Gamma Labs Gamma-O

Gamma O is an “all-natural” testosterone booster that the makers claim will help you build rock hard muscle mass and annihilate fat. The formula is based on a substance found in Japanese rice bran extract called Gamma Oryzanol. We take a look at Gamma Labs Gamma O to find out more about this supplement.

Gamma Labs is a US supplements company based in New York. They specialise in sports supplements of all types including a product aimed at people who like online gaming such as Call of Duty. However Gamma O is aimed at people who work out in the gym and are looking to increase muscle.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Pros

  • Safer to take than steroids
  • Minimal side effects

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Cons

  • Unlikely to be effective
  • Principal ingredient unproven for humans
  • May increase oestrogen levels
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Gamma Labs Gamma-O


What You Need To Know About Gamma Labs Gamma-O

Gamma Labs Gamma 0 is marketed as a testosterone-boosting sports supplements and although there is some positive customer feedback it seems unlikely to really work in the way as described. The principle ingredient Gamma Oryzanol has not been fully tested on humans and some animal testing suggests it may reduce testosterone levels rather than raise them. That said this supplement looks to be safe and Gamma Labs are not linked to any payment scams.

What Are The Side Effects Of Gamma Labs Gamma-O?

Side effects may include skin rashes, nausea, stomach upsets, diarrhoea, lowered thyroid function.

How Much Does Gamma Labs Gamma-O Cost?

Gamma Labs Gamma O is expensive and as it probably will not work anyway, it seems massively overpriced.

You can buy directly from the Gamma Labs website. One bottle of 60 capsules (30 servings) costs $74.00, two bottles (2 months supply) costs $134.9 and three bottles (3 months supply) costs $179.97.

You can also buy Gamma Labs Gamma O from some third-party retailers such as for the same price.

Our Verdict On Gamma Labs Gamma-O

We are not very impressed with Gamma Labs Gamma O. This supplement lacks any real evidence that it will work as described and in addition is extremely overpriced. We like the lack of serious side effects but for a supplement to be effective it should do something. That said you may notice the muscle-building effects of CLA but this is a very expensive way to try out a relatively cheap ingredient like this.

Until further research has been carried out on the principle ingredient Gamma Oryzanol that proves it increases testosterone and does not reduce it as some studies suggest, there is no way we would ever recommend anyone to buy this supplement.

In our opinion Gamma Labs Gamma O is all a bit unproven and indifferent looking and certainly does not merit the high price tag.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Review

The aim of a natural testosterone booster is to help your body manufacture more testosterone. This is different to an anabolic steroid which is a synthetic testosterone delivered immediately into your body. Anabolic steroids are dangerous and illegal for use in competitive sport. By contrast natural testosterone boosters like Gamma Labs Gamma O are legal even though many of the claims made in the advertising, are identical to the supposed gains achieved by taking anabolic steroids.

The Gamma O advertising is no exception. This supplement claims to increase testosterone activators and modulate (meaning reduces, the female hormone oestrogen) helping to increase muscle mass and strength as well as improve athletic performance and endurance.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules or 30 servings.
  • Comes from New York-based supplements company Gamma Labs.
  • Active ingredients sometimes taken to increase oestrogen.

The supplement contains ingredients we often see in muscle supplements. These include Conjugated Linoleic Acid a group of natural chemicals in milk and dairy products which may be effective for muscle building and often touted as a natural fat burner. It also contains maca powder – a Peruvian plant extract high in amino-acids and fatty acids which is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.

More unusually Gamma O also contains Gamma Oryzanol – the ingredient that features in this supplement name. It is a principle ingredient. Gamma Oryzanol is a substance in rice bran oil that is believed to have a direct effect upon hormones production. It is sometimes included in testosterone supplements such as this and it may help reduce cholesterol levels too.

How to Take Gamma Labs Gamma-O

Take 2 Liqui-Caps twice a day. Ideally you should take it the same time every day. For best results, take with food.

We will look more closely into these ingredients later on in the review. According to the product information, Gamma O has recently been updated and is anew stronger version of the initial product first launched in 2004.

Gamma Labs is a US supplements company based in New York. According to the “about us” information posted on the official website, Gamma Labs has been a leader in sports nutrition since 2004 and is used by athletes in the NFL and NBA.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Concerns:

  • May increase oestrogen levels. Potentially dangerous for some users.
  • No evidence that this supplement will increase testosterone.
  • Expensive. Will people buy this in the belief it is worth it? Results will probably be disappointing.

Gamma Labs has a lively social media presence with plenty of followers. One of their most popular supplements is G Fuel Energy Drink described as the first energy drink designed for gamers. We assumed those guys just ran on pizza and coke but apparently G Fuel Energy helps improve mental focus. There is also a recovery supplement called Gladiator aimed at men who take part in competitive fighting as well as training in the gym.

We have not previously covered Gamma Labs supplements. However the company looks reputable enough and we have not found any issues around billing or auto ship. Their customers seem to like them.

What Does Gamma Labs Gamma-O Claim To Do?

There are three key features to Gamma O, according to the advertising but it all comes down to the same thing; increased strength because of increased testosterone levels.

