MAN Sports ISO Carb

MAN Sports ISO Carb is a post workout dextrose supplement that may help you recover faster following exercise, as well as replenish your glycogen levels and boost your insulin. You are encouraged to take it in combination with other MAN supplements.

MAN Sports supplements are aimed at bodybuilders and products include protein powders and energy supplements. The company is based in Texas with supplements on sale from many supplement retailers, as well as the official MAN website.

MAN Sports ISO Carb Pros

  • Will work as described if used correctly
  • Unlikely to cause side effects in most people
  • Customers seem to enjoy the flavours
  • Money-back guarantee

MAN Sports ISO Carb Cons

  • Expensive for a dextrose supplement
  • Will need to be combined with an additional protein supplement for maximum effect
  • Although the product information states the pouch contains 30 servings, it may be nearer to just 15 servings if you use as recommended
Watchdog Rejected

MAN Sports ISO Carb


What You Need To Know About MAN Sports ISO Carb

MAN Sports ISO Carb is a straightforward dextrose supplement that should help your body recover quickly following an extensive workout. Dextrose has long been used for this purpose, and many bodybuilders find that it helps recovery and muscle building when combined with additional protein. MAN ISO Carb comes in a choice of flavours which some customers have enjoyed, but the downside is that this supplement is very expensive when compared to other dextrose powders on the market.

What Are The Side Effects Of MAN Sports ISO Carb?

Dextrose has a dramatic effect upon blood sugar levels and the insulin spike it causes can lead to side effects such as dizziness, nausea, hunger, and fatigue.

How Much Does MAN Sports ISO Carb Cost?

MAN Sports ISO Carb is expensive when compared to other dextrose powders on the market. We have seen similar dextrose powders in comparable sized containers for as little as $4.99 so this one does seem massively overpriced.

Buy from the official MAN website and 1 pouch of ISO Carb costs a whopping $24.99 for a 2.4lb pouch. This is supposed to be sufficient for around 30 x 1 scoop servings, although if you use as directed this may be reduced to 15.

Flavours are; Sour Batch, Dorks, Strawberry Ice Pop, Orange Juice, and Neutral. You can choose your flavour at the point of sale.

You can also buy MAN Sports ISO Carb from other supplement retailers. We found it on Amazon USA for $18.99 for the 2.4lb pouch size.

Our Verdict On MAN Sports ISO Carb

We quite like MAN Sports ISO Carb because dextrose can be a very effective post workout supplement, as long as you combine it with a protein powder. Dextrose powder has long been used as a simple post workout supplement by bodybuilders, and many people see it as a vital part of their workout routine. It is important to ensure that you add protein to dextrose, so remember you will have to invest in another supplement for this to work effectively.

However there is nothing that special about this particular dextrose supplement. Dextrose is dextrose and there is nothing much to recommend one product over another. This supplement is very expensive compared to other dextrose powders on the market and although it comes in some different flavours, is this point really worth paying a lot more money for? After all dextrose is very sweet, and you could probably get a similar effect and pleasant taste by simply adding to water or a fruit drink.

Overall, we do not recommend MAN Sports ISO Carb to our readers. There is nothing wrong with it but it is overpriced when compared to the many other dextrose powders on the market.

MAN Sports ISO Carb Review

MAN Sports ISO Carb is a powdered supplement that you add to water or a cold drink, in order to make a recovery drink post workout. It contains just dextrose as the sole active ingredient and this simple carb made from corn syrup is identical to glucose (blood sugar). This means it works very quickly to raise blood sugar levels and insulin. For this reason dextrose is very important as an emergency treatment for people with type 1 diabetes to take when their sugar levels fall and they risk hypoglycaemia.

Dextrose can be very effective for sports people and athletes following a workout too. Within an hour of finishing an intensive workout the body starts recovery and coming back from the depletion of lactic acid, which will lead to muscle soreness later on. The thinking is that if you drink a dextrose shake it will boost insulin levels helping your body to store nutrients (i.e. build muscle). It will also boost glycogen (the substance that makes up muscle tissue). In short dextrose gets your body healing quickly.

MAN Sports ISO Carb Facts

  • Flavours include; Sour Batch, Dorks, Strawberry Ice Pop, Orange Juice, and Neutral
  • Even Neutral flavour will be extremely sweet tasting
  • Dextrose is a well known recovery aid for bodybuilders

This is a very simple supplement. Many post workout supplements such as MAN Sports ISO Protein which we covered in a previous review contain proteins and amino acids for long term muscle building but this one addresses the immediate issue of post workout recovery.

According to the product information you can stack ISO Carb with other MAN supplements ISO Amino, Clean Protein, and Creatine Monohydrate.
We covered Clean Protein and ISO Amino in previous reviews

How to Take MAN Sports ISO Carb

  • Add 1 scoop of ISO-Carb in 12oz of cold water or your beverage of choice
  • Shake well for full mixability, (a shaker cup is recommended)
  • You can vary the amount of liquid based on the level of flavor you prefer. Consume 1-2 scoops (1-2 servings) of ISO-Carb within 30 minutes of your workout
  • You are recommended to stack with ISO-AMINO, Creatine Monohydrate, and Clean Protein

MAN Sports ISO Carb is available in five flavours; including Strawberry Ice Pop, Orange Juice, and the weirdly named Dorks, but there is also a neutral flavour which may be the safest bet especially if you add the powder to fruit juice. In addition, Neutral is free from any added flavourings. Dextrose is sweet; there is no escaping that fact. But the fast acting carbs will have an instant effect on your recovery within the time frame that is necessary.

