Mountain Dew Kickstart

Mountain Dew Kickstart is an energy drink. It comes in a choice of flavours such Blueberry Pomegranate and Blood Orange and is fortified with added vitamins and healthy sounding components. Does this make the drinks a healthier option to other PepsiCo brands like Pepsi or Gatorade? Can you use it to fuel your workouts and build muscle? We take a look.

Mountain Dew or Mtn Dew as it is more snappily called these days is a well-known US brand from international drinks giant PepsiCo. Mountain Dew has been around since 1940 with Mtn Dew Kickstart adding a new twist to an established brand.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Pros

  • Not expensive
  • Easily available in the USA
  • Some flavours contain added vitamins

Mountain Dew Kickstart Cons

  • No health benefits
  • Inherently fattening and unhealthy
  • Contains high fructose corn syrup
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Mountain Dew Kickstart


What You Need To Know About Mountain Dew Kickstart

Mtn Dew Kickstart is an energy drink described as such because it contains caffeine. It comes from PepsiCo the corporation behind Pepsi and Doritos and although it is marketed as healthier than many of their other products, the truth is that it does not look much different. Some Mtn Dew Kickstart flavours contain added vitamins but in our opinion this is not enough to transform a soda into a health drink. That said if you like a fizzy energy drink as part of your sports or athletic regime, you may enjoy this one.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mountain Dew Kickstart?

Potential side effects may include anxiety, jitteriness, insomnia tachycardia, facial flushing, skin irritation and blotchiness.

How Much Does Mountain Dew Kickstart Cost?

Mtn Dew Kickstart is not expensive. You can probably pick it up for less than a dollar a can from most outlets across the USA. You can also find it on Amazon for various prices. For example, a pack of 12 cans of Raspberry Citrus flavour costs $18.12. We saw a pack of 15 cans of Fruit Punch flavour for $29.99.

Our Verdict On Mountain Dew Kickstart

We don’t rate Mtn Dew Kickstart very highly. This is no more than any usual energy drink and despite the claims that the drinks have health benefits we are struggling to see them. In our opinion throwing in a few vitamins is not enough to transform a basically unhealthy fattening soda into a health drink.

However, many people do enjoy drinking sodas and using them as part of their sports routine. If this is you, then drinking Mtn Dew Kickstart will not do you any harm and a treat of a sweet drink can help motivation. For the rest of us, there is really no reason to drink Mtn Dew Kickstart over any other soda on the market.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Review

Mtn Dew Kickstart is an energy drink that was first released in 2013. Since that time PepsiCo have added additional flavours such as Mango Lime and Raspberry Citrus which came onto the market in 2017. Mountain Dew is not a new brand. It was released in 1940 as a citrus-flavoured soda and over the years PepsiCo have tweaked the original recipe adding new flavours and brand names such as Mountain Dew White Out, Extreme and Dew Sharp while retaining the original product as well.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Facts

  • Comes in a choice of flavour and can size.
  • Manufactured by American multinational PepsiCo.
  • Easily available to buy in the USA but not elsewhere.

The Mountain Dew brand is extremely popular and well-known in the USA but less so outside the USA. Unlike Pepsi, Mountain Dew lacks iconic status worldwide and people outside the USA can go whole lifetimes without ever even tasting it.

Mtn Dew Kickstart is marketed as a healthier alternative to other sodas. The various flavours contain ingredients such as coconut water, antioxidants, electrolytes and real fruit juice. The message is that this soda will give you an energy kick, thanks to the caffeine, but will also do you some good.

How to Take Mountain Dew Kickstart

Drink before a workout or whenever you feel you need a lift.

When it comes to muscle building, the effects will depend upon your own efforts. There is nothing in any of these sodas that will help you build muscle but if like some people you like energy drink to fuel your workout, you may find that Mtn Dew Kickstart hits the spot. A surprising number of athletes rely on caffeine to get moving and the added vitamins in Kickstart may make this soda better than others on the market.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Concerns:

  • This drink is no different to a regular soda. Will people believe it is healthier?
  • High in caffeine and phosphorus, and is fattening.
  • High-profile advertising campaign will encourage people to buy it.

Mtn Dew Kickstart has been widely advertised on US TV. One advert features a fat man dancing (they are not pulling any punches here – this drink is fattening) and various things becoming infected with crazy energy following a mosquito bite.

Mtn Dew Kickstart comes from PepsiCo a well-known American multinational beverage and Snack Corporation. As well as Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo products include Tropicana, Gatorade, Doritos, Lays crisps and even British favourite Walkers crisps. One thing is for sure; PepsiCo is not known for healthy products. Public health advocates have suggested a link between the rise in obesity and diabetes with the popularity of PepsiCo products.

What Does Mountain Dew Kickstart Claim To Do?

The various Mtn Dew Kickstart flavours all come with slightly different claims, however, the key theme is enhanced energy.

For example, Blood Orange flavour is “a mouth-watering burst of blood orange flavour, antioxidants, vitamins C and E and the perfect amount of carbonation to pump you up for whatever’s coming next”.

The same claims are made for Blueberry Pomegranate flavour.

