Whether you want to lose weight or build up your muscles, you need the right kind of proteins to help you in your goals. There is a large variety of protein options in our diets and yet we do not derive the maximum benefits out of them. This is because our meals are not always balanced, we are not aware of the right protein balance or amount needed and we don’t know how to combine the best proteins.

This is where a supplement like Fuel-6 comes in to help. The potent formula has been designed to combine the best of proteins in the mix and help us derive the best out of them. Instead of searching for these and trying to balance the meals, we can now get the benefits in just one powder. What’s more, it’s completely plant based and therefore completely safe.

Fuel-6 Pros

  • Helps build lean muscle mas
  • Increases metabolic rate

Fuel-6 Cons

  • Causes unpleasant side effects
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for everyone
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What You Need To Know About Fuel-6

Fuel-6 is a plant based protein supplement that has received rave reviews for its effectiveness despite being completely vegan. It combines six powerful plant proteins to offer nutrient-dense protein power to the users. It could works as an effective post-workout formula and replaces all the nutrients lost during an intense workout session, addressing all relevant needs like rehydration and muscle glycogen replacement.

What Are The Side Effects Of Fuel-6?

All the ingredients in Fuel-6 have been sourced directly from nature, so chances of side effects are slim. However, like any other dietary supplement this too may have reactions for some users since every individual body is different. It is advisable to consult a health care practitioner before taking this.

How Much Does Fuel-6 Cost?

A bottle of only 20 servings costs a hefty $29.99 which is extremely expensive considering all the bad feedback from users.

Our Verdict On Fuel-6

Though it is made from natural ingredients and chances of side effects are slim, it is still advisable to consult a health care practitioner before taking this. The company offer 100% money back guarantee but some uses have found the price too high. Others have complained about its grainy and bad taste, and the lack of weight loss ingredients in it. Unfortunately we just don’t think that Fuel-6 will help you achieve your weight loss goals so we are rejecting it.

Fuel-6 Review

One of the most important things about the weight loss process is to ensure that the body gets all the nutrition it needs. The next important thing is to give the body the right ammunition to lose the excess weight and build up the lean muscle mass. We know that protein powder is an important inclusion in the diet to help in these efforts but it is often hard to choose the right one among the many brands out there. A vegan plant based protein supplement like Fuel-6 is a great choice because it offers the essential protein and other nutrient needs for the body, without the fear of side effects. It is soy, gluten and dairy free and comes without any artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Fuel-6 Facts

  • This vegan supplement is nutrient rich with vitamins and minerals.
  • Free of gluten it works as an excellent post workout recovery supplement.
  • Packs in protein and amino acids for a healthy body.

This great-tasting dietary supplement is a great match for all kinds of users, vegan or vegetarians, anyone on a special diet or looking for the healthiest solution among many. This premium protein powder is essentially a blend of six powerful plant proteins like hemp, quinoa, sacha inchi seed and artichoke in their raw forms to provide users with complete protein support. With powerful digestive enzymes within, it is designed to meet one’s post-workout recovery and daily nutrition needs effectively. Since it provides such a healthy boost for the body with its unique profile of essential fatty acids, it is often termed as the “superfood” protein supplement.

How to Take Fuel-6

Two level scoops of Fuel-6 protein powder can be added to milk or water and made into a delicious shake.
It can be consumed at any time like after workouts, in lieu of unhealthy snacks and even meals if you want at times.

While whey products are more widely used, vegan proteins like Fuel-6 offer the same types of protein benefits without the animal products. This makes it easy for all kinds of dieters to use them regularly. Those who suffer from various food allergies and digestive problems now have a healthy alternative in this protein source which is high in BCAAs. The product has been carefully made from ingredients that were not genetically engineered. The purest of ingredients have been carefully selected and then blended and packaged in an FDA GMP-certified facility, assuring high quality for users. The manufacturer, Daily Burn, is known for their many health supplements and are now being hailed for this tasty product that can easily curb cravings.

