Jacked Factory N.O. XT

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a natural gas produced by the body with the help of enzymes and substances like arginine. It remains one of the vascular system’s most important signalling molecules, as it can dilate the blood vessels and allow for greater flows of blood and nutrients to the muscles. For what are hopefully obvious reasons, this mechanism has proved to be hugely useful for bodybuilders, who often seek ways of boosting their natural NO levels in order to experience more dramatic and stronger “pumps”.

Below we take an in-depth look into Jacked Factory N.O. XT, to see whether this NO-boosting pre-workout offers the right benefits for the right price.

Jacked Factory N.O. XT Pros

  • Appears to be well-designed, with clear ingredient quantities
  • Relatively free from side effects compared to most other pre-workout supplements
  • Reasonably-priced compared to competing products
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee

Jacked Factory N.O. XT Cons

  • Approximately 80% of the reviews posted to Amazon appear to be fake
  • Key ingredients like L-Citrulline are under-dosed
  • Side effects are still possible
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Jacked Factory N.O. XT

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Jacked Factory N.O. XT Overview

What You Need To Know About Jacked Factory N.O. XT

Jacked Factory N.O. XT is a pre-workout supplement that claims to boost NO levels. It uses a combination of citrulline, nitrosigine, and glutathione to create an effect that dilates the blood vessels and allows a greater flow of blood to the muscles. Unlike most other pre-workouts, this product does not contain stimulant ingredients and comes in the form of a capsule (rather than the usual powder-form).

What Are The Side Effects Of Jacked Factory N.O. XT?

If this product successfully boosts NO levels (as promised), it can result in a lower blood pressure that could prove risky for some. This effect, combined with the effects of black pepper extract, could cause some forms of medication to pose greater risks than normal. Customers who are taking blood pressure medication should remain particularly vigilant.

Other potential side effects of using this product include stomach and digestive issues, bloating, asthma-related effects, and more.

How Much Does Jacked Factory N.O. XT Cost?

Currently, a month’s supply of Jacked Factory N.O. XT (containing 90 capsules) costs $25 on Amazon and the official Jacked Factory webstore.

Our Verdict On Jacked Factory N.O. XT

Pre-workouts can normally be counted amongst the most risk-laden types of supplements. Packed with stimulants, these jittery workout aids typically offer little more than the kind of buzz you would expect from downing multiple cups of coffee.

Jacked Factory N.O. XT rises above the normal crowd by focusing purely on the pump and increasing blood flow to the muscles, avoiding the jittery side effects that are common with pre-workouts. Its three ingredients seem well-chosen for this purpose, and although the ingredient quantities aren’t perfect, they are just about all that is reasonably achievable in a capsule-based product.

One huge negative of this product is the customer reviews. Jacked Factory appears to have accrued a bit of a reputation for review fakery, and this product is no exception. Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, one review-checking website estimates an astonishing 80% of the reviews to be faked on the Amazon page. However, we did the maths, and even after ignoring 80% of the reviews, a strong majority of those remaining are still highly positive.

Although some may consider a purchase of N.O. XT to be risky given the confusing customer reviews section, each purchase comes protected with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Customers are permitted to return the product if they remain dissatisfied for a full refund (minus shipping and handling), and we’ve even seen evidence that the company sometimes offers refunds without requesting a send-back.

Overall, although we can’t say we approve of some of Jacked Factory’s business practices, we can’t fault the product itself. We also feel that the strong money-back guarantee takes a lot of the risk out of the purchase.

We would recommend Jacked Factory N.O. XT to our readers!

Jacked Factory N.O. XT Key Features

Jacked Factory N.O. XT is a pre-workout supplement that claims to increase the flow of blood to the muscles, enabling stronger muscular pumps. It works by boosting the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the bloodstream, which is known to have the knock-on effect of widening the blood vessels. Unlike most pre-workout supplements, this product comes in the form of a capsule rather than the usual flavoured powder.

Jacked Factory N.O. XT Facts

  • Manufactured by Jacked Factory
  • Contains 90 capsules per pack
  • NO-boosting pre-workout supplement

N.O. XT is produced and sold by Jacked Factory, an American supplement manufacturer that produces workout supplements, fat-burners, sleep aids, natural hormone support supplements, and more. This relatively new company appears to have been founded in 2015 as a trademark owned by a larger group called Nutra Holdings. Despite producing products with clear ingredient quantities and backed by a money-back guarantee, Jacked Factory appears to have a large habit for faking reviews on Amazon – their poor score on FakeSpot was one of the first things we noticed when googling the name! The company can be contacted via the details supplied on their official website.

How to Take Jacked Factory N.O. XT

The directions for use are as follows:

  • As a dietary supplement, consume three (3) capsules with a glass of water 30-45 minutes before working out. If you experience any undesirable effects, stop use immediately and consult with your doctor.

Jacked Factory N.O. XT Concerns:

  • Manufacturer appears to have faked most of the positive reviews posted to Amazon
  • Key ingredients appear to be under-dosed
  • Confusion caused by fake reviews makes it highly difficult to estimate effectiveness

What Does Jacked Factory N.O. XT Claim To Do?

