MAN Sports Leucine

MAN Sports Leucine is a bodybuilding supplement that contains just one ingredient – the branched chain amino acid, Leucine. Leucine is present in many high protein foods such as meat, but in supplement form may help prevent against fatigue and promote muscle growth. So, is MAN Sports Leucine worth a try? Let’s take a look.

MAN Sports is a supplements company based in Texas, which deals predominantly with the bodybuilder market. Many MAN Sports, such as this one, look pretty specialist and include amino acid supplements, protein powders, and more. The company only provides a PO Box in Mesquite as the official address, but supplements are available from a wide choice of retailers worldwide including Amazon.

MAN Sports Leucine Pros

  • May help build muscle as claimed
  • Available from a choice of retail outlets
  • Each tub contains 100 servings

MAN Sports Leucine Cons

  • No customer feedback available
  • Very little real explanation provided about how it works
  • Bitter taste may be unpleasant
Watchdog Rejected

MAN Sports Leucine


What You Need To Know About MAN Sports Leucine

MAN Sports Leucine is a straightforward supplement that contains just 5000mg of the BCAA Leucine per serving, so looks pretty much the same as most Leucine powders on the market. Research suggests that Leucine will help build muscle and may even help the body use fat stores for energy (ketogenic function), but the best results for strength have been seen in novice weight trainers who seemed to increase strength faster. This supplement therefore may be very effective if you are new to weight training or in an older age group, as good results have also been seen in older men.

What Are The Side Effects Of MAN Sports Leucine?

Very few side effects are anticipated. However Leucine may lower blood sugar levels, and there is some evidence that BCAAs can sometimes impair coordination.

How Much Does MAN Sports Leucine Cost?

MAN Sports Leucine is not overly expensive. Each 500g tub is sufficient for 100 servings, and costs $34.99 if you buy direct from the official MAN Sports website. Shipping is calculated at the point of sale.

You can also find MAN Sports Leucine on sale via Amazon USA where it costs $31.13, and it is on sale from the Vitamin Shoppe for $29.99.

MAN Sports Leucine is on sale direct to UK customers from a range of online outlets for around £30.00 for 500g tub (100 servings).

Our Verdict On MAN Sports Leucine

MAN Sports Leucine may be a good choice if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat, and if you are new to weight training or are in the older age group you may find that it helps increase strength. MAN Sports Leucine seems to be a good quality supplement. It does not contain any hidden extras or filler ingredients, and serving size is effective.

The downsides are is that there is very little information provided about this supplement in the product advertising, and it does not seem very popular. We have been unable to discover even one genuine customer feedback comment.

That said, this supplement will probably suit some people, and with 100 servings per container you would be able to take it over 3 months as a support to your weight training in line with the clinical testing.

Overall, although we would not necessarily recommend this supplement for experienced or younger weight trainers, we think that MAN Sports Leucine could definitely be worth a try for some users. Therefore, we can not recommend MAN Sports Leucine to everyone.

MAN Sports Leucine Review

MAN Sports Leucine is a powdered supplement, that you add to water or fruit juice and drink. The powder is flavourless so as the advertising states, you can add it to anything you like! Leucine has a bitter taste, so you might want to combine it with something sweet. Alternatively that may make it taste even worse, so you may have to experiment to find the most palatable option.

MAN Sports Leucine Facts

  • Each tub contains 100 servings
  • MAN Sports offer a guarantee on supplements
  • Contains L Leucine as the sole ingredient
  • Leucine is known for its very bitter taste

Man Sports Leucine contains only one ingredient, a branched chain amino acid called Leucine. There are three branched chain amino acids in total, but Leucine is considered the most effective for body building. The advertising claims it is an anabolic trigger, so the idea is that it will help muscle growth.

Taking Leucine on its own, rather than combined with the other two BCAAs – Isoleucine and Valine, may be most effective for muscle building. Clinical research has found that Leucine does help promote muscle gains, but best effects are seen especially in the elderly or in people with low dietary intake. It also has performed very well in tests upon novice weight trainers. Whether it will have the same effect upon experienced muscle builders who are in good health and enjoying a full nutritious diet is less certain.

How to Take MAN Sports Leucine

  • As a dietary supplement consume one serving 2 times per day
  • Take one serving immediately after intense activity

MAN Sports Leucine contains 5g per serving and according to the MAN Sports information, you can stack it with other supplements in the range. One of the recommended suggestions is MAN Sports CLA, which we previously reviewed on our sister site Diet Pills Watchdog. This supplement is described as a fat burner, so will interest bodybuilders and people looking to simply lose fat.