The six plants that have been selected for the formula are known for their richness in proteins and amino acids. People who are lactose intolerant or simply vegans can now get this protein power easily and that too in a non-gritty, smooth texture. The deep chocolate taste almost makes one forget that he or she is having a dietary supplement. The perfect blend of flavors makes it a great post-workout drink and the taste can be further enhanced with added fruits and nuts. The great taste and the premium quality results, makes the price worth its while, though some users find it high but one gets to take this for a long time without fear of dietary complications.

Fuel-6 Concerns:

  • Some users have complained about its grainy and bad taste.
  • Has no fat loss ingredients in it.
  • Considered expensive by some users.

This vegan supplement provides enzymes and probiotics to assist the digestive tract and is suitable for both men and women. This all-in-one protein supplement comes in flavors like chocolate and vanilla and is loaded with vitamins and minerals that help to curb appetite, build lean muscle mass and increase the users’ energy levels. Taken regularly, with diet and exercise it can lead to long term overall health and wellness.

What Does Fuel-6 Claim To Do?

Fuel-6 claims to be a one of a kind protein supplement. It primarily works as an excellent post-workout supplement which helps repair the broken-down muscle tissues and stimulates the repair and rebuild process. Though it’s a vegan formula, it effectively helps to build lean muscle mass with its 6 key protein ingredients like the pea protein isolate, quinoa and hemp protein, sprouted whole grain rice protein, artichoke and Sacha Inchi protein which is a superfood with a high profile of essential fatty acids. With all natural ingredients, this potent product packs in a punch for users who have long suffered from allergies stemming from the why protein supplements.

Does Fuel-6 Work?

Going by the customer reviews it seems that this product works for some people. It combines the goodness of six powerful plant proteins like hemp, quinoa, sacha inchi seed and artichoke in their raw forms to provide users with complete protein support. It has been hailed as an effective post-workout recovery and daily nutrition supplement which offers a healthy boost for the body. It also offers a unique balance of essential fatty acids which makes it a kind of “superfood” protein supplement. This nutrient-dense power addresses all the key elements of a post-workout recovery like rehydration and muscle glycogen replacement, helping users lose weight and build a great physique.

However, a lot of people have complained about the taste which can be a problem for many.

What Are The Ingredients of Fuel-6?

Fuel-6 is a plant-based protein supplement that packs in 6 ingredients to deliver a potent punch. It uses the age old goodness of these ingredients to repair tissues and build up lean muscle mass, while improving metabolism.

A closer look at the ingredients:

  • Artichoke Protein: This has a high amount of essential amino acids in it including Arginine that helps repairs muscles faster.
  • Hemp Protein: This is considered a complete source of protein with all the 9 essential amino acids in it. Acts as a solid building block of protein as well as muscles.
  • Quinoa Protein: It too contains all the 9 essential amino acids and helps build up the lean muscle mass.
  • Pea Protein Isolate: It has a balanced amino acid profile and is considered one of the best protein sources with its favorable protein concentration which helps to increase muscle strength.
  • Sprouted Whole Grain Rice Protein: A high concentration of naturally occurring amino acids and minerals make up the extensive blend that it is known for. Aids in better energy and strength levels.
  • Sacha Inchi Protein: With its unique profile of essential fatty acids this is considered to be a “superfood” protein and leads to overall good health.

Does Fuel-6 Have Any Side Effects?

All the ingredients in Fuel-6 have been sourced directly from nature, so chances of side effects are slim. However, like any other dietary supplement this too may have reactions for some users since every individual body is different. It is advisable to consult a health care practitioner before taking this.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid this supplement, as should children.
Anyone suffering from some existing medical conditions and taking medications should exercise caution and consult a health care practitioner before taking this supplement.
Though it is considered safe and can be taken anytime, one should try and take it after workouts and not rely on only this for their daily nourishment.
Should be paired with diet and exercise.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Fuel-6?

