Getting a proper night’s sleep is important for the body for a huge range of reasons, including repairing itself and recovering from exercise. Man REM-PM is designed to aid optimal deep sleep, and to help to boost the metabolism through the night using non-stimulant ingredients, helping to maximise the consumer’s weight loss.

Below we take an in-depth look at Man REM-PM to see if it can aid weight loss while you sleep.

Man REM-PM Pros

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Majority of reviewers agree improves sleep quality
  • Many ingredients appear to improve cognitive function and mood

Man REM-PM Cons

  • Not a strong weight loss aid
  • Some customers report experiencing nightmares
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What You Need To Know About Man REM-PM

Overall, we have very mixed feelings about Man REM-PM. The product is not a great weight loss aid at all; only one of the long list of ingredients has strong clinical support showing that it does increase thermogenesis and therefore contribute to increased calorie burn. However, the remaining ingredients all have varying amounts of clinical evidence to support their use as sleep aids and cognitive boosters.

The product is covered by a 100% money back guarantee when ordered from the manufacturer, but it is available at a significant discount at numerous online third party retailers. If consumers find that a single pill serving is enough for them, then a single bottle will last them 60 days, making the product more cost effective in the long term (than using the higher dose of two capsules).

What Are The Side Effects Of Man REM-PM?

There are several ingredients in Man REM-PM that can cause a range of side effects. As the individual ingredient quantities used in Man REM-PM are unknown, it is difficult to establish the likelihood of side effects occurring. For a full list, please see the Side Effects tab below.

How Much Does Man REM-PM Cost?

From the official Man Sports website, a single bottle costs $44.99 plus delivery charges.

Our Verdict On Man REM-PM

Man REM-PM contains a proprietary formula, and so the individual ingredient quantities are unknown; although it is possible that the ingredients are used in adequate or ideal doses, it is also possible that the doses used are too small to cause the stated benefits.

Overall, we do not recommend Man REM-PM to our readers as a weight loss aid. However, some could benefit from using the product as a sleep aid and cognitive booster.

Man REM-PM Review

Man REM-PM is a sleep aid that increases thermogenesis, meaning that consumers can maximise their weight loss at night without the use of stimulant ingredients that could interrupt sleeping patterns.

The product is manufactured by Man Sports, who are based in Texas, USA. The company’s contact information and address are provided on the official Man Sports website, along with a contact form.

Man REM-PM Facts

  • Manufactured by Man Sports
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Contains a mild natural sedative

The ingredients used in Man REM-PM can be sorted into three broad categories; sleep aids, weight loss aids, and cognitive aids (also known as nootropics).

Alpha-GPC appears to aid cognitive function, whilst 5-HTP is used by the body to make serotonin, and so could help to boost the consumer’s mood. L-Tryptophan is also used by the body to make serotonin, but is also used to make niacin, and vitamin that has numerous benefits, including regulating energy levels. Phosphatidylserine may help to boost cognitive function.

How to Take Man REM-PM

You can take REM-PM with or without food. We suggest taking ONLY 1 concentrated capsule for the first few days to assess your tolerance then go up from there. We’ve found taking your dose of REM-PM within 20-30 minutes of your desired sleep time works best. If you are trying to support healthy sleep – try cutting out all stimulants (caffeine drinks, tea, pre-workouts… etc.) within 6 hours of going to bed. In addition, taking REM-P.M. may help support relaxation and healthy sleep.*

Catechins are a sub-group of polyphenols found in green tea; EGCG is one type of catechins. One study found that participants who drank beverages high in catechins extracted from green tea (690 mg/d) lost significantly more weight and body fat than those who drank beverages low in catechins (22 mg/d).

Valerian root and melatonin will help the consumer to fall asleep, and will promote a deeper sleep with less interruptions; sleep helps to lower cortisol levels, which is important for both mental function, regulating stress levels and aiding weight loss (as cortisol levels increase the consumer’s appetite).

Man REM-PM Concerns:

  • Not a strong weight loss aid
  • Some customers report experiencing nightmares

What Does Man REM-PM Claim To Do?

The manufacturers provide the following list of supposed benefits of Man REM-PM:

  • PM fat loss aid
  • Support healthy cortisol levels
  • Support night time thermogenesis
  • Promote quality REM-sleep

Does Man REM-PM Work?

Other than numerous complaints about the smell of the product, the customer reviews for this product are generally positive. Some people found that the product was strong enough to send them straight to sleep, while others found that it only aided relaxation while they were awake, but did improve the quality of their sleep.

