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Hunter Burn is one of the best products we have come across. It contains decent fat burning ingredients, as well as glucomannan – a proven appetite suppressant. So it will help you fight fat on two fronts; it’ll curb your cravings and shred the fat. It’s safe to use too, with very few associated side effects. There is also a generous 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee


  • Safe supplement that is unlikely to cause side effects
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients


  • No customer feedback available
  • Expensive
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First published Apr 30, 2019.
Burn fat, beat hunger and build muscle! According to the advertising for Hunter Burn, this premium fat burner helps you get the body you want, and all without the use of stimulants or the need for too much willpower. It may even improve your economic health as well as your physical wellbeing.

Hunter is a supplement range aimed at men, which includes a testosterone booster and a nootropic as well as the fat burner we are looking at here. Let’s see if it’s any good.

Hunter Burn Overview

What you need to know about Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a good quality supplement, aimed predominantly at men. It is advertised as a fat burner but has added weight loss benefits, including as an appetite suppressant and carb blocker. It does not contain strong stimulants and looks safe to use.

It comes with a free weight loss plan too, and is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. We always like to see a product have a guarantee, as it’s a good sign that the company are confident that their product will work as described, because if it doesn’t you can get a full refund.

What are the side effects of Hunter Burn?

Side effects are unlikely but may include increased dreams (L Theanine), stomach discomfort, increased bowel movements, and changes to blood sugar levels.

Glucomannan expands, so make sure that you take the capsules with plenty of water to avoid the risk of it doing so before it reaches the stomach, as this can cause choking.

How much does Hunter Burn cost?

Hunter Burn is relatively expensive. It is only available from the official website, where one bottle of 180 capsules costs £55.00.

Two month’s supply (two bottles) costs £110.00 with free UK and US shipping.

Four bottles costs £165. This price includes one free bottle and free shipping to the UK and USA.


Hunter Burn Key Features

Hunter Burn is a weight loss supplement specifically aimed at men. It is described as a fat burner but it actually offers more comprehensive support to health and weight loss than the description suggests.

Hunter Burn Key Points

  • Each bottle contains 180 capsules
  • Manufactured in the UK and the USA
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

There are six ingredients in Hunter Burn. The principle ingredient is glucomannan, a natural fibre derived from Konjac root that is water soluble and expands in your stomach, reducing hunger pangs. There is also white kidney bean extract, a natural carb blocker that can prevent dietary carbs from adding to fat.

The fat burning firepower is provided by matcha green tea, and capsicum extract, a natural thermogenic. Matcha green tea does contain a low amount of natural caffeine but is unlikely to adversely affect most users.

The supplement contains an amino acid called L Theanine, which is proven to improve alertness and feelings of calm, and, finally, vitamin D, an important vitamin that seems to improve fat burning when combined with exercise. Check out the ingredients section below for more information on each ingredient.

Unlike many fat burners Hunter Burn does not contain dangerous stimulants and, with all ingredient quantities conforming to clinical research, this supplement looks to be both safe and effective. Unusually for a fat burner supplement that usually just targets this one aspect of weight loss, Hunter Burn looks to address the whole issue of weight gain and how to avoid it.

How to Take Hunter Burn

Take six capsules a day (two per serving before meals). Take with plenty of water to avoid any risk of choking or blockage.

Hunter Burn is aimed at men but, unlike most male supplements, the advertising does not suggest you will be spending all your waking hours in the gym in order to sculpt your body into bodybuilder shape. Instead, it is more realistic and looks at suppressing appetite and providing general support for weight loss.

In addition, there is nothing, apart from the advertising, that makes it only suitable for men. Women could also take this supplement as there is nothing here that will cause manly characteristics, such as an increase in testosterone.

Hunter Burn Concerns:

  • Ensure that you take with plenty of water – this fact is not mentioned much in the advertising or directions
  • No customer feedback available

Hunter is a brand operated by Roar Ambition Ltd, a supplement company based in Yorkshire UK. The three supplements in the range are on sale solely from the official website.

Hunter ships worldwide and has two manufacturing facilities and distribution centres, based in the UK and in Tennessee, USA. All supplements are manufactured in accordance with GMP (good manufacturing practice). You can contact Hunter via the official website.

What does Hunter Burn claim to do?

According to the advertising, Hunter Burn will help you,

Burn fat. Beat hunger. Build muscle.

Each purchase comes with a free 20-page guide to help you take command of both your diet and your lifestyle.

The ingredients are explained and there are links to the relevant clinical evidence. The fat burning properties of green tea are outlined,

Green tea is rich in catechins. These active compounds boast thermogenic properties which raise your metabolism and break down fat.

