MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95

Are you looking for a stimulant free way to build muscle and lose fat? If so then you may be interested in MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95. This supplement delivers 95% pure conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in each capsule with a daily serving that reflects some clinical evidence.

We take an in depth look at Platinum Pure CLA 95 to find out more.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Pros

  • CLA is unlikely to cause side effects
  • Some good positive feedback left by genuine customers
  • Daily serving of CLA is in line with clinical testing

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Cons

  • No real proof that the CLA in this supplement is the purest and best on the market as described
  • No real evidence that CLA converts fat into muscle as claimed
  • If you take as directed, each bottle will only last 22 days, which is awkward
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What You Need To Know About MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95

Platinum Pure CLA 95 looks to be a pretty good supplement. It comes with some positive feedback and there is some evidence that the sole ingredient CLA derived from Safflower oil may help you build muscle and lose weight.

However there is really nothing special about this brand. The advertising claims that it is superior to any other CLA brand on the market but provides zero evidence to prove this fact. In our opinion, Tonalin is the market leader so if you were considering a CLA supplement, one which contained high levels of Tonalin may be preferable to this one. We don’t want to bring up ancient history but MuscleTech do have history in selling dangerous supplements so they are obviously not always as reputable as they appear.

What Are The Side Effects Of MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95?

Customers who have tried Platinum Pure CLA 95 have not mentioned side effects, which is good news.

However potential side effects can include stomach upset, diarrhoea, nausea, and fatigue.

How Much Does MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Cost?

1 x bottle of 90 softgel capsules (around 22 days’ supply if taken as directed) costs $31.99. Shipping charges are calculated at the point of sale.

Our Verdict On MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95

Although CLA looks to be safe as an ingredient and it is popular with bodybuilders, the clinical evidence is conflicting. Tests have thrown up very different results as regards to weight loss and muscle building and although it seems to do something, some experts believe that the weight loss effects are minimal.

Overall we think that Platinum Pure CLA 95 has some good points but is not quite good enough to add to our approved list.

Therefore we have no other option but to reject this supplement.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Review

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 is a very straight forward looking supplement which contains just conjugated linoleic acid and nothing more so if you are looking to convert fatty tissue into muscle, it looks like a good option.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a collective name for the group of chemicals composed of unsaturated omega 6 fatty acids. CLA is present in dairy products, beef and other meat especially derived from grass fed animals, eggs and natural vegetable oils.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Facts

  • Supplement comes from Canadian supplements company MuscleTech
  • If you buy from GNC you are covered by a guarantee
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules

Although most people will ingest sufficient CLA for health by eating a normal balanced diet, CLA supplements may help increase muscle building and help reduce fatty tissue.

Bodybuilders have taken CLA supplements for years for muscle building but more recently this type of supplement is becoming fairly mainstream. Because CLA is supposed to break down fatty tissue it is also taken by “ordinary” people just looking to lose some weight.

Some evidence suggests that CLA is an effective and safe fat burner and because it is natural and stimulant free it is becoming increasingly popular.

How to Take MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95

Take 1 serving (1 soft gel capsule) up to 4 times daily. Do not use for more than 12 consecutive months.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 contains CLA derived purely from Safflower seed oil.

Platinum Pure CLA 95 comes from Canadian supplements company MuscleTech. This company are probably best known for Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, a controversial although popular weight loss supplement that was actually linked to causing deaths before the ephedra ban back in 2004.

Once ephedra was banned as a supplement ingredient because of all the side effects, MuscleTech reformulated the supplement and after a couple of changes to the ingredients profile, it is still on sale today.

We covered Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite in a previous review.

We have also covered other MuscleTech supplements including Hydroxycut SX7.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Concerns:

  • MuscleTech have past form with selling dangerous supplements. Can we believe them when they say that the CLA contained in this supplement is the best on the market?
  • The evidence for CLA is conflicting
  • May not do anything at all – could be a waste of money

MuscleTech is aimed primarily at the body builder customer so will have a limited appeal if you are just looking to shed a few pounds. MuscleTech carry a wide range of supplements but unless you are focused on body building, competition or working out in the gym, they will not really be suitable.

However MuscleTech are safe to do business with and are not associated with any dodgy payment scams. The company appear to be respected and MuscleTech products are available in some shops and stores as well as on sale from outlets such as GNC.

What Does MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Claim To Do?

According to the product advertising:

Platinum Pure CLA 95 is completely free of stimulants, making it an excellent addition to your fat loss or muscle building stack.

There is an explanation about the company’s research budget:

MuscleTech® is the Leader in Science with a Multi-Million Dollar Research Budget – A portion of every dollar spent on MuscleTech® supplements is allocated toward scientific research to discover new and more effective ways to increase lean muscle and strength, and improve athletic performance.

