Hot Rox Extreme

Hot Rox Extreme promises hardcore fat loss that is 5 times faster than diet and exercising alone! We delve into the claims by Biotest who sell this new and improved powerful thermogenic fat burner.

A fat burner not for the feint-hearted if the marketing is to be believed, we take a look at this supplement to see if you can really “melt off body fat”.

Hot Rox Extreme Pros

  • Some good albeit old consumer reviews
  • Popular with bodybuilders

Hot Rox Extreme Cons

  • Lacks full ingredient profile
  • Lacks references to any clinical studies
  • Lacks recent consumer testimonials
  • No money-back guarantee in the UK and unclear guarantee in the US
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Hot Rox Extreme

What You Need To Know About Hot Rox Extreme

This product is unlikely to suit the average consumer looking to lose a few pounds but could tempt those who have lots of weight to lose. Bodybuilders in the know may have already tried Hot Rox Extreme a few years ago and now moved onto other newer and more effective supplements on the market. If you looking for a supplement to give that extra energy for the gym then the newer and improved Hot Rox Extreme may be a good choice.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hot Rox Extreme?

The incomplete ingredient profile and concern over the side effects make it impossible to tell for sure how effective AND safe this supplement really is. The lack of a UK money-back guarantee and unclear guarantee in the US also means that you are trying at your own risk.

How Much Does Hot Rox Extreme Cost?

The official UK stockist (Biotest) website sell 100 capsules at the reduced price of £49.95 ($77) from £67.99 ($105). In the US the supplements can be bought much cheaper at around $55 (£35) for 110 capsules on Amazon.

Our Verdict On Hot Rox Extreme

If you can buy Hot Rox Extreme cheap enough and prepared for the high chance of experiencing side effects then you may wish to still try it. In the face of stiff competition from other more effective diet pills on the market though, we are going to reject Hot Rox Extreme diet pills.

Hot Rox Extreme Review

Hot Rox Extreme Facts

  • Popular fat burner marketed towards Bodybuilders
  • Biotest supplements sold and distributed by T-Nation LLC in the US
  • Sold and distributed in the UK by Biotest (owned by Body Supplements Ltd)

Hot Rox Extreme is manufactured by Biotest Laboratories LLC and has been on the market for a number of years now. We couldn’t find a corporate website for them as it redirects to T Nation LLC, which sells a wide range of BioTest bodybuilding supplements.

We did some background checking and could find no negative reports of scams or rip offs by consumers for either company, which is always a great start!

Hot Rox Extreme is sold and distributed by Biotest in the UK. After checking the company registered address on the website discovered that it appears to be owned by Body Supplements Ltd. After digging a little deeper we found that this company is based in Poole, Dorset in the United Kingdom and surprisingly the only director of the company is just 23 years old!!!

BioTest Hot Rox Extreme is clearly their flagship supplement and the most well known and one of their top sellers. It is marketed very much towards and popular with bodybuilders as an “extreme” fat burner. You can find the veritable merits of this diet pill discussed at length on many bodybuilding forums.

The bottle design is strong with bold red on black lettering; even the capsules adopt the same branding of the red and yellows. Each Hot Rox Extreme bottle contains 96 tablets and will last from 24 to 48 days depending on whether you take 2 or 4 tablets per day.

Differentiate between TWO VERSIONS of Hot Rox Extreme on the market. One is the original formula that was first released and the other the newer more potent strength version. You can tell the difference by checking the bottle, if it has “Fat loss phenomenon” on the bottle it’s the older and lower strength formula and the cheaper version to buy. In contrast, the newer bottles contain the words “Professional Strength” on it.

How to tell the difference between Hot Rox Extreme versions:

HotRoxExtreme Formulas

Hot Rox Extreme Warnings

  • Contains strong stimulants that has been shown to cause negative side effects
  • Incomplete ingredient profile – lacking ingredient full amounts
  • No or unclear money-back guarantee

What Does Hot Rox Extreme Claim To Do?

Biotest AdvertBiotest make some strong claims for their supplement and use very testosterone fuelled imagery when marketing it (the guy in the Biotest Ad on the right looks to be in pain!):

Hardcore fat loss just got a lot harder-core with HOT-ROX Extreme

When talking about one of the key ingredient, the exotic sounding A7-E “the Most-Thermogenic Compound” they claim:

fat-burning supercharger — A7-E — burns fat five times faster than diet and exercise alone!

