EvoMuse AlphaBurn

EvoMuse AlphaBurn is described as a non stimulant fat destroyer and mood enhancer, which sounds good but strangely the principle ingredient is a well known stimulant called Yohimbine. At first glance this just does not make sense, but are we missing something here about EvoMuse AlphaBurn? We take an in depth look at EvoMuse AlphaBurn to find out.

According to the company information provided on the official website, EvoMuse (Evolutionary Muse)” is the lifelong mission inspired by a passion for innovation. Led by CEO Matt Pearson, Evolutionary Muse (EvoMuse) painstakingly researches every product to fly as close to the sun of perfection as possible.” To be honest guys, we were just looking for a concrete address and some contact details, not your life story. Worryingly, those basic facts are not disclosed on the website.

EvoMuse AlphaBurn Pros

  • There is no good reason to take this supplement

EvoMuse AlphaBurn Cons

  • Highly likely to cause potentially dangerous side effects
  • No background information regarding the company or the country of manufacture
  • Misleading product information. This supplement is very much a stimulant
  • This supplement may change mood but not necessarily in a good way
Watchdog Rejected

EvoMuse AlphaBurn


What You Need To Know About EvoMuse AlphaBurn

EvoMuse AlphaBurn is billed as a stimulant free weight loss supplement and mood enhancer, but this description is extremely misleading. Although it may help you lose weight, it is likely to have a very strong stimulant effect for most people and there is zero evidence it will improve your mood. It may change your mood by making you feel excitable, anxious, or angry, but this does not seem much of an advantage for us and other side effects may be dangerous. EvoMuse AlphaBurn comes with very little back ground information, such as the country of manufacture or where the company is even based. In our opinion there is nothing good quality or safe about EvoMuse AlphaBurn. Keep safe and don’t buy it.

What Are The Side Effects Of EvoMuse AlphaBurn?

Potential side effects may include; tachycardia, increased blood pressure, seizure, heart attack, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, headaches, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, dizziness, excitation, insomnia, difficulty in breathing, and allergic reactions.

How Much Does EvoMuse AlphaBurn Cost?

EvoMuse AlphaBurn is quite cheap but that is no reason to buy it.

It is only on sale from the EvoMuse website where 1 bottle of 100 capsules costs just $19.99. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

Our Verdict On EvoMuse AlphaBurn

We urge readers to stay away from EvoMuse AlphaBurn because in our opinion it fails on all levels. This supplement contains a potentially very dangerous ingredient and even though quantities are not over high, effects will largely depend upon your own physical make up and could be serious. Misusing EvoMuse AlphaBurn is going to be an issue for some people, so even if the capsules are not over strong, dangerous effects will be amplified if you take too many. Despite this, the product information does not include any warnings or advice about how to take this supplement.

Finally the lack of information about EvoMuse and AlphaBurn is very troubling. Where was this supplement manufactured? Did it conform to good manufacturing practice (GMP)? We think unlikely that it did. There is zero information about the company, no customer feedback, no guarantee, and no contact details. Just not good enough for the Watchdog readers, therefore we do not recommend EvoMuse AlphaBurn.

EvoMuse AlphaBurn Review

EvoMuse AlphaBurn is described as a non stimulant fat burner and mood enhancer but this is misleading. This supplement will have a stimulant effect which puts the body into fight or flight mode by increasing adrenaline levels, so you will notice all the usual stimulant side effects such as jitteriness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, loss of appetite, and more. These effects can be extremely dangerