GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak provides you with four different weight loss supplements and claim to burn fat quickly. The package includes the Mega Men Sport Blends, Thermo Igniter 12X, CLA, and Waterex. The company claims that taking GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak regularly will help boost metabolism and make it easier for you to lose weight. The combination of these products is also supposed to provide you with more energy and muscle endurance.

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak claims to be one of the best weight loss products in the market. It is more of a kit comprising of different weight loss supplements. You have to take it daily to boost metabolism and burn more calories in a short time. The question is, “Is it really worth your time and money?” Here is our review to help you decide.

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Pros

  • May help boost your metabolism
  • Provides you with vitamins and minerals
  • Helps get rid of excess water

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Cons

  • Doesn’t contain enough of each ingredient
  • No scientifically proven ingredients
  • Contains stimulants
  • Can cause side effects
  • Expensive
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GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak


What You Need To Know About GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak provides you with a combination of supplements to boost weight loss. It provides you with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients. It supports a lean, ripped fatigue, promotes thermogenesis, and suppresses appetite. It also includes a diuretic that reduces water retention and makes you look slimmer. It does have some effective ingredients, but it also includes stimulants that may cause some side effects.

What Are The Side Effects Of GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak includes several ingredients, so it is possible to experience some side effects when taking it regularly. The most common issues associated with the use of this product are nausea, headaches, dizziness, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Do not take it when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please refer to our “Side Effects” section for more details.

How Much Does GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Cost?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak costs $67.99/pack. You get 30 servings per container. You can save some money if you choose their auto-shop program.

Our Verdict On GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak claims to lower your weight in a short time. It works by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. The problem is that most of its ingredients have nothing to do with fat loss and others are quite under-dosed. You really do not need multivitamins to burn fat, and conjugated linoleic acid may not help, as it does not have support from scientific studies. You have to pay a lot to get all these products, but you are not going to get a great value for money considering its ingredient profile. Our verdict: avoid it and look for a weight-loss supplement with real fat burners and positive customer reviews.

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Review

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak claims to be one of the most effective weight-loss products you can find online. It is actually a combination of different supplements geared towards people struggling to get rid of excess pounds. It includes some stimulants that do produce some results in the beginning, but it is not going to work as a long-term weight loss solution. The reason is that many of its ingredients do not have any direct links to weight loss, while others are quite under-dosed. Here is why we believe you will be better off looking for some other weight-loss supplements to get better results.

First up, you get Mega Men Sport in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak. It is nothing but a combination of multivitamins and some natural ingredients. There is no scientific evidence suggesting that multivitamins can help trigger fat loss. However, you can certainly find some impressive natural ingredients in Mega Men Sport, but they are not going to work because there is not enough of each ingredient in each serving. For instance, Beta-Alanine does not help lose weight directly but it can reduce post-exercise fatigue and improve your anaerobic workout capacity. This in turn will help you burn more calories in the gym.

However, the problem is that most studies showing beta-alanine works have used up to 5g/day, but you do not get more than 10 mg of Beta-Alanine in each serving of GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak.

Choline is another example of an under-dosed ingredient in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak. This vitamin-like nutrient is essential for many physiological processes. Some studies have shown that it may actually help accelerate fat loss. A study examined 22 healthy females who were preparing for martial arts competition – they all took 2g of choline or placebo. Here is what the study found:

The results revealed significant differences between pre- and post-competition measurements of leptin, free plasma choline, urine choline and urine malondialdehyde levels; body mass was also reduced in the post-competition measurements.

It shows that there some evidence suggesting that choline may trigger fat loss, but that happens when you take at least 425 mg/day, which is certainly the case with GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak.

There is 25 mg of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak. This fatty acid is found in the mitochondria and helps produce energy. By working with L-carnitine, it may help boost fat loss to some extent. Some studies have shown that it works. For instance:

Large scale non-blinded study investigating 800 mg ALA daily ingestion on obese and pre-obese Italians. Decreases in weight (weight, BMI, waist circumference) and blood pressure noted.

ALA at 1,800 mg daily for 20 weeks led to more significant body weight reductions than did the control group.

However, the issue is that you need to take 50 mg of ALA even when you are taking it for antioxidant purpose. Some studies have actually used 300 mg or more daily to get positive results. GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak is not going to help in this regard though.