Jacked Factory N.O. XT claims to provide “skin-tearing pumps”, increased strength and improved endurance during workouts. The formula claims to boost Nitric Oxide (NO) levels, which then increases the flow of blood to the muscles. With increased blood flow, the muscles can enjoy a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen, enabling them to push harder for longer.

Does Jacked Factory N.O. XT Work?

It’s hard to tell whether Jack Factory N.O. XT works, as it uses an unusual blend that under-doses some ingredients, before making up for the loss by combining ingredients that are known to work synergistically together. The lack of reliable customer reviews further confuses the issue.

Overall, this product stands a good chance of boosting NO production, widening blood vessels and creating stronger pumps. Although the citrulline dosage is low, a combination with glutathione may make up for the shortfall. The use of nitrosigine likely works well to accentuate the effect, and bioperine should help to ensure that all of these relatively low-absorbing ingredients become more bioavailable. No guarantees, but this product is more likely to boost NO effectively than most that we see.

What Are The Ingredients of Jacked Factory N.O. XT?

The ingredients found in Jacked Factory N.O. XT are listed below. The quantities listed are correct for 3 capsules.

  • L-Citrulline 1.5g: L-Citrulline is thought to increase l-arginine levels in the body, which in turn widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the muscles. It seems to improve athletic performance. The dosage used in this product is too low to be truly effective. Source
  • Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate (Nitrosigine) 500mg: This patented complex raises the levels of arginine in the blood for far longer than normal (up to 3 hours according to one clinical trial). The same trial indicates that the ingredient increases NO production and blood flow.
  • L-Glutathione 200mg: This vital antioxidant is used by cells and tissue throughout the body. Although its natural role is very important for general health, oral supplementation is thought to be ineffective as it breaks down too quickly in the body before it reaches the bloodstream. Some recent evidence suggests that when combined with citrulline, this ingredient could result in higher NO levels than simply supplementing citrulline alone. Source
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract 5mg: Piperine, extracted from Black pepper, is used for increasing the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. In other words, it increases the amounts of nutrients that are absorbed into the body in the digestive tract. It may also increase the absorption of various drugs, which may lead to potential side effects. Source

Does Jacked Factory N.O. XT Have Any Side Effects?

As with most pre-workout supplements out there, this product could cause some side effects and could interact negatively with medication. As the manufacturer themselves suggest, take adverse effects seriously and discontinue use of the product if you experience any.

Citrulline can increase Nitric Oxide levels, and this can in turn lower blood pressure; anyone who already has low blood pressure, or who are taking medications that affect blood pressure, should avoid taking supplements that claim to increase NO levels. It can also cause an upset stomach in some people, but this is less likely if taken on an empty stomach.

The use of L-arginine may also lead to some side effects including abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, blood abnormalities, airway inflammation, worsening of asthma, and low blood pressure.

Black Pepper Extract increases the bioavailability of other compounds, including some medications; this could increase the chances of side effects from the other ingredients found in the product, or from caffeine consumed from other sources (tea, coffee, etc). Consumers who are taking medication are also more at risk of accidentally overdosing because of the higher absorption rate associated with Black Pepper Extract, and so should consult with their doctor before taking this product.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are taking any medications or are unsure about the suitability of this supplement for you, consult your doctor before purchase.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Jacked Factory N.O. XT?

Unfortunately, the customer reviews section for Jacked Factory N.O. XT is a major hazard zone. Jacked Factory seems to have something of a reputation for review-fakery, and N.O. XT is one of their worst-offenders. According to FakeSpot, a stunning 80% of the reviews posted to Amazon are fake, as the majority seem to be written by automatically-generated accounts that only post positive reviews to Jacked Factory products. Because of this, we advise taking some of the gushing praise seen below with a pinch of salt.

I am 74 years old and have lifted weights my entire adult life. What I wouldn’t have given for this product 40 years ago. Not only is this an effective and important addition to your weight lifting regime, but this is also an extremely effective and potent heart supplement

I’ve been using this alongside some pre-workout for more lift-intensive days or longer days of training… I’ve also used it on it’s own a few times and it works very well as a stim-free pre workout. I’ve used a few other JF products before and they all seem very high quality with very solid, reliable ingredients. Very impressed

So far it’s working as expected. I’ll tell you that I’ve tried a lot of the N.O. boosters, but this one seems to give me a real pump without having to take lot’s of capsules each day. 3 caps 45 min before your workout and you can fell the difference in just a few days. Pump is good!

This product did nothing for me and I used it for weeks. I tried swallowing the pills as well as opening them and putting them in my water. Still, nothing.

Does Jacked Factory N.O. XT Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Jacked Factory offers a full 100% money-back guarantee on all products purchased from them for the first time (including on opened products). Products can be returned with 90 days for a full refund (less shipping and handling fees).

Where Can I Buy Jacked Factory N.O. XT?

Jacked Factory N.O. XT is available to buy from Amazon and the official Jacked Factory website. A month’s supply costs $25.

Summary: Jacked Factory N.O. XT

Jacked Factory N.O. XT

2.7 out of 5
Jacked Factory N.O. XT Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Jacked Factory N.O. XT.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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