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Ask any bodybuilder or athlete what the single most important factor affecting muscle-building rates and they would likely answer “testosterone”. This assumption is often correct – testosterone is the hormone most responsible for muscle growth, and it is often able to induce muscle growth and fat loss without accompanying exercise. Despite this, many researchers claim that artificially raising testosterone levels beyond the normal range via supplements can be counterproductive, often failing to deliver the muscle growth results that customers are hoping for.

Below we take an in-depth look at Iron Labs Test Xtreme, to see whether this popular testosterone supplement can deliver muscle-building results for all types of customers.

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Pros

  • Manufacturers are unfailingly honest in their claims about the product
  • Ingredient quantities clearly listed
  • Product likely works as advertised

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Cons

  • Product is slightly under-dosed across the board
  • Many positive customer reviews have been faked, and most real reviews are negative
  • Product’s effects are likely very weak and will not deliver benefits for most customers
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Iron Labs Test Xtreme


What You Need To Know About Iron Labs Test Xtreme

Iron Labs Test Xtreme is a supplement that claims to help customers maintain “normal” testosterone and muscle output levels. This British-made product contains a simple mixture of D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and a handful of other vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and has become a relatively popular choice on Amazon UK as of 2018.

What Are The Side Effects Of Iron Labs Test Xtreme?

Iron Labs Test Xtreme uses relatively high doses of several vitamins and minerals, which can cause a range of side effects including vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, tingling, sleepiness, and more. These effects are particularly prone to take place over the long-term.

D-Aspartic acid can sometimes cause stomach aches and sweating, and fenugreek has occasionally been linked with stomach upset, bloating, nasal congestion, and more.

How Much Does Iron Labs Test Xtreme Cost?

Iron Labs Test Xtreme is relatively cheap when compared to other testosterone products, costing just £16.87 for a month’s supply on Amazon UK. Customers looking for further discounts can also sign up for a subscription service that can bring the cost down to £15.99 per month.

Our Verdict On Iron Labs Test Xtreme

Iron Labs Nutrition makes very few claims about Test Xtreme, simply stating that their product will help customers to maintain “normal” testosterone levels and muscle growth. We have to commend the company for its honesty, but eagle-eyed readers will note that this claim simply admits that the product doesn’t do much of anything for the vast majority of buyers.

If customers are currently suffering from extremely low levels of testosterone, this product will help to bring up levels back to what is considered to be normal. For everyone else, the product will have little to no effect. It’s as simple as that!

One troubling aspect of this product is the number of fake reviews that have been posted to support it on Amazon – one review-checking website estimates that over 70% of the reviews posted have been faked by the company! Frustratingly, this tactic appears to have worked, helping Test Xtreme to race up the Amazon sales charts in recent months.

Overall, this product may be cheap and cheerful, but this is simply because it is mainly under-dosed and extremely weak. Serious bodybuilders and athletes should look elsewhere.

We do not recommend Iron Labs Test Xtreme to our readers.

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Review

Iron Labs Test Xtreme is a testosterone supplement that provides customers with a source of D-Aspartic Acid and Zinc. This British-made product has been racing up the Amazon sales charts as of early 2018, and appears to be a popular choice with UK customers looking to boost their strength output in gym or sports sessions.

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Facts

  • Manufactured by Iron Labs Nutrition
  • Contains 120 capsules per bottle
  • Testosterone supplement

Test Xtreme is manufactured by Iron Labs Nutrition, a British supplement supplier that has been operating since 2009. The company claims to use one GMP-certified facility to manufacture all of its products, and has been in partnership with an international distributor since 2013 (in order to market and sell their products worldwide). Despite impressive reach and a seemingly good reputation, we have noticed that Iron Labs Nutrition seem to engage in positive review fakery on their Amazon sale pages, which has the effect of making their products seem more popular than they really are. The company can be contacted via the details supplied on their official website.

How to Take Iron Labs Test Xtreme

The directions for use are as follows:

Take (4) capsules upon waking with a glass of water and a small meal and/or protein shake.