Some people have reported increased nightmares whilst taking this product; it is possible that the supplement can cause increased nightmares, but it is also possible that the consumers of Man REM-PM merely have an improved recollection of the nightmares and dreams they would have had anyway.

Not many of the reviewers have commented upon the weight loss and thermogenesis-boosting aspects of this supplement; one consumer stated that they do wake up feeling leaner, but generally this element of the product is not reviewed. Thermogenesis is the creation of heat in the body, and the process burns calories. One sign of a very strong thermogenic aid is increased sweating; as there are no reports of this, we have to conclude that the thermogenic effects of the product are subtle; they may aid an increased rate of weight loss in the long term, but the effects are far from dramatic.

The ingredients list supports this idea; green tea will increase thermogenesis, but its effects upon weight loss are considered ‘small but significant’. L-carnitine could aid fat burning, but the evidence is weak and only documented properly in certain age groups. It could aid muscle building if used in high doses, and can help fight fatigue. The rest of the ingredients used in Man REM-PM will not increase thermogenesis or the body’s metabolic rate, but will contribute to improved sleep, reduced fatigue, improved cognitive function, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Whilst this product is not a strong weight loss aid, the rest of the benefits that the manufacturers list appear to be well-supported!

What Are The Ingredients of Man REM-PM?

The ingredients used in Man REM-PM are listed below. The supplement uses a proprietary formula, and so no individual ingredient quantities are provided. Each single capsule contains a total of 430 mg of the REM PM Opti Blend formula. Consumers can take up to two capsules per night.

REM PM Opti Blend 430mg

  • Valeriana Officinalis Root Extract: Can be used to treat insomnia. Acts as a mild sedative.
  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA): A chemical that is produced in the brain naturally and acts as a neurotransmitter, it is also available in supplement form. It is thought to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and could also reduce symptoms of PMS. It is sometimes used as a non-prescription treatment of ADHD, as it is thought to induce calm and aid mental focus. However, research shows that GABA supplements cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, and so it is possible that any mental benefits are the result of a placebo effect.
  • L-Tryptophan Ethyl Ester: An essential amino acid, it is used by the body to make niacin and serotonin.
  • L-Carnitine: There is some evidence that supplementation of l-carnitine can reduce body fat, although the strongest results were seen in the elderly. The ingredient also boosts energy levels, and is used to treat fatigue.
  • Green Tea (98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG): Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins increase thermogenesis in the body for a few hours after consumption. Green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine, but this appears to be a caffeine free extract.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Several studies with phosphatidylserine indicate improved cognitive abilities and behaviours, but the studies focused on Alzheimer’s patients; it is possible that these effects could also benefit consumers in general, but there is no real clinical support to support this. The FDA has stated that Phosphatidylserine may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly.

Green Tea EGCG 50%

  • Ginkgo Biloba: Appears to improve circulation, and may help to kill bacteria in the body that could cause infections, although it is used as an herbal remedy to treat a range of ailments.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan: Also known as 5-HTP. 5-HTP is used by the body to make serotonin, which primarily plays a role in regulating mood. Some studies, primarily in animals, have shown that 5HTP reduces the appetite, as well as boosting mood.
  • L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine: More commonly known as Alpha-GPC. In Europe alpha-GPC is a prescription medication for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but in the USA it is a prescription free dietary supplement. It appears to have some cognitive-boosting properties, helps to prevent cognitive decline, and may also enhance power output in athletes.
  • Melatonin: A hormone that helps to regulate the body’s sleep cycle. It is used as a supplement to treat insomnia, and is also used to treat depression.

Does Man REM-PM Have Any Side Effects?

There are several ingredients in Man REM-PM that can cause a range of side effects. As the individual ingredient quantities used in Man REM-PM are unknown, it is difficult to establish the likelihood of side effects occurring.

Potential side effects of Valerian root include headache, excitability, uneasiness, and even insomnia in some people. A few people feel sluggish in the morning after taking valerian, especially at higher doses.

Melatonin can cause some side effects including headache, short-term feelings of depression, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, stomach cramps, and irritability. Do not drive or use machinery for four to five hours after taking melatonin or valerian root.

Green tea can cause constipation. The green tea extract used in Man REM-PM is caffeine free, and so there should be no caffeine related side effects caused by this supplement.