We were able to find plenty of reviews online on sites such as Amazon, however only 41% of reviews are 5 star and the rest are split evenly.

This protein shake is awesome! I was not sure if I should get it because I am always such a Lean Protein person but I am SO HAPPY I tried it. As a breastfeeding mom, I needed a healthy and filling shake to have during the day and this stuff fits the bill.I make one for lunch and it’s so yummy. Recipe: 12 oz silk, banana and a scoop of peanut butter with some ice – its like a creamy milkshake! It kept me full all the way up until it was time to eat dinner – which is really helpful because I do not want to be snacking. Disclosure: please consult your dr/ped before you try this if you’re BFing.

Best protein shake out there. Healthiest and easy to drink with or without other ingredients. If you use this, you’ll never be able to drink another shake. Thanks so much Daily Burn for helping us make great choices!

I mix it with coconut milk and frozen strawberries and it’s delicious. I especially like the new vanilla formula versus the old one – the new one does not upset my stomach like the old vanilla did. While i was waiting for the new formula, i tried Vega One from Whole Foods and it was terrible – and completely overpriced. Daily Fuel 6 is a much better product and a better deal.

Seems like it’s good stuff. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5* is because it is super grainy. That chalky texture never completely goes away no matter how it is mixed/blended. It’s also a little overwhelmingly sweet. But it seems like a good product and I guess whey protein isn’t cool anymore so maybe I’ll just have to adapt my expectations.

I never thought to use a vegan/plant protein supplement before, but that was of course till my body didn’t agree with a few of the others I tried. That’s when my nutritionist told me to try something plant based. So I started looking and chose daily burn since I was already using the workout. And after a week in its great. A little sweeter than I thought it would be I use almond milk to mix so I may try that original flavor next time. 24grams of protein is great. I definitely recommend this product. But it’s expensive. So glad amazon has it because it much cheaper here than the daily burn store.

Too sweet, I read it was really sweet and thought I could add my things to it and it would be fine as other things in it are great but man oh man, it is too sweet….why add so much sweetness to it?, that makes it hard to enjoy …..they took a great product and ruined it with the added sweeteners….better to leave out stevia leaf extract, which will trigger me to want more, cause that is what it does to your brain….triggers…..that is madness at work…YUK, big time…….will not purchase again in fact may return this one….

I was ordering this with higher expectations. This is more like a thick smoothie and it has a unpleasant after taste. After my friend and I tried a few sips, we tried adding more water, different ingredients to make the taste better, etc. with no success. I have had multiple other protein powders, and this by far is one of the worst ones I’ve experienced. You get what you pay for.

I feel really stupid for ordering this without having tried it first. I really liked the idea of plant based protein and no artificial sweeteners but the taste is absolutely terrible. I only used half of the recommended amount and it was still so overly sweet I could barely finish half a glass of it. The flavor is okay but I just don’t understand why they felt the need to make this so disgustingly sweet!! I know its just the Stevia, but Stevia does have that artificial sweetener taste, and this tasted just the same as if you had dumped half a cup of sweet n low into a cup of milk and drank it. I would much rather just have a small amount of REAL sugar in there. Also, despite the advertising, it IS kind of gritty. I guess I will have to try to tone it down with some sour berries or plain yogurt because now I am stuck with a $30 jar of this stuff.

I had tried some other ones before and I am going to buy the Natures sunshine Veg version again,, this one gives me an after taste that I can barely tolerate…there an ingredient that I am not sure which one it is,, I keep burping it all day. I was hoping to drink this 2-3 times a day and I can barely drink one in the morning.

Does Fuel-6 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee for all its customers. So anyone unhappy with the product can simply return it within 30 days of purchase and get their money back. They also offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Where Can I Buy Fuel-6?

It can be bought from the official store or Amazon and eBay.

Summary: Fuel-6

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2 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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