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Concerns:

  • Many of the positive reviews posted about this product on Amazon are faked
  • When fake reviews are excluded, the product is far less well-liked than it appears
  • Ingredients suggest product is far weaker than customers may assume

What Does Iron Labs Test Xtreme Claim To Do?

On Test Xtreme’s Amazon sales page, Iron Labs seem careful not to make too many promises. Unlike other testosterone supplements, this formulation does not claim to boost or increase levels, but rather limits itself to simply helping customers maintain normal testosterone levels.

In very precise language, the product is described as providing “testosterone support for men”. In combination, the ingredients supposedly “support normal serum testosterone levels” and “contribute to normal muscle function”. The company also claims that the vitamin and mineral mix included amongst the ingredients provides a “wide range of nutrients from the best sources”, which “enhances vitamin and mineral intake”.

Does Iron Labs Test Xtreme Work?

Iron Labs Test Xtreme makes very few promises and delivers on its highly limited claims. If customers suffer with infertility, erectile dysfunction, or low testosterone, this herbal remedy could help return their bodies to what could be considered a normal level. This could then help return muscular performance and power output to what would be considered a normal level as well. However, it must be said that the majority of customers are drawn to products like these because they believe that they can boost testosterone levels beyond the normal range, an ability which Test Xtreme does not possess.

It must also be said that the majority of reviews posted to the Amazon page that are not faked are negative, perhaps suggesting that Test Xtreme is not even suitable for helping customers maintain normal testosterone levels.

What Are The Ingredients of Iron Labs Test Xtreme?

The ingredients used in Iron Labs Test Xtreme are listed below. The ingredient quantities listed are correct for 4 capsules.

  • D-Aspartic Acid 1,640mg: This amino acid can cause an acute increase in testosterone for infertile or low testosterone men, but is not thought to cause long-term changes in the testosterone levels of otherwise healthy men. In any case, the dosage used in this product is too low to be effective. Source
  • Maca equiv. to 4,000mg: Maca is a Peruvian plant, that is sometimes used to treat fatigue and improve stamina and athletic performance. There is some limited evidence that Maca can improve sexual desire in healthy men.
  • Magnesium 380mg (101% NRV): As magnesium is seen as important to ATP production, it is generally accepted that magnesium deficiencies could hinder athletic performance. Source
  • Fenugreek equiv. to 310mg: Research indicates that fenugreek causes a noticeable boost to libido, but its supplementation does not seem to affect testosterone levels. It can also be used to treat a loss of appetite. Source
  • Zinc 25mg (250% NRV): The human body cannot store zinc, and so it needs to be replaced daily through the diet or through supplementation. One study suggested that men who have a zinc deficiency could raise their testosterone levels by supplementing zinc. Over-supplementing zinc seems to be unlikely to affect testosterone levels at all. Source
  • Pantothenic Acid 25mg (417% NRV): Otherwise known as Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid is important for the processing of carbohydrates and proteins, and for maintaining healthy skin. Source
  • Vitamin B6 8mg (571% NRV): Vitamin B6 has several important functions in the body, including ‘allowing the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food’. Whilst taking excess amounts of vitamin B6 will not infinitely improve this ability, a deficiency could make it more difficult to lose weight. Vitamin B6 is naturally present in a wide variety of foods, including meat, cereals, bread, and vegetables, and is often included in fortified breakfast cereals. Source
  • Vitamin A 1mg (125% NRV): Vitamin A helps to keep your immune system working, and helps one to maintain good vision and healthy skin. Source
  • Folic Acid 400mcg (200% NRV): Otherwise known as Vitamin B9, folic acid is a vital component in the process of making DNA and speeding cell growth. Source
  • Selenium 120mcg (218% NRV): Selenium works as an antioxidant that plays a key role in the body’s metabolism. Source
  • Vitamin K 100mcg (133% NRV): Vitamin K is used by the body to help the blood clot properly. It is not often used in supplements like these. Source
  • Vitamin D 8mcg (160% NRV): Vitamin D helps to regulate the way that the body uses key minerals, helping to keep bones and teeth healthy. An association has been found between having high levels of Vitamin D in the blood and having better memory function, although taking Vitamin D supplements is not thought to directly improve memory. Source
  • Vitamin B12 4mcg (160% NRV): Vitamin B12 is naturally present in many foods, primarily meat, fish, and dairy products. It has several roles, including aiding in releasing energy from consumed food, and keeping the nervous system healthy. It may be that a deficiency hinders weight loss, but taking excessive amounts could be harmful (although this product contains a reasonable dosage). Source

Does Iron Labs Test Xtreme Have Any Side Effects?