No other fat-loss product — drug, supplement, or otherwise — can honestly make that claim. None!

Fat burners are known to make bold and exaggerated claims, so Hot Rox Extreme is pulling no punches at all!

Once past the “in yer face” marketing we get down to what Hot Rox claims to do. Taken directly from their advertising, Hot Rox Extreme claims to:

Strip the fat, retain the muscle! Targets lipolysis in the pesky stubborn areas found in the lower body, abdominal area, and the lower back. Increases thyroid-hormone levels (T3), the body’s thermogenic backbone.

So What Does All This Mean?

Hot Rox Extreme contains some very promising ingredients that look to have a thermogenic effect on the body to boost metabolism whilst preserving lean muscle tissue.

The claims made appear to be supported by clinical studies undertaken by Biotests’ research team.

Hot Rox contains high amounts of stimulants that may cause side effects, an important consideration when deciding to take a diet pill.

So Does Hot Rox Extreme Work?

Firstly the key ingredient in Hot Rox Extreme the so called “fat burning supercharger” A7-E appears to have little or NO information about it! Unless that is you are visiting a website about Hot Rox Extreme!!!

We tried to find information (and importantly clinical studies) about this key ingredient from other sources and failed. It seems that only Biotest have the secret to this clearly impressive ingredient!

Undeterred let’s move on to the other ingredients.

Part of the success of Hot Rox Extreme argued by Biotest is the effectiveness of its key ingredient Carbolin-19 (Forskolin). Biotest have referred to a study that claims…

A recent, large study shows that forskolin even outperforms the anabolic steroid Anavar when it comes to burning off body fat. Subjects lost an average of 9.9 pounds of fat over 12 weeks! Not only that, while losing body fat, they also gained muscle mass — an average of 8.2 pounds over the same period!

This looks very promising indeed but before getting too excited we need to look at some questions that have been raised in the comparison between Anavar and Forskolin.

Lets gloss over the fact that Biotest claim their research group undertook the original when in fact it’s been undertaken by Sabinsa. We are more interested in the fact thatnot “pure colforsin” was used in the study as claimed by Biotest, but in fact only 10% of Forskolin!

Oral ingestion of forskolin (250 mg of 10% forskolin extract twice a day) for a 12-week period was shown to favorably alter body composition while concurrently increasing bone mass and serum free testosterone levels in overweight and obese men.

The full study is here:

Carbolin-19 is available as a supplement on its own, so we took a quick look at feedback. Consumer feedback on Carbolin-19 is VERY mixed, with some reporting it was …

Garbage. Did nothing for me

Others were more positive…

Personally after 3 months I found this product helped me keep my lean muscle mass during hard dieting and was very effective.

Moving on to Raspberry Ketones, a very popular weight loss ingredient at the moment since appearing on the Dr Oz show as the “miracle fat burner in a bottle”, showing up in a number of diet pills on the market. Research seems very promising in indicating a link to fat reduction when in enough quantities. Dedicated raspberry Ketone supplements contain at least 100mg per capsule, which we doubt is present in this supplement (ingredient amount not revealed by Biotest!).

In summary, there is some clinical studies to support some of the claims made by Biotest but they have been somewhat exaggerated. As the manufacturer doesn’t reveal the full ingredient profile, it’s impossible to truly tell how effective it is!

So What Is Hot Rox Extreme and What Are The Ingredients For Hot Rox Extreme?

Improving on the old formula with three new thermogenic ingredients, Hot Rox Extreme looks to take on the biggest fat burners on the market. Very much targeting consumers looking for strong “hardcore” fat burners, this supplement pulls no punches in its marketing.