Hunter Burn also contains matcha tea,

This form of green tea is three times stronger than more common types.

The other ingredients are also explained too, so you know exactly what you are taking and how each one works.

According to Hunter, research carried out in the UK shows that overweight people earn less than their thinner counterparts. The inference being that losing weight will give you a better chance of achieving economic success.

Does Hunter Burn work?

Hunter Burn looks as if it will be effective for most people. The principle ingredient is glucomannan, which will suppress your appetite, and the green tea and cayenne will encourage weight loss and potentially improve energy levels.

Green tea is high in antioxidants, molecules which have a protective effect on cell health. Weight loss studies have shown that these can boost the speed of the metabolism and therefore help weight loss.

Glucomannan is one of the few weight loss ingredients to be approved by health authorities, including the European food standards agency (EFSA). Clinical research has shown that taking 3000mg a day in three 1g servings before mealtimes reduces appetite and increases fat loss. Results of one clinical test showed that without making any changes to diet or exercise, participants lost 5.5lbs in 8 weeks.

The other ingredients are similarly known to have benefits for health and weight loss. If you use Hunter Burn in combination with a weight loss plan or exercise program over a period of two to three months, you will see noticeable weight loss.

Hunter Burn Ingredients

Serving size is equal to six capsules that you take over the course of the day (two before each meal). Information here reflects serving size and not capsule size.

  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) (3000IU): Vitamin D helps the body regulate calcium and phosphorus, keeping bones, teeth and muscles healthy. In addition, research shows that low vitamin d levels are linked with obesity. Improving vitamin D levels may help weight loss and the loss of belly fat. Here in high levels – 750% of RDA.
  • Konjac Root Extract (Amorphophallus Konjac) (Standardized to 90% Glucomannan) (3000mg): Glucomannan is a natural substance derived from the Konjac root, a plant which grows mainly in Asia. When ingested, this fibrous thick gel fills the stomach, preventing hunger pangs. It is also effective at maintaining blood sugar levels and may help reduce cholesterol levels. Glucomannan will help keep bowel movements regular because it is a fibre and all natural fibre has a bulk-forming laxative function. Konjac is one of the few substances that the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) have recognised as effective for weight loss support. Recommended serving size is 3000mg a day, as contained in this supplement.
  • White Kidney Bean 20:1 Extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) (500mg): White kidney bean extract contains a substance that prevents digestive enzymes (alpha amalyse) from digesting carbs. Preventing carb absorption can help prevent weight gain.
  • L-Theanine (200mg): This amino acid is only present in tea and is the part that gives tea its energizing yet calming effects. According to research, L Theanine helps prevent comfort eating, speeds up fat loss, and reduces fat cells in the body.
  • Matcha Green Tea (Camellia Sinsensis) (leaf) (200mg): All green tea is good for health and weight loss. Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins, which are proven to increase the speed of the metabolism and aid fat burning. Results are improved by exercise and training. Matcha tea is higher in catechins than other green teas, so is more effective for weight loss.
  • Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annuum) (fruit) (125mg): Cayenne pepper has a hot sensation when eaten, which helps your body burn calories as your body heats and then cools down. A natural thermogenic, this part of the formula will help keep your body in fat burning mode.

Hunter Burn Side Effects

Any potential side effects are likely to be mild. These may include:

  • Increased dreams (L Theanine)
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Changes to blood sugar levels

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Ensure that you take with plenty of water in order to avoid the risk of the glucomannan expanding outside the stomach.

Hunter Burn Customer Feedback

Hunter Burn is only on sale from the official website and there is no platform for customers to leave feedback, so we haven’t been able to find any customer reviews at the time of writing.

Hunter Burn Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 100% guarantee on offer. The supplement is guaranteed to work or you get your money back. The guarantee is valid for 90 days.

Where To Buy Hunter Burn

You can only buy Hunter Burn from the official website.

Watchdog Verdict

We are impressed with Hunter Burn. Although this supplement is a little more expensive than other products on the market, we feel that this fat burner offers the customer a lot more than usual. When it comes to supplements we do tend to get what we pay for.

As well as helping to cause steady weight loss, other benefits are that it is safe to use and comes with a money-back guarantee. Finally we like that this supplement is advertised at men without making unrealistic expectations about bodybuilding or the addition of dangerous stimulants.

There is no real reason why Hunter Burn should only be suitable for men though. The effective formula should work for anyone, but this is a minor issue in an otherwise decent weight loss supplement.

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