Iron Labs Test Xtreme contains huge doses of certain vitamins and minerals – although these ingredients are not often harmful, such massive quantities can cause issues over time. Long-term high doses of Vitamin B6 have been linked with brain and nerve problems, and can also cause vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, tingling, and sleepiness. Large doses of Vitamin B5 can also cause diarrhoea. In some people, zinc might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, a metallic taste, kidney and stomach damage, and other side effects.

Folic acid is also thought to be somewhat unsafe at the highest doses, potentially increasing the risk of heart attack or certain types of cancers. If this product is taken daily over the long-term, the high folic acid content could begin to cause stomach/intestinal issues, rashes, sleep disorders, cognitive/psychological issues, or even seizures. Overconsumption of Vitamin D can also lead to weakness, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, and too much calcium in the bloodstream.

D-Aspartic acid has been associated with stomach aches and sweating. Fenugreek is known to lower blood sugar levels, making it unsuitable for diabetics. Side effects of Fenugreek include diarrhoea, stomach upset, bloating, gas, and a “maple syrup” odour in the urine. It can also cause nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, facial swelling, and severe allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.

Do not exceed recommended dose. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking any medications, are under medical supervision, have an existing medical condition or symptoms of illness, consult your doctor before use. Using this supplement at the same time as other food supplements may result in excessive nutrient dosages, consult a qualified professional if you are unsure. Discontinue use and contact a doctor immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. This product is a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition, illness, or disease.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Iron Labs Test Xtreme?

At first glance, the feedback on the Iron Labs Test Xtreme Amazon page is extremely positive, suggesting that this product is well-liked by customers. However, we checked this suspicious-looking review section on the review-checking website FakeSpot, and found that the vast majority of positive reviews posted to the page are fake – more than 70% of them in fact! After removing the fake reviews from the equation, Test Xtreme is revealed to be a fairly unpopular product that most customers had negative experiences with.

Absolute rubbish, read the real reviews into this product. Wish I had before buying.

Couldn’t sleep for days thought my body will get use to it, after a week noticed have blood eyes. Stopped taking it. Never took testosterone before maybe it’s just my body.

Not sure can’t see any changes

I was a bit sceptical at first but upon using this product i felt more energetic in my daily routine and also my workouts…it’s working for me is all I can say I’m on my 3rd order at the moment and will be ordering more

I have used this for a few weeks now and can feel a bit more oomph in the gym plus I also seen some gains…not changed plan just added these to it, mind you I take 2 before and after…4 can be a bit much for little old me!

Does Iron Labs Test Xtreme Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

The money back guarantee offered by Iron Labs Nutrition is not detailed on their official website, and the only page discussing the money back guarantee gives the impression that customers have to “apply” to receive a refund. In this process, customers are expected to justify the reasons why the product didn’t work and to satisfy the company’s requirements in order to get their money back.

However, the Amazon sales page tells a different story, claiming that customers can return any purchase after 14 days for a full refund (including postage costs). We would recommend contacting Iron Labs Nutrition before purchasing, in order to establish what your money back guarantee rights actually are.

Where Can I Buy Iron Labs Test Xtreme?

Iron Labs Test Xtreme is available to buy on Amazon. A 120-capsule pack containing a month’s supply of Test Xtreme costs £16.83, with discounts available for customers choosing to sign up for subscription services.

Summary: Iron Labs Test Xtreme

Iron Labs Test Xtreme

2.3 out of 5
Iron Labs Test Xtreme Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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