GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism

In the supplement world, you get what you pay for – and for many supplements you have to pay a lot. Others, though, seem suspiciously to have too many ingredients to justify such a low price, and that would include GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets.

So we looked at this supplement a little closer to find out why it was priced so low and found along the way that the company was perhaps just a little bit keener for people to hand over more than just $9.99 for GNC MegaMen Caplets – a lot more.

GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Pros

  • Specially formulated for men
  • Small pills, so they’re easy to swallow
  • Additional benefit of increasing mental sharpness

GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Cons

  • Way too much vitamin B
  • Not enough of some of the other ingredients to make a difference
  • Too much of some of the other ingredients for comfort
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GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism


What You Need To Know About GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets

Many foods are already fortified with B vitamins, so if you’re using a supplement that’s providing the recommended daily intake of B vitamins you’ll have to cut back on those fortified foods.

Then again, there’s far too much vitamin B in GNC MegaMen Caplets, so you won’t need to cut back on those fortified foods, you’ll need to cut them out altogether.

Are we serious about too much vitamin B? Well, in 2016 the FDA lowered their recommended Daily Value of vitamin B12 to just 2.5 mcg for adults. Each GNC MegaMen Caplets dose contain 50 mcg – 20 times that amount!

What Are The Side Effects Of GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets?

Side effects of B vitamins can include interactions with certain medications, so always check with your healthcare provider before using any in a supplement.

Other vitamin B side effects can include digestive problems, blurred vision, raised blood sugar levels, sleep disorders, skin reactions, excitability, heart problems, lowered energy… and a distinct change in urine colour. Even though that’s a bit startling, it’s harmless.

How Much Does GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Cost?

This is the reason we looked into GNC MegaMen Caplets in the first place. Originally 90 of these caplets retailed at $21.99, and then suddenly got discounted down to $9.99. That’s not including shipping, though – and they only ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

Our Verdict On GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets

Well, we’ve mentioned the practically lethal amount of excess B vitamins these caplets contain, but there are other ingredients too.

However, as for their proprietary blend for ‘Energy and Metabolism’ we’ve got no idea how much pure caffeine, green tea extract and capsicum seed extract it contains. Or any of its other ingredients for that matter.

We couldn’t find any references to clinical testing for any of the ingredients, but we did find several very negative reviews for GNC MegaMen Caplets right at the beginning of the reviews they’d listed on the website.

We were puzzled by that – were GNC being very honest here? Or was it just that nobody checked those reviews before they were uploaded?

So for these reasons alone we decided to reject GNC MegaMen Caplets, but GNC still had a surprise or two in store for us.

GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Review

As we looked through the GNC MegaMen Caplets website, we started to remember that high-street marketing term: ‘loss leader’. That’s when sellers deliberately price an item low to attract people’s attention and get them in through the shop door.

GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Facts

So we looked at GNC MegaMen Caplets but couldn’t help being attracted by the magic word ‘franchise’ which just seemed to jump out at us wherever we looked on the website. Not too many clicks later, we’d learned that the GNC franchise had been ranked #7 globally by Franchise Direct, and Entrepreneur Magazine was ‘continuously ranked at the #1 franchise in our industry by Entrepreneur Magazine’.

GNC, we were told, ‘has been perfecting the franchise system for over 25 years. When you join our system, you gain access to a company with 80 years of retail experience.”

All that’s needed for an initial US franchise fee, they said, is a mere $40,000, with the total investment needed to secure a GNC franchise of ‘upwards of $200,000’. Outside the US, GNC states that ‘typically the initial investment is upwards of $3 million (U.S. dollars)’.

So that’s why we remembered the term ‘loss leader’: that $9.99 discount certainly got us through GNC’s virtual door, and once there it was difficult not to notice that they were looking for franchisees.

And as a business owner, which would you prefer to sell – a supplement for $9.99 or a franchise for upwards of $200,000 … or even $3,000,000?

Thought so.

Once we’d arrived at the GNC MegaMen Caplets website – attracted by its low, low price – we couldn’t help noticing GNC had something other than just selling us supplements on their mind.

How to Take GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets

Simple – just take two capsules daily, with food.

As for this supplement, GNC aren’t just overdoing the B vitamins by a factor of up to 3333% – each serving also contains 500% of the recommended Daily Value of vitamin C. And there are other ingredient quantities that go way over their daily value which, if you’re taking GNC MegaMen Caplets over time might end up causing more harm than good.

GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Concerns:

  • First off, there’s that risk of overdosing on B vitamins here: we’ll be looking into specific side effects later on, but the general picture of an excess of those vitamins – especially over time – is not an attractive one.
  • Checking out the label, we read with interest the paragraph that began ‘in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study’ only to be disappointed by the conclusion of that study – buried deep within the text – being only that subjects ‘experienced significant improvements in serum levels of certain key nutrients’. A little more clarity there would have been useful.
  • And if they’re going to knock down the price of a supplement with so many ingredients to one around a fifth of comparable supplements, does that mean they’re trying to get rid of existing GNC MegaMen Caplets in a hurry – and if so, why? We’d prefer to think this discount was a loss leader to get us seriously thinking about becoming a franchisee rather than because of any other, more sinister reason.

On the bright side, even though GNC MegaMen Caplets have been specially formulated for men, users are still advised to consult their physician, ‘prior to using this product if you are pregnant’.

What Does GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Claim To Do?

This is what GNC tells us to expect when taking GNC MegaMen Caplets:

Men’s Health – Contains a clinically studied men’s multivitamin formula shown to work better than a basic multivitamin. Helps support colon and prostate health.

Energy – Shown to improve levels of key B vitamins essential for energy production.

Calorie Burning – Contains a combination of thermogenic ingredients that may support calorie burning and mental sharpness.

Antioxidants – Packed with antioxidants to help fight free radicals that can be produced during intense exercise.

Does GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Work?

There’s a certain amount of energy boosting going on when it comes to those unknown amounts of pure caffeine and green tea in GNC MegaMen Caplets’ ‘Energy and Metabolism’ blend, as well as a bit of support for increased mental sharpness.

It also claims to ‘improve levels of key B vitamins’, and what with anywhere between 2,500% and 3,333% of the Daily Value for certain of those B vitamins, indeed it does – although ‘improve’ might not quite be the right word for it.

What Are The Ingredients of GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets?

Vitamin C – 500% DV – lowers cholesterol, combats free radicals, supports healthy immune system, helps repair and regenerate tissue.

Vitamin E – 100% DV – an antioxidant, repairs damaged skin and improves physical endurance and muscle strength.

Vitamin K – 100% DV – plays a major role in blood clotting and helps brain function.

Vitamin B1 – 3,333% DV – for a positive mental attitude, enhanced learning abilities, stress reduction.

Vitamin B2 – 2,941% DV – for boosting energy levels, maintaining healthy blood cells and fighting free radicals.

Vitamin B6 – 2,500% DV – another energy booster, also supporting the nervous system, lifting mood, balancing blood sugar levels and creating antibodies for the immune system.

Folic Acid – 100% DV – a synthetic B vitamin used for memory loss, age-related hearing loss and depression as well as pain in nerves and muscles.

Vitamin B12 – 833% DV – either natural or synthetic, vitamin B12 is used to combat memory loss, boost mood, mental function and physical energy.

Biotin – 100% DV – good for treating depression and listlessness while also breaking down substances including fats and carbohydrates.

Iodine – 100% DV – the body needs iodine to function properly, but can’t create it, so it needs to be included in the diet.

Magnesium – 24% DV – needed for the proper function of nerves, muscles and the digestive system.

Zinc – 167% DV – essential for men, zinc is used for many reasons and it’s most likely to have been included in this supplement to improve strength and athletic performance. Then again GNC MegaMen Caplets claims to support prostate health, and zinc is often used for that purpose.

Selenium – 286% DV – boosts the action of antioxidants.

Copper – 100% DV – necessary for producing and string iron in the body, copper deficiency can appear in people who ingest too much zinc.

Manganese – 100% DV – an essential nutrient for many processes in the body including processing of carbohydrates and protein.

Chromium – 100% DV – used to combat depression, chromium also supports proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Molybdenum – 100% DV – breaks down proteins and other substances.

Vitamin A – 166% DV – men use this for raising sperm count. It’s also good for urinary tract infections and an overactive thyroid (remembering the iodine above).

Vitamin D – 266% DV – used for elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as arthritis and muscle weakness.

Vitamin B3 – 333% DV – good for age-related loss of thinking skills, depression, memory loss, improving digestion and lowering blood pressure.

Vitamin B5 – 833% DV – helps the body convert carbohydrates into glucose.

Calcium – 200% DV – essential for bones and teeth and to lower high blood pressure.