Alpha-GPC can cause side effects in some people including heartburn, headache, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash, and confusion.

Side effects of Phosphatidylserine can include insomnia and stomach upset, particularly at doses over 300 mg. It can be made from either plant or animal sources, and so may not be suitable for vegetarians.

Ginkgo Biloba interacts with many medicines, and so could cause a range of adverse side effects, depending upon the medications the consumer is using. Consult your doctor if you are unsure about the suitability of this product.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by individuals under the age of 21. Do not consume this product if you have a medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medication. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle on this product. Do not exceed 3 capsules in 24 hours. Consult a licensed physician before starting any dietary supplement and/or exercise program. Anyone who has any mental illness, or who is taking anti-depressants, should consult their doctor before taking this product.

Allergen Warning: This product was manufactured on equipment that process products that may contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans & shellfish.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Man REM-PM?

There are numerous independent customer reviews for Man REM-PM.

Can’t really tell if these are working because I have only taken a few, because they have a terrible odour. Has anyone else noticed this??? Just opening the lid makes the whole room smell.

I agree about the terrible odour! Not sure what’s up but it’s really bad. I think next time I will order directly from Man Sports and see if it’s normal with this formula or if it’s just a bad batch. My husband and I can tell a difference when we take these at night but the smell is awful!

2 pills knock me out….i always remember my dreams. Great product….the smell you get used to, so people stop crying .

This stuff works very well. The other night i took a 30mg adderall at 7pm because i had a lot of stuff to do and usually i would be up all night but i had a sample packet containing 2 pills i got from my work and i was passed out by 2am which is amazing because ididnt think i would fall asleep then BAM. idrecoment it, you probobly got to take 2 pills though but thats cool cuz u still get a full month supply.

I’m really glad I received a free sample of this product. This is my 3rd bottle. I love this supplement. I get amazing sleep and wake up refreshed and energized. I also wake up feeling more lean too. I recommend it to all my friends who lift.

The only thing this product did for me is to give me nightmares.

I bought this product hoping for a Goods night sleep. Didnt help at all. I tried it for a few nights and I didnt even feel relaxed. If asked i personally wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

When I took this product 30 minutes prior to when I intended to go to bed, it took me an hour after getting to bed to fall asleep. While it did aid me in R.E.M. sleep it caused me to oversleep, by sleeping a total of 11 hours instead of 8. While this product did give me a deeper sleep I would recommend trying it out first on the weekends or off training days if you workout first thing in the morning like I do, so it does not affect your schedule.

I was lucky enough to get some samples of REM P.M. to try recently. I started by taking 1 pill before bed for the first couple times and then moved to taking 2 pills before bed the other times. I weigh 240 lbs. and take stimulant-based supplements, so I figured the 2 pills would be better for me. REM P.M. didn’t really help me fall asleep, but did seem to relax me. Once I did fall asleep, my sleep quality was great and I never woke up groggy. If you have trouble sleeping, I would say this product is definitely worth checking out.

Does Man REM-PM Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Man Sports offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for products ordered from their website.

At MAN Sports, we are supremely confident that you’ll love our products. We receive a countless number of testimonials from satisfied customers every day. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with any product bearing our name, simply return it to us with your receipt for a quick & courteous refund.’

The full terms and conditions are below.

MAN Sports stands behind every product we offer. We know that although a large majority of consumers love our products, a few people may not feel the same. You may return your orders within (30) days of your purchase. To refund your order you must let MAN Sports know of your decision to cancel.

Customer refunds take between seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days from the day we receive the product or proof you have shipped the product back to us. Any item that appears to be purchased from an unauthorized seller will not be accepted.

You must return the product within the specified period of time, along with all original packaging, manuals, and other accessories and documentation which may have been originally included in the original shipment; the receipt; and a note containing your name, address and reason for return.

The returns policies of third party retailers may vary; offer a very comprehensive returns policy, where they offer an exchange or store credit if a refund is unavailable.

Where Can I Buy Man REM-PM?

Man REM-PM is available from both the manufacturer’s official website and from numerous third party online retailers.

From the official Man Sports website, a single bottle costs $44.99 plus delivery charges.

From Supplement Central a single bottle of 60 capsules costs $31.95 plus shipping charges. There are two different suppliers on amazon, who both sell Man REM-PM for $32.91 plus shipping costs.

Finally, the product is also available from, where a single bottle costs $34.99 plus delivery charges.

Summary: Man REM-PM

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2.7 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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