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Facts

  • Natural ingredients
  • 30 packs per container
  • Effective for water retention

Some ingredients do not have scientific evidence to confirm their benefits. Taurine is a good example. It is used in many weight loss supplements and is supposed to improve muscle endurance. It may boost energy to some extent, which is why it is an essential part of most pre-workout supplements, but it does not help a lot with weight loss. It may work by giving you enough energy to sweat more in the gym. However, not many studies have found its positive effects. For instance:

One study conducted with cyclists found that 1 gram of taurine taken 2 hours prior to exercise improved performance on a 3-kilometre time trial by 1.7%. Another study, however, found that 1,660 mg of taurine taken an hour before cycling failed to improve time trial performance.

Animal studies have certainly shown some promise, but that is only when up to 2,000 mg of taurine is used. This is certainly not the case with GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak because you only get 10 mg of taurine per serving.

You also get L-carnitine from Mega Men Sport, which is supposed to help your body turn fat into energy. Unfortunately, you cannot find reliable scientific data to confirm that supplementing with L-carnitine boost fat loss. Some studies have shown promise but even they involved more than 1g of L-carnitine per day. You only get 6 mg of L-carnitine per serving of GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak.

Vanadium is also there in the blend, but it has not scientific data suggesting that it can burn fat. It supposedly works by regulating blood sugar levels, which in turn will keep you from overeating. However, scientific data has found conflicting results, and many studies have actually mentioned that vanadium has no effects on weight loss whatsoever.

The addition of branched chain amino acid may look impressive but it does not make GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak any better. It is true that the combination of amino acids, such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine help improve immune system and diminishes fatigue, but it may not help boost fat loss. Moreover, you can easily get enough of BCCA from a balanced diet.

How to Take GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak

Here is what the official site says:

As a dietary supplement, for optimal health benefits, take the contents of one packet daily with food every morning. On workout days, for individuals looking to maximise energy production, the Thermo Ignited 12X (red capsule) can be taken 30–60 minutes prior to exercise.

Along with Mega Men Sport, GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak also includes CLA, which provides you with 4000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Some experts believe that CLA induces fat loss by working on a molecular signalling receptor family called PPAR. However, scientific studies show that the effect is not that significant. It is also quite important to highlight that human studies on CLA have produced unreliable and contradictory results. While you certainly get enough of CLA from GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak, as the standard dose is within the range of 3.2-6.4g a day, you are less likely to see any significant change in your body weight by supplementing with CLA. Here are some studies to help you get an idea about the efficacy of CLA.

Over 16 weeks, obese and diabetic postmenopausal women given CLA at a dose of 8g daily reduced fat mass with no influence on lean mass when compared to safflower oil.

Metabolic rate was found to be increased by 4% relative to baseline over 14 weeks of consuming CLA-enriched yoghurt, despite no changes in fat mass or weight being noted; this was in comparison to non-CLA enhanced yoghurt, and without significant dietary control.

12 weeks of an exercise and diet program paired with placebo or CLA+chromium failed to show any significant differences relative to placebo.

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Concerns:

  • Contains stimulants
  • Ineffective or under-dosed ingredients
  • Proprietary blends
  • No mention of money-back guarantee
  • Very expensive

Another product included in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak is Thermo Igniter 12X, which provides you with niacin and a thermogenic blend containing caffeine, piperine, and capsicum fruit extract. Thermogenic supplements help increase heat production in your body to trigger fat loss. Some studies have found that thermogenic supplements do not produce a significant decrease in appetite or increase in exercise performance. For instance:

A study examined the acute effects of a thermogenic nutritional supplement containing caffeine, capsaicin, bioperine, and niacin on muscular strength and endurance performance. The results indicated that the thermogenic pepper blend supplement containing 200 mg of caffeine, 33.34 mg of capsicum extract, 20 mg of niacin, and 5 mg of bioperine did not improve the one-repetition maximum (1-RM) scores for the different exercises or produced significant weight loss.

It means you may not get great results by taking this thermogenic supplement. Even if it does, it may lead to several side effects because increasing body heat is not a healthy way to burn fat. Moreover, regular intake of these supplements may lead to a caffeine overdose, which can cause nervousness, insomnia, vomiting, and jitteriness. The use of thermogenic supplements may also result in increased heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, severe chest pain, and acute liver failure.