The ‘Energy and Metabolism’ blend (150 mg) contains these ingredients, quantities unknown:

Caffeine Anhydrous
Green Tea Extract
Siberian Ginseng
Capsimax Capsicum Seed Extract
Black Pepper Fruit Extract

The ‘Super Antioxidant’ blend contains:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – 25 mg
Lutemax 2020 Lutein – 2 mg
Lycopene – 1 mg
Turmeric Root Extract (CurcuWIN) – 500 mcg
Zeaxanthin – 400 mcg
Astaxanthin – 50 mcg
Beta-Cryptoxanthin – 10 mcg
Choline – 10 mg
Inositol – 10 mg
Silica – 4 mg
Boron – 2 mg
Vanadium – 10 mcg

Does GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Have Any Side Effects?

If you’ve taken too much of a vitamin B complex, you could find yourself experiencing nausea and vomiting, blurry vision, numbness, skin lesions, high blood sugar and potential liver problems. Urine can change colour, as well – which can be startling but it’s pretty much harmless.

In particular, too much vitamin B6 can lead to nerve toxicity while too much B3 can lead to jaundice and liver toxicity.

And let’s not forget you’re taking in other B vitamins in your daily food, so yes, there really can be too much of a good thing.

Too much vitamin C can cause side effects which include digestion problems, headaches, skin irritation, increased risk of Parkinson’s disease and lung cancer, faintness and fatigue.

Too much zinc can cause damage to the stomach and kidneys.

Long-term use of low doses of selenium can increase the risk of developing diabetes, while higher doses can bring on symptoms similar to those of arsenic poisoning, as well as liver and kidney problems.

Vitamin A can increase the risk of cancer of the colon, lung and prostate particularly in smokers.

Vitamin D can bring on side effects which can include weakness, fatigue, headache and digestion problems.

Large amounts (over 3 grams a day) of niacin can bring on serious side effects such as ulcers, liver problems, vision loss and more.

Pantothenic acid can increase the chances of diarrhoea.

Taking more than 1300 mg/day of calcium can lead to a possible increase in the chances of a heart attack – and if you add the 300 mg of calcium from a single cup of milk or fortified orange juice to the 1,000 mg in a daily dose of GNC MegaMen Caplets, well, let’s just say ‘be careful’ and leave it at that.

GNC MegaMen Caplets contain fish and soybeans, and guys, you should consult your physician before taking this supplement if you’re taking medication or have a medical condition. And especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets?

Yes, there are – they’re on the GNC MegaMen Caplets webpage and here are the first three we saw:

new size is 40% smaller and not effective as the previous one

I did not want to write a review but whoever decided for this change on the products has to know that it is a failure. I’m not sure which new ingredients have been used but it is not working the same way it used to work. It is weaker and don’t support the metabolism as it used to do. Need to change ASAP because that was one of the best quality product GNC once had but not anymore.

Not Good Like the Old Pills!!!

I have been taking the Old Energy and Metabolism for more than 5 years! I lost approx. 50 lbs. and have kept the weight off. The Old Pills Worked Perfectly for me for the last 5 years plus! I started taking these new pills about 2 months ago. They do Not Work the same, and they have side effects like overheated feeling inside my body and dizzy/lightheadedness. Also these new pills DON’T give me that same burst of Energy, and high Metabolism burning benefits. These new pills do NOT work well at all! PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD PILLS IMMEDIATELY!!!

33% Price Jump

Not only has the ingredients changed, but the price increased 33% from 3 months ago. Will shop elsewhere.

These were from January 2016, and we were a little puzzled by them: were GNC being totally honest about GNC MegaMen Caplets, or was nobody checking what people had written before uploaded those reviews … or were we – as we’ve said before – being subtly or not-so-subtly led to find out more and more about owning one of their franchises?

Does GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Surprisingly, yes: there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for a full refund of the purchase price – whether or not you’ve opened the bottle.

Then again, if you like GNC MegaMen Caplets enough to use them on an ongoing basis, you can always earn yourself a 10% discount and free shipping with their ‘Subscribe and Save’ option, meaning you don’t have to keep ordering month after month after month – you’ll just automatically receive whatever you’ve listed and the payment will automatically get deducted from your card.

Where Can I Buy GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism Caplets?

GNC MegaMen Caplets are available from the website, from stores across the country (and Australia, China and Japan) … and if you’ve got a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spare you could buy them from your own franchise store in the USA. But if you’ve got a spare $3 million, you could open your franchise shop anywhere in the world. Either way, you’ll probably qualify for a staff discount and end up paying even less for your GNC MegaMen Caplets than the current already bargain-basement price of $9.99.

Summary: GNC MegaMen Energy & Metabolism

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2.2 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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