MAN Sports ISO Carb Concerns:

  • Although the advertising claims that 1 scoop is a sufficient serving size, the directions advise that 2 scoops is better. Do this and at 15 servings, your bag of dextrose powder may not last very long
  • Why is this supplement so expensive, compared to many other dextrose powders on the market?
  • This dextrose supplement will only suit you if you are working out intensively and it needs to be combined with additional protein. Will customers realise?

MAN Sports is a US supplements company based in Texas. However many MAN Sports supplements are available from a wide range of retailers worldwide as well as the official website.

What Does MAN Sports ISO Carb Claim To Do?

According to the product information this “New Fast Acting Carbohydrate” has four key features;


The advertising explains how the supplement works;

“ISO-Carb is a throwback to simple, effective carbohydrate supplementation. Dextrose is a simple (sugar) carb. Being a sugar based carbohydrate, dextrose digests extremely fast making it the perfect source for post-workout muscle glycogen replenishment.“

“Muscle glycogen levels can be drastically reduced after your workout/training. It is essential to replenish glycogen levels post-workout to properly recover and create an environment for muscle growth.”

“Dextrose is a high-gylcemic carb, which also initiates an insulin spike after consumption. This helps maximize the uptake and utilization of other nutrients in additional to rebooting glycogen stores.”

Does MAN Sports ISO Carb Work?

Yes, we think that MAN Sports ISO Carb will work if you use it correctly. Dextrose is composed solely of sugar carbohydrates, the same glucose that the body uses for fuel so it is very quickly absorbed by the body.

According to bodybuilding experts, you have around an hour timeframe to replenish lost energy levels following an intensive workout so as getting home for a balanced meal is not going to be an option for most people, a supplement shake is a good option.

Dextrose causes insulin levels to spike and this triggers a reaction in the brain which affects the way that the body processes nutrients, directing them straight to your muscles where the healing process can begin.

However ISO Carb will not help muscle growth. It contains no protein or dietary fat which you also need for muscle building, so you will have to stack ISO Carb with a protein supplement for optimum results.

Each serving of ISO Carb contains 30 g. Bodybuilding experts advise that an optimum serving size is around 0.8g of dextrose per kilo of your bodyweight combined with 0.4g of protein per kilo immediately following a workout. Source

What Are The Ingredients of MAN Sports ISO Carb?

Man Sports ISO Carb is a powdered supplement that you add to water or a fruit juice in order to make a Shake.

Serving size is equal to 1 x 33g scoop.

  • Dextrose (30g): Dextrose, also known as glucose, is a simple carbohydrate which is the principle source of energy in the body. Glucose is present in all living organisms; in plant forms it is known as starch, in animals glucose. Dextrose is usually processed from corn and is chemically identical to human blood sugar (glucose). It is classified as a simple sugar and can raise blood glucose levels very fast. Dextrose is dense in calories but lacks protein and amino acids. This serving size contains 120 calories. Source

The Neutral version of this supplement contains only dextrose but the other flavours contain added components as flavourings.

  • Other Ingredients (Strawberry Popsicle, Sour Batch, Orange Juice): Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K).
  • Other Ingredients (Dorks): Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K).

Does MAN Sports ISO Carb Have Any Side Effects?

Dextrose causes blood sugar to rise very quickly, and this can overload the system and cause the pancreas to produce too much insulin, telling cells that hyperglycaemia may damage tissue. This pancreatic reaction can cause a blood sugar crash. Side effects may include;

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding. Speak to your doctor first if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication. This supplement will not be suitable if you have any issues around diabetes or blood sugar.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For MAN Sports ISO Carb?

MAN Sports ISO Carb is on sale from numerous outlets. We found a handful of customer reviews for the supplement via Amazon USA and although there are not many, all are positive.

This customer tried the Strawberry Ice Pop Flavour,

Amazing taste! Hands down best tasting powdered product I’ve had in 10 years of taking supplements…

Some customers equally enjoyed the Sour Batch flavour, such as this woman,

The flavor is AMAZING and the results I’ve seen are AMAZING too. Exactly what I was looking for!!

One customer tried the Dorks flavour and was satisfied,

Flavor is freaking amazing. Literally tastes like liquid Nerds. I mix one scoop with 10g BCAAs (unflavored) and it makes for a great intra-workout pick-me-up. Can’t wait to try all the flavors.

Does MAN Sports ISO Carb Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

MAN Sports, the manufacturers of MAN Sports Pump Powder, offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

They state:

“At MAN Sports, we are supremely confident that you’ll love our products. We receive a countless number of testimonials from satisfied customers every day. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with any product bearing our name, simply return it to us with your receipt for a quick & courteous refund.”

“You must return the product within the specified period of time, along with all original packaging, manuals, and other accessories and documentation which may have been originally included in the original shipment; the receipt; and a note containing your name, address and reason for return.”

The returns policies of third party retailers may vary.

Where Can I Buy MAN Sports ISO Carb?

You can buy MAN Sports ISO Carb direct from the official MAN website. It is also on sale via Amazon USA, and some supplement retailers including, A1 supplements, and more.

Summary: MAN Sports ISO Carb

MAN Sports ISO Carb

2.9 out of 5
MAN Sports ISO Carb Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend MAN Sports ISO Carb.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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