Each Hot Rox Extreme capsule contains a 500mg proprietary blend they call “Biotest X19 Super-Thermogenic Gel. It’s unclear how much of each ingredient is included but they are listed as follows:

  • A7-E: Labelled as “The Most-Thermogenic Compound” by Biotest. Suggested to be the key to boosting thermogenic processes in the body from promoting oxaloacetate levels (thought to limit the rate of fat metabolism) to increasing thyroid-hormone levels (T3). Impressive credentials but we could find NO supporting evidence for these claims, in fact we could find NO information full stop about this “key ingredient”!
  • Raspberry Ketone: Increases activity of Adiponectin hormone, important in regulating glucose levels and fatty acidcatabolism. Adiponectin levels are inversely correlated with your body fat percentage.
  • CARBOLIN® 19 (forskolin 1,19-carbonate): This rather scientific sounding ingredient is the active compound in an Ayurvedic plant called Coleus forskholii. Suggested to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth, having the anabolic effects of Anavar the so called “fat-burning steroid”, but without any of the side effects of liver toxicity. As well as having favourable changes in body composition by preserving muscle tissue and by reducing body fat.
  • Yohimbine HCl: The evidence for weight loss is somewhat inconclusive with some studies showing fat burning mild to moderate results whilst others don’t.
  • Caffeine: Common ingredient found in many diet pills for its thermogenic properties. The effects can be short-lived and has the potential for side effects in sensitive individuals.

Does Hot Rox Extreme Have Any Side Effects?

The high amount of stimulants in this supplement has meant many consumers have reported feeling jitters, rash, headaches, insomnia, hot flashes, severe nausea and dizziness when first taking it. The manufacturers do warn first time users or those not used to strong stimulants such side effects can occur.

This is why when first taking Hot Rox Extreme capsules you should take the minimum suggested serving.

As with any thermogenic fat burners you are advised to drink plenty of water to ensure you remain fully hydrated.

Caution: This supplement is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers, the elderly or anyone under 18 years of age. Avoid taking if you are on prescription or any over the counter medicine especially if they are antidepressants, stimulants, allergy medications, or if you suffer from high blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions.

Warning: The manufacturer warns consumers that the supplement is for individuals who are used to strong stimulants. It is recommended to initially take only 2 capsules per day to determine tolerance. You are STRONGLY advised to avoid taking this supplement within 6 hours of bedtime!

Any Hot Rox Extreme Reviews From Customers?

The Official Biotest UK website has at the time of writing 9 consumer reviews; all of them are very positive giving excellent feedback about the product. At first glance this is great news but it’s worth bearing in mind that the reviews are fairly old given in 2010.

The older formula has a fair few consumer testimonials on with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars (at the time of this review). In fact, over 75% of the consumers rated the product 4 or more stars!

Some of the positive reviews commented on the potential side effects though,

Personally, I stay at the 1 capsule 2x/day instead on increasing to 2 capsules 2x/day after the 1st week. I found that 2 capsules at once gets me wired to the point where it is uncomfortable.


These, like most diet pills with loads of caffeine, suck the water out of you and make you feel better about your scale weight for the first few weeks. Then they begin to wear off after that. DO NOT TAKE THEM AFTER 6PM to avoid insomnia! They do give an added boost for the gym, which is what I primarily use them for.

We found consumer reports tended to come from either bodybuilders or very keen gym goers, not dieters looking to shift excess pounds!

What About a Guarantee?

There appears to be no manufacturer money-back guarantee for Hot Rox Extreme in the UK. There is apparently a 100% guarantee in the US though if ordered from the Biotest Store but NO information is available about the US guarantee!

If buying from 3rd party retailers then check if they offer any money-back guarantees.

Where Can I Buy Hot Rox Extreme?

When this supplement was first released it was very expensive and can still be depending on where you buy it! Shopping around you can now buy Hot Rox Extreme a lot more affordable. That said, UK consumers will find it costs significantly more than in the US.

The official UK stockist (Biotest) website sell 100 capsules at the reduced price of £49.95 ($77) from £67.99 ($105), although they currently are OUT OF STOCK.

If you are in the US you can buy it much cheaper at around $55 (£35) for 110 capsules on Amazon. We have even seen it online for an amazingly low prize of $32.99 (£21) for 96 capsules and $20.99 (£14) for 72 capsules by other retailers!

Buyer Caution: Be aware of the different versions of Hot Rox Extreme on the market when purchasing on price. The older and lower strength ones will almost certainly be a LOT cheaper. We have noticed this particularly on Amazon stores!

Summary: Hot Rox Extreme

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3.1 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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