose to assess the effect of green tea extract in combination with low-energy diet on resting energy expenditure. This study consists of forty six (46) overweight women following a low-energy-diet combined with green tea or placebo supplementation during 12 weeks. Results from this study show that “the resting energy expenditure as a function of fat free mass and fat mass did not decrease significantly over time when green tea was ingested but the decrease in resting energy expenditure was significant in the placebo group” (Diepvens, 2005).

Moreover, you need to take larger doses of green tea catechins to observe any benefit. For instance:

  • In a study done on obese persons with metabolic syndrome (mean BMI, 36.1), green tea provided in either drinks or capsules (totaling approximately 870-928mg catechins daily, 440-460mg EGCG) were given for 8 weeks. Subjects were not blinded to treatment, although their assessors were. Reductions in weight and biomarkers of oxidation were significant, 2.5+/-0.7kg weight loss greater in the green tea groups. Trends were seen in reductions of triglycerides and LDL, and improvements in HDL; however, these were not statistically significant. Source

The bottom line is that MyoShred may look good on paper, but its ingredients lack scientific support. The price is also an issue – keep in mind that you have to pay extra when ordering a single bottle because it does not come with free shipping. It is worth mentioning that you can easily find some popular fat burners with a price tag much lower than what you pay for MyoShred. Therefore, you will be better off paying attention to your diet and exercise program to increase testosterone and lose weight naturally.

What Does MyoShred Claim To Do?

MyoShred is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. Here are some of its claimed benefits:

  • Helps you lose weight quickly
  • Improves endurance and stamina
  • Helps with energy production
  • Increases your testosterone levels
  • Lowers your estrogen levels
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Improves focus and attention

Does MyoShred Work?

MyoShred is designed to promote weight loss and promote muscle gain by raising testosterone levels. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver positive results. MyoShred provides you with fenugreek seed extract, which is supposed to help increase testosterone levels. The truth is that it does nothing to trigger the release of testosterone, but it is supposed to help by slowing down the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone. It also seems that you do not get enough of it in each serving of MyoShred. You will find boron in the blend, which is supposed to improve gym performance, but unfortunately, studies do not support its use. interestingly, some studies have found that boron may improve estrogen levels, which makes MyoShred a little less desirable for people interesting in raising testosterone levels. MyoShred claims to improve focus, attention, and energy, and some customer reviews suggest that MyoShred does improve concentration to a certain extent. You experience this boost because of caffeine, which stimulates your central nervous system. But again, caffeine does nothing to increase energy production, but it masks the signs of fatigue, which can lead to a crash later. Therefore, it is better to avoid MyoShred in the first place and try natural ways to promote fat loss.

What Are The Ingredients of MyoShred?

MyoShred contains a number of ingredients, but there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the use of those ingredients for weight loss or muscle building. It also seems that you do not get enough of those ingredients either.

  • Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamine) 360mcg
  • Zinc (as Zinc AAC) 15mg
  • Fenugreek (50% Fenusides) 300mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 256mg
  • Agmatine Sulfate 250mg
  • Creatine HCL 250mg
  • GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea 150mg
  • Boron (as Boron Citrate) 5mg
  • Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide

Here is what the official site says about the ingredients found in MyoShred:

  • Trigonella foenum-graecum, more commonly known as fenugreek, has been shown in clinical studies to inhibit aromatase and 5-α reductase. A clinical trial tested with a double blind test showed that fenugreek did inhibit aromatase and 5-α reductase and it increased endogenous testosterone levels. It also resulted in greater increase of fat loss and one-repetition-maximum values for the bench press and leg press than those who did not take fenugreek. Fenusterols is a fenugreek seed extract that contains 50% steroidal saponins. However, more research is needed to confirm these findings because many studies have shown that aromatase inhibitors do not always lead to an increase in free testosterone levels.
  • Caffeine is considered an effective weight loss ingredient. Numerous clinical research has shown that caffeine is ability to stimulate thermogenesis and fat oxidation.
  • Green tea is one of the most popular weight-loss ingredients on the market, and with good reason. Studies have found that green tea extract dramatically accelerates weight loss, up to 30 pounds over a 3-month period. MyoShred utilizes a special form of green tea standardized to contain the maximum concentration of active compounds, 60% polyphenols and 40% EGCG.
  • Boron, which is generally accepted as an essential element for humans, has also been shown to increase plasma in clinical research. In a clinical trial, without boron supplementation, free testosterone had minimal increases. However, with boron supplementation people were able to increase their free testosterone levels by 2.7 picograms per milliliter.

Does MyoShred Have Any Side Effects?

MyoShred uses a combination of ingredients that are known to trigger fat loss and increase muscle mass. However, it contains ingredients that may cause some side effects in some people. For instance, fenugreek seed extract can cause gastrointestinal side effects. You may have to deal with gas, bloating, diarrhea, and stomach upset. You may also notice a maple syrup odor in urine.

It contains caffeine, which is a nervous system stimulant. It may cause side effects such as nervousness, insomnia, stomach irritation, vomiting, nausea, restlessness, respiration, and increased heart rate. You may also notice an increase in your blood pressure.

Boron is also found in MyoShred, but how your body reacts to it is different for every person. It is possible to develop boron poisoning and experience serious side effects. You may have to deal with problems such as skin inflammation, tremors, weakness, convulsions, irritability, and depression. Boron may also be the reason why many people develop gastrointestinal side effects after taking MyoShred.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For MyoShred?

MyoShred helps you get your weight loss and muscle building goals more effectively, but customer reviews tell a different story. For instance:

I have been taking it for more than a month now, but nothing has changed since day one. I do not feel any leaner and there is no change in strength either. Avoid it!

I do not think it is going to help anyone trying to gain muscle mass. It did help me focus better, but nothing extraordinary about this supplement. I would not recommend it!

Does MyoShred Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

MyoShred comes with a money-back guarantee, but customer reviews suggest that it will never be easy to get a refund. You have to go through a tiresome process to get your money back.

Where Can I Buy MyoShred?

MyoShred is available for purchase through the official website, but several third-party retailers have it in stock too.

Summary: MyoShred


1.3 out of 5
MyoShred Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend MyoShred.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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