In fact, Team MuscleTech® researchers have collaborated with researchers at over 20 universities and research facilities around the world to study the various key ingredients found in our powerful formulas.

According to the advertising:

Platinum Pure CLA 95 delivers the world’s most pure CLA.

The science is explained as well:

CLA has been clinically studied and shown to increase muscle growth and strength. Research suggests that it works by down-regulating the TNF-alpha catabolic enzyme in muscle, helping to prevent your body from breaking down your lean muscle mass.

In one clinical study, subjects taking 5g of CLA per day built 6 times more muscle than those using a placebo (2.8 lbs. vs. 0.4 lbs.) in just 7 weeks. That’s why you need to add Platinum Pure CLA 95 to your muscle building program today!

The product information does not mention the benefits to weight loss.

Does MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Work?

Platinum Pure CLA 95 looks to be a good quality supplement and if you were looking for a CLA supplement it is possible that this one would be a good choice. However we prefer the look of rival CLA supplement ingredient Tonalin simply because this brand has undergone more clinical studies (18 in total) and appears to be one of the market leaders in this field.

By contrast there is very little background information to the CLA used in Platinum Pure CLA 95.

Does any of this matter? It might. According to the product advertising, Platinum Pure CLA 95 is described as the purest form of CLA in the world yet there is no evidence that any of this is true. By contrast Tonalin comes with evidence that it is a good quality product derived from reliable sources.

In addition, the evidence for CLA as a weight loss/muscle building ingredient is conflicting. Some studies suggest that CLA can help reduce body fat mass in otherwise healthy individuals. Other studies are not as conclusive.

An overview of clinical testing, including animal tests seemed to suggest that a daily serving of 3.2 g per day could lead to modest weight loss. The daily serving of Platinum Pure CLA 95 does correspond to these findings.


What Are The Ingredients of MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95?

Platinum Pure CLA 95 is a bodybuilder styled supplement that may help you convert fat into muscle.

Each serving is equal to one softgel capsule.

  • CLA (1425mg): As the product information says CLA has been studied for its muscle building and fat burning properties. However, independent research is not conclusive. Some research suggests that although CLA is an effective supplement for reducing fat mass in animals, results in humans have been inconsistent. One systemised analysis of the many clinical trials carried out on CLA found that there were flaws in many of the testing research methods. In some tests, although CLA did appear to reveal a small significant difference in human fat loss, the conclusion was that the effects were small, and the clinical relevance uncertain. Scientific opinion is that more research is necessary in order to prove the claims one way or another.

Does MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Have Any Side Effects?

Customers who have tried Platinum Pure CLA 95 have not mentioned side effects which is good news.

However potential side effects can include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a medical doctor before use if you have a medical condition or before starting a diet or exercise program. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95?

There are numerous customer reviews for Platinum Pure CLA 95. This supplement is on sale from a wide range of outlets that welcome independent customer feedback.

Most customers are very satisfied. The majority of feedback is positive.

This man reported:

Hands down the best CLA I have used. Packed with 95 percent CLA when others only have 70 percent per pill (read the back of your bottles). Get this for your daily stack!!!!

Lots of customers are pleased with the value for money:


A few customers are less than positive. This customer conducted his own trial and found that Platinum Pure CLA 95 was ineffective:

I kept my exercise, eating and nutritional supplements the same in order to gauge these CLA capsule’s effectiveness. I can say that they have made absolutely no difference in my weight. I can find no evidence (energy/increased body heat/etc.) that they work at all.

Does MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

If you buy Platinum Pure CLA 95 from GNC you are covered by the standard GNC guarantee.

The company states:

The item must be returned, unused or used, in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all paperwork and accessories to ensure full credit.

You can find the full list of terms and conditions on the GNC website.

Where Can I Buy MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95?

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 is on sale in some specialist shops and stores and you can find a list of distributors via the MuscleTech official website.

You can also buy MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 from GNC.
1 x bottle of 90 softgel capsules (around 22 days’ supply if taken as directed) costs $31.99. Shipping charges are calculated at the point of sale.

You can save money on GNC supplements by becoming a site member ($29.99)

You can also sign up for auto delivery – where you are sent fresh supplies of product each month and billed directly.

This option offers a 5% discount on prices and free shipping.

GNC are a reputable company and although we never advise entering into auto billing agreements, GNC are very open and upfront about it. You have to physically tick a box to choose this option and it seems straightforward to cancel.

MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95 is also available via Amazon USA.

1 x bottle of 90 softgel capsules costs $14.53 plus shipping.

Summary: MuscleTech Platinum Pure CLA 95

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3.5 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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