Finally, you get Waterx in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak, which is nothing more than a diuretic and provides you with some potassium, vitamin B6, and magnesium. It is herb-based diuretic and contains parsley herb powder, garlic cloves, hydrangea root powder, corn silk, fennel seeds, horsetail rush stems, elderberry fruit, and juniper berries extract. While some customer reviews suggest that it works well as a diuretic, it is not going to burn fat in the real sense. It may only reduce water weight that you will regain after some time. Moreover, it does nothing to improve energy, burn fat, or suppress your appetite.

Overall, there is nothing special in GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak that may help you burn fat more effectively. It does not provide you with enough of certain ingredients, which is why we believe it will prove ineffective for most of you. The price is a big concern as well, and it certainly looks high when you consider how much of each ingredient is present in each serving. You can save some money by signing up for their auto-shop program, but avoid it or else you will have a hard time opting out. So, look for a better weight loss supplement that contains scientifically proven ingredients and enjoys positive customer reviews as well.

What Does GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Claim To Do?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak provides you with different supplements in one pack and claims to produce some impressive results. For instance:

  • It has multivitamins for lean muscle support.
  • It improves overall health while burning fat.
  • It burns up loads of calories in a short time.
  • It regulates excess water and reduces weight.

Does GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Work?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak is a combination of different weight-loss products. However, it is no different from many other weight-loss products circulating in the market. You get a multivitamin supplement that does not play a big role in burning fat. Then, you get a supplement offering 4000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid, which does not have enough scientific evidence to support its weight-loss benefits. You also find a diuretic in the pack, but that is only going to lower water weight and not burn fat in the real sense. So, is there anything that really helps burn fat? It contains some natural ingredients that may trigger fat loss, but GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak does not have enough of those ingredients. Do not expect too much from this expensive weight loss product!

What Are The Ingredients of GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak actually includes different weight loss supplements that provide you with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other natural ingredients. Here is more about some main ingredients of this weight loss product.

  • Taurine: It is supposed to improve athletic performance, but there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm these benefits.
  • Beta-Alanine: It is supposed to work by reducing post-exercise fatigue, but that benefit comes with larger doses of beta-alanine.
  • Choline: It is a vitamin-like nutrient and works by boosting metabolism. It also helps with neurotransmitter synthesis, but you do not get enough of it from GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak.
  • L-Carnitine: It is supposed to work by turning fat into energy, but there is not enough scientific evidence to support its claimed benefits.
  • Vanadium: It works by regulating blood sugar levels, which in turn may keep hunger pangs at bay. It does not help burn fat directly.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: This fatty acid helps by increasing antioxidant enzymes. It may help lower blood sugar levels and accelerate fat loss to some extent, but that is only when you get enough of it every day.
  • Astaxanthin: This natural antioxidant has anti-tumour, antioxidants, and anti-diabetic properties, but there is not sufficient scientific evidence to support its weight-loss benefits in humans.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA): These amino acids may help improve immune function, but they are not really required to boost fat loss.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid: These fatty acids work by affecting a system called PPAR, but studies show that the effect is not that significant.
  • Caffeine: It is a stimulant and works by boosting your metabolism. It may increase your metabolic rate initially, but it can cause several side effects as well.

Does GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Have Any Side Effects?

GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak may cause certain side effects because its ingredient profile is quite extensive. There are multivitamins, and if you are not already deficient in certain vitamins, you may end up noticing side effects. Gastrointestinal issues are quite common with this weight loss product.

It contains L-carnitine that can interact with other medications and may affect thyroid function, making it difficult for thyroid hormones to get into cells. Moreover, it also increases the risk of bleeding, especially if you are already taking some blood-thinning medications. It also contains caffeine, so you may end up dealing with irritability, elevated pulse rate, increased blood pressure, and insomnia.

Avoid GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak?

Most customer reviews for GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak suggest that it does not produce significant results and may cause side effects as well.

I have been on this program now for over two months and have not lost any weight, even though I run about 12 miles a week and also go to the gym every day. Did not notice any type of boost of energy.

I took the pills every day while working out every day for a month, and there was no additional effect.

It helped me drop [weight] in 10 weeks (with a strict diet plan and dedicated workout schedule).

Does GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no mention of money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak?

You can buy GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak directly from the official website and other third-party retailers.

Summary: GNC AMP Ripped Vitapak

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2.2 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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