  • Maximum Hormonal Optimisation: Modulate oestrogen, increase testosterone activators, and give your body the building blocks it needs to flood your veins with raw, unadulterated levels of bioactive testosterone.
  • Build ROCK HARD Mass & Gripping POWER: Elevated testosterone helps improve recruitment of force generating motor units inside muscles, which can lead to greater strength and muscular hypertrophy.
  • Annihilate FAT – Not Muscle: Fat burning stimulants can eat through muscle like there’s no tomorrow. Now you can protect your hard-earned muscle and safely peel off the layers – without the stems – using New Gamma-O Natural Testosterone Booster.

According to the product information Gamma Oryzanol is the key ingredient.

Gamma Oryzanol significantly increases testosterone production by increasing the body’s key testosterone activator – Luteinizing Hormone. But there’s a catch. Powdered Gamma Oryzanol is not easily absorbed by the human body. It must first be transformed into a rich liquid emulsion which is accomplished only by using state-of-the-art Liquid Emulsion Technology™. And near perfect absorption rate is achieved!

This all sounds convincing but even if Gamma Oryzanol is absorbed perfectly, there is no real evidence that it will increase testosterone. Most of the claims have been based on animal testing and results have not been consistent.

Does Gamma Labs Gamma-O Work?

We think it is highly unlikely to work in the way as described. Gamma Oryzanol is unproven to increase testosterone and as this is the whole point of the supplement, it seems you will probably be disappointed. In fact some clinical testing suggests it may decrease testosterone but as this ingredient has only been tested on animals you have no guarantees either way.

However some athletes do take CLA supplements for increased muscle mass so you may find this ingredient alone helps improve the results of your workouts.

What Are The Ingredients of Gamma Labs Gamma-O?

Serving size is equal to 2 capsules. Amounts here refer to serving size and not per capsule.

  • Gamma Oryzanol (500 mg): This extract is derived from Japanese rice bran oil and it appears to have an effect upon luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone is an important hormone in the body that regulates oestrogen in women and testosterone production in men. Gamma Oryzanol is believed to increase testosterone levels in men but animal studies have not been conclusive. Some tests suggest that Gamma Oryzanol may actually reduce testosterone in men. The problem with this ingredient is that it requires further clinical testing. Of course it may work as described but there again it may not! Many women take Gamma Oryzanol to ease menopausal symptoms but results are equally unproven.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (500 mg): Group of fatty acid chemicals found in milk and dairy products and taken in supplement form as a natural muscle builder. There is limited evidence it may help prevent hunger pangs. Some people believe it is a natural fat burner too. CLA has been widely studied as a potential aid for weight loss and although results are conflicting, it may help you lose a few pounds. Taken too long it may contribute to a fatty liver.
  • Indole 3 Carbinol (150 mg): Natural substance present in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and kale which seems to impede oestrogen receptors in breast membranes. It is undergoing research for its potential in the treatment of breast cancer. It is certainly important to include plenty of green veg into your diet but as yet Indole 3 Carbinol is not proven. It is not certain whether Indole 3 Carbinol should be taken as a crude method of reducing oestrogen levels as here.
  • Maca Root Powder (100 mg): Peruvian plant extract that is high in amino acids and other nutrients. It is sometimes taken as an aphrodisiac but it does not increase testosterone levels. In fact Maca acts like oestrogen in the body so should not be taken if you have a hormonally sensitive medical condition.
  • Vitamin D (1500 IU): Vitamin D 3 also called Cholecalciferol helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus and is important for healthy bones and skin. Levels here are the equivalent of 350% of the recommended daily amount. Too much vitamin D can cause raised calcium levels and decrease appetite as a side effect.

Does Gamma Labs Gamma-O Have Any Side Effects?

According to the Gamma Labs product information Gamma O is safe and non-toxic. We looked into the ingredients list and found that there may be minor side effects although nothing much when compared to the likely effects of anabolic steroids.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Skin rashes
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lowered thyroid function

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Avoid if you have or have had hormonally sensitive medical condition such as breast cancer. Some of the ingredients act like oestrogen in the body so may aggravate the condition.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Gamma Labs Gamma-O?

We found some independent customer reviews for Gamma O on a bodybuilding website where this supplement is on sale. There was a range of opinion. Some customers were satisfied but not all.

I am on my second bottle of Gamma-O & I love it. I’ve gained muscle & lost body fat… It also gives me energy to get through my workouts… Great stuff.

Overall great product. No negative reviews from me. I noticed an increase in both strength and endurance within the first two days of taking it…

Doesn’t do anything. Just a scam for the gullible.

This stuff was whack! I got nothing out of it and tried two bottles. Save your money…

Show me ONE relevant human study where rice bran oil actually boosts test levels, because that’s exactly what you people are wasting your money on.

Like this reviewer we were unable to find any human studies that showed that Gamma Oryzanol increased testosterone.

Does Gamma Labs Gamma-O Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Gamma Labs Gamma O does not come with a money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy Gamma Labs Gamma-O?

You can buy Gamma Labs Gamma O directly from the Gamma Labs website. It is also on sale from some third party sites such as

Summary: Gamma Labs Gamma-O

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1.7 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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