We have also reviewed other MAN Sports supplements, such as MAN Sports L Carnitine 1500, described as liquid fat burning fuel, MAN Sports Pump Powder, and post workout supplement MAN Sports Iso Carb.

MAN Sports Leucine Concerns:

  • The daily serving is recommended at 10g per day. We would advise that you only take 5g per day, which is in keeping with clinical testing
  • Why is there no customer feedback? Does it indicate that this supplement is unpopular?
  • Although Leucine looks promising it is important to remember that results will vary from person to person. Leucine seems to suit older people or weight training novices best, but this fact is not explained in the advertising

MAN Sports seem to be a reasonable looking company. One of their advertised selling points is the use of micro batch technology, that uses only small handmade batches of products. This is supposed to result in much higher quality and purity of product.

What Does MAN Sports Leucine Claim To Do?

There isn’t a lot of information about this supplement. According to the advertising there are four key features:

  • Stimulates Protein Synthesis
  • Preserve lean Muscle
  • HPLC Testing for impurities and potency
  • No artificial colours or dye

According to the product information L Leucine is commonly known as the “anabolic trigger”, and we have seen it described as that elsewhere.

The product information makes a big point of telling the customer that this supplement does not contain any flavourings or additives, unlike many other MAN supplements which are known for crazy flavours. However, this lack of flavouring may not be a good point for customers. Leucine is known for its very bitter taste, so it is possible that production just could not find an acceptable method of masking this unpleasant flavour.

The three key benefits are advertised as;

  • Enhanced recovery
  • Muscle Growth
  • Ultra soluble

Does MAN Sports Leucine Work?

MAN Sports Leucine contains 5g of L Leucine per serving, and according to some sources, 5g of Leucine is more effective for muscle building and strength than taking 5g of BCAAs.

Yes, we think it will probably work as well as any other L Leucine supplement and may be beneficial to some users, especially if you have just started weight training.

L Leucine is a potent activator of a protein called mTOR, which positively influences muscle synthesis. In addition, it is ketogenic meaning that it prompts the body to use fat stores for energy rather than sugars.

However, some of the best results in strength and stamina have been seen by novice weight trainers. A 12 week resistance training program was carried out by 26 previously untrained men, half of whom took 4g of Leucine a day, the others took a placebo. After this period, the men in the Leucine group demonstrated significant gains in strength over the placebo group. Source

Leucine also seems to be especially effective for muscle building for older men and for people who do not have a nutritionally balanced diet. Source

What Are The Ingredients of MAN Sports Leucine?

Each serving is equal to 1 x 5000mg scoop.

  • L Leucine (5000mg): Leucine is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and is the principle amino acid in this group. Branched Chain Amino Acids so named for their molecular shape. Important for health and recovery, and assist in muscle repair after exercise. There are three BCAAs; Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, and although they are available in diet, in such foods as meat, chickpeas, and wholegrains, supplementing will deliver more and faster. Leucine is especially important as a trigger for muscle building.

Does MAN Sports Leucine Have Any Side Effects?

L Leucine seems relatively safe. However it may lower blood sugar levels, and there is some evidence that BCAAs can impair coordination in some cases.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor first if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication. L Leucine may interfere with blood sugar levels, so may adversely interact with diabetes medication.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For MAN Sports Leucine?

No, this MAN Sports supplement does not have a high customer profile. We have not found any reviews for this supplement.

Does MAN Sports Leucine Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

MAN Sports, the manufacturers of MAN Sports Leucine, offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

They state:

“At MAN Sports, we are supremely confident that you’ll love our products. We receive a countless number of testimonials from satisfied customers every day. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with any product bearing our name, simply return it to us with your receipt for a quick & courteous refund.”

“You must return the product within the specified period of time, along with all original packaging, manuals, and other accessories and documentation which may have been originally included in the original shipment; the receipt; and a note containing your name, address and reason for return.”

The returns policies of third party retailers may vary.

Where Can I Buy MAN Sports Leucine?

You can buy MAN Sports Leucine direct from the official MAN Sports website. The company ship abroad, so all products are available to customers outside the USA as well as US customers.

It is also on sale via Amazon USA and via some independent online supplements outlets, such as Vitamin Shoppe.

UK retailers include Cardiff Sports Nutrition and sports supplements retailer My Protein. Although some MAN Sports supplements are on sale via Amazon UK, MAN Sports Leucine is not currently available.

Summary: MAN Sports Leucine

MAN Sports Leucine

2.7 out of 5
MAN Sports Leucine Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend MAN Sports Leucine.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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