Mango Lime blends the great taste of DEW with refreshing fruit juice and caffeine to charge your day.

Some flavours such as Watermelon have a “great tasting kick just when you need it most”.

Looking through the various advertising claims, the flavours where caffeine is not disclosed but are described as having “a kick” contain 68 mg of caffeine per serving.

Flavours where caffeine is mentioned such as Mango Lime and Midnight Grape contain 90 mg of caffeine per serving. This is roughly the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

Does Mountain Dew Kickstart Work?

Mtn Dew Kickstart certainly works as a drink and if you are sensitive to caffeine you may notice an energy kick, similar to having a coffee or drinking a Coke. However there is nothing very healthy in these drinks. They may have added vitamins and bang on about antioxidants and fruit juice in the advertising but at the end of the day they all contain lots of sugars (around 20g per serving) and high fructose corn syrup, just like all sodas.

Those said if you enjoy the drinks and feel that using them before your workout helps improve your performance; it is a fairly inexpensive way of getting some motivation.

What Are The Ingredients of Mountain Dew Kickstart?

Some flavours come in 16 fl oz (473 ml) and others in 12 fl oz (355 ml) cans. The ingredients profile varies slightly according to flavour and size of the can. However all flavours contain caffeine and phosphorus. In addition the drinks are high in sugars.

  • Phosphorus: Abundant mineral in the body second only to calcium. Phosphorus is necessary for the body because it is important for healthy bones but most people get sufficient in a normal diet and are much more likely to suffer from excess phosphorus which can lead to medical problems including heart disease. Phosphorus is used in the drinks industry to create the carbonation so its presence here is due to production method rather than any possible benefit to the consumer. Amounts vary according to flavour.
  • Caffeine: The world’s best-loved stimulant and well tolerated by most people. Caffeine can provide a lift and energy kick as described and in turn this can temporarily increase the speed of the metabolism which can be useful for weight loss. Health authorities advise that you should ingest no more than 400 mg a day, which is around 4 cups of regular coffee. Mtn Dew Kickstart contains between 60 mg and 90 mg of caffeine depending on flavour and bottle size.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup: This one ingredient has been labelled the cause of the obesity epidemic because it is in absolutely everything. Some people believe it is addictive and the reason that so many people crave sweet drinks and processed foods. It is linked with the rise in diabetes. With 20g of sugar contained in most servings of Mtn Dew Kick Start, there is little about this drink that could be described as healthy.

Many of the Kickstart flavours such as Watermelon and Mango Lime contains added vitamins and potassium.

This is the vitamin profile for Mango Lime:

  • Vitamin C: Powerful vitamin with an antioxidant effect and important for maintaining immune function and many aspects of health. Present in fruit and vegetables and especially citrus fruits like oranges. Vitamin C has to be taken regularly as the body cannot manufacture or store it.
  • Niacin: Vitamin B3 is an essential vitamin and important for many bodily functions including heart function and resistance to disease.
  • Vitamin B6: Available in most foods and important for numerous chemical reactions in the body including the brain and muscle function.
  • Pantothenic Acid: Also known as vitamin B5, this vitamin is especially important for healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver.
  • Potassium: Mineral that is present in most foods and required by the body for numerous functions including muscle contractions, fluid balance and brain health.

Other flavours such as blueberry flavour may contain:

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin with an antioxidant function which can help repair and protect cells.
    Some, such as Energising Limeade, do not contain additional vitamins at all.

Does Mountain Dew Kickstart Have Any Side Effects?

Potential side effects are most likely to be related to caffeine and may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Jitteriness
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia
  • Facial flushing
  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Blotchiness

No particular health issues. However if you wish to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle you should probably avoid this product.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Mountain Dew Kickstart?

There are customer reviews for Mtn Dew Kickstart. This product is very mainstream like Pepsi or Tropicana and it is sold across the USA so thousands of customers have tried it but mostly without ever leaving a review.

However there are some customer reviews on Amazon:

Tastes good and is a great alternative to coffee for me at times.

For an energy drink it isn’t bad. 16 oz and only 80 calories. It helps me start my morning. Favourite is the orange, then fruit punch and then cherry.

When it comes to being an energy drink… Felt like I drank a regular can of soda.

Love the Kickstart beverages. I drink one instead of coffee on hot days. The orange mango is delicious.

Does Mountain Dew Kickstart Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

No, Mtn Dew Kickstart is not that sort of product.

Where Can I Buy Mountain Dew Kickstart?

If you are in the USA, you can buy Mtn Dew Kickstart from just about everywhere such as drugstores and garages, supermarkets and more. It is also on sale from Amazon. However it is not easily available outside the USA.

Summary: Mountain Dew Kickstart

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3 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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  1. Hello Muscle watchdog my name is Robert i am 25 years old i something to say i been drinking this Mtn Dew Kickstart Midnight grape and i think i am immune to the Side Effects put drinking to much of this Mtn Dew Midnight Grape it could stop your heart i was told by a Lori Kyle from Arc i would like a review of the Mtn Dew Energizing Midnight grape