Labrada Humanogrowth

So, you want to up your bodybuilding game and get those iron man legs, shredded abs and huge biceps? Labrada says that Humanogrowth will help you do all of that and more. A blend of enzymes and peptides, Humanogrowth promises to boost the hormones critical to utilizing proteins and maximizing your workouts. They say it can help you build more muscle, burn fat, improve your general health, and increase your performance in the gym.

Humanogrowth boasts a lot of benefits, promising to get you iron muscles and provide similar results to steroids whilst being completely safe and side effects free. Can it be too good to be true? The Muscle Watchdog investigates.

Labrada Humanogrowth Pros

  • Peptides hold exciting promise in boosting many aspects of health but research is still early

Labrada Humanogrowth Cons

  • Proprietary blend so we do not know exactly what is included
  • No money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results
  • Little evidence that oral supplémentation of peptides is effective
Watchdog Rejected

Labrada Humanogrowth

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Labrada Humanogrowth Overview

What You Need To Know About Labrada Humanogrowth

Many bodybuilders turn to steroids and prohormones to boost the impact from their strict lifting routine and diet. But the dangerous side effects and limits when used in competitions can wreak havoc on most pro-lifters.

Humanogrowth contains a blend of enzymes and peptides, which are the newest kid on the block in the sports supplementation world, as they are small-chain amino acids that are described as a slower burn, and therefore perhaps safer and less detectable in urine tests.

Labrada promise that taking Humanogrowth will get you increased muscle mass, better performance in your workout, reduce fat, all whilst promoting healthy sexual function and better sleep quality.

Containing 120 capsules which you take up to four times per day, they say it provides all of the human growth hormone needed to boost testosterone and get you the iron body you have worked hard for.

What Are The Side Effects Of Labrada Humanogrowth?

As it interferes with the Human Growth Hormone, it can have potentially serious consequences for overdosing and liver and kidney damage if not managed carefully. Side effects can include dry mouth, tingling, high blood pressure, and kidney pain. Some users have reported changes in mood and behavior as a result of taking Humanogrowth.

How Much Does Labrada Humanogrowth Cost?

The online price for a one time purchase of Humanogrowth is $37.49 but it carries an RRP of $59.95 wholesale, which seems expensive. In one container you get around 30 servings.

If you choose to subscribe, you can save another 5%, but be aware that you will be signed up to an auto-ship contract where they will charge you automatically for subsequent products and they are notoriously hard to get out of.

Our Verdict On Labrada Humanogrowth

Humanogrowth makes a lot of claims but gives little away about what exactly is in the formulation. A proprietary blend of enzymes and peptides, it says it will reduce fat, promote muscle, and give you better immunity.

Peptides are being tested for many health benefits, from regenerating human tissue post injury and surgery, to promoting general wellbeing and healthy weight. Whilst evidence for oral supplementation is weak at present, they have become of interest to the sports nutrition market.

They are often used intravenously to get right to where they are needed, because they are not readily digested and are often excreted before they can get to work. For this reason, we are skeptical about results from Humanogrowth.

We are also not convinced that this formulation is completely safe and side-effect free as it may alter hormone levels and should be taken under medical advice.

Overall, we do not recommend Labrada Humanogrowth to our readers.

Labrada Humanogrowth Key Features

Humanogrowth contains a blend of enzymes and peptides, which are responsible for amino acid production and are involved in many biological functions, from hormone regulation and general health, to regenerating the body after illness or injury.

Labrada Humanogrowth Facts

  • 120 capsules which need to be taken four times day
  • Contains a proprietary blend of enzymes and peptides to promote growth hormones
  • Part of the Labrada brand who have been making supplements for 20 years

Labrada promises that it will give bodybuilders and pro-lifters a boost in testosterone to promote fat loss, increased muscle mass and strength, as well as better performance in the gym. They also say that it will help you sleep better and maintain good sexual function.

How to Take Labrada Humanogrowth

  • Take 4 capsules at bedtime. Due to human growth factors users report sleeping better and improved muscle growth when used for 3 weeks,

Containing 120 capsules in one pack, Labrada say it offers 30 servings if you take the recommended four capsules per day.

Labrada Humanogrowth Concerns:

  • They say it is side effect and risk-free, but this cannot be backed up
  • No evidence to suggest taking peptides orally is effective
  • If it does not work you cannot return the product for a refund

Considered to be safer but less fast acting than other prohormones, Humanogrowth may create more Human Growth Hormone in the body responsible for utilizing fat and creating more protein, helpful to achieving the physique you train hard for.

What Does Labrada Humanogrowth Claim To Do?

Humanogrowth is intended as an exercise and diet support supplement that promises to help fat loss, boost muscle mass and strength, reduce stress, promote better sleep, and general health wellbeing.

They say it is completely safe and side effect free, unlike steroids and other testosterone boosters. It promises to help speed up your post-exercise recovery getting you back in the gym quicker and smashing through plateaus to get you the ripped body you want.

Does Labrada Humanogrowth Work?

Proprietary blends are never recommended by us because you cannot see exactly what is in the formulation or how much, meaning you cannot judge if it is likely to work.

Peptides are the newest thing to be taking the sports nutrition world by storm, as they are part of the building blocks of life and may hold promise in various health and anti-aging capacities.

The big BUT here is that they are not proven to be effective when taken orally, and there is little evidence of their effect on psychical performance currently. Plus, they carry similar risks and side effects as other prohormones, so need to be handled carefully and under good advice to avoid serious health problems and hormone crashes when you stop taking them.

What Are The Ingredients of Labrada Humanogrowth?

  • Humanofort blend: Embryonic Peptide Matrix Yielding Naturally Occurring Growth Factors (100 mg)
  • Lean Muscle Accelerator blend: Bio-Active Plasma Albumin Peptides Yielding Naturally Occurring Immunoglobulins, and Growth Factors (2000 mg)

If you are wondering what this all means, well, you wouldn’t be alone, as they have not made it easy for the lay person to understand.

Essentially Humanogrowth is their engineered blend of naturally occurring peptides including IGF-1, IGF-2, FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factors), NGF (Nerve Growth Factors), EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors), CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factors).

Peptides are closely involved in many of our biological functions, from creating the building blocks of life, to providing proteins, regulating hormones and regenerating our bodies.

They are thought to be useful in supplementation for fat loss, testosterone boosting, injury recovery, and anti-aging, but they are far from proven to be effective in studies at present.

Early research may show that by they can be effective in boosting protein, which could assist with a sub-par diet that is not providing enough meat and fish. They are also thought to help with healthy hormone balance and sexual function.

Peptides are the small-chain amino acids which play a role in manipulating the Human Growth Hormone that is responsible for sending signals to the body to use fat effectively, to build more muscle, to increase insulin sensitivity and perhaps even boost the quality of sleep by reducing night waking and sleep duration. They are thought to assist with promoting positive mood, by producing endorphins, and may even help boost exercise performance. For this reason, they are under review as to whether they provide a competitive advantage to athletes.

They are not as fast acting or strong as steroids or pro-hormones, but rather a slower burn and whilst some evidence exists for injecting peptides, they have yet to find a way for oral supplementation to bypass our digestive systems, which tend to just excrete them. There is no optimal allowance as there is little known about oral supplementation but the dose in Humanogrowth seems low. Seaweed is a naturally occurring dietary source of certain bioactive peptides and the body can digest it more easily.

Side effects could include water retention, increased hunger, dry mouth, tingling or numbness in the extremities, increased tiredness and physical yawning, increase in hair growth and speed of nail growth, high blood pressure, extreme kidney pain, joint pain, darkening of moles and increase of freckles, weight gain/loss, and decreased fertility. It is thought they should only be taken short term to reduce the potential for side effects and possible kidney/ liver damage and under the advice of a medic, because coming off Peptides could cause a crash in hormones that can be debilitating.

Does Labrada Humanogrowth Have Any Side Effects?

As with any drug that interferes with hormones, there are a multitude of risks that, at their most serious, may lead to heart disease, stroke, or heart attack. There are also several other side effects that are linked to peptide supplementation:

  • Mood change
  • Agitation
  • Water retention
  • Increased hunger
  • Dry mouth
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities
  • Increased tiredness and physical yawning
  • Increase in hair growth and speed of nail growth
  • High blood pressure
  • Extreme kidney pain
  • Joint pain
  • Darkening of moles and increase of freckles
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Decreased fertility
  • Aggression
  • Baldness

Keep out of reach of children. If you are under the age of 18, have a medical condition or are taking a prescription drug, consult your physician before using this dietary supplement. Before beginning any program of weight loss, consult your health care practitioner. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Labrada Humanogrowth?

There is a mixed bag of reviews for this product with some saying they felt hormonal changes within days of taking this product. They said it led to feeling more pumped after a heavy weightlifting session and sleeping better.

Others said that they felt nothing even after two cycles of this product, even though results are promised within 3 weeks. Several others were disappointed with the lack of results for the price.

Various users reported symptoms and side effects from taking this product, saying that it altered their behavior and caused mood changes.

Does Labrada Humanogrowth Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

If Humanogrowth is not working for you, or you dissatisfied for some other reason, you will not be able to return the product for a full refund. Within 14 days they will allow you to send back unopened and unused product, but this is at your own cost, as they will not cover postage.

If you are signed up to an auto-ship contract with them but are unhappy with the product, you may find it hard to cancel. Labrada are secretive about the cancellation terms of the subscription.

Where Can I Buy Labrada Humanogrowth?

You can purchase Humanogrowth directly from the merchant’s website for $37.49 as a one-off or you can subscribe to be sent the products automatically, but getting out of the contract might be problematic.

It is also available to buy from third-party retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

The recommended retail price for wholesale retailers is $59 which seems rather expensive.

Summary: Labrada Humanogrowth

Labrada Humanogrowth

1.4 out of 5
Labrada Humanogrowth Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Labrada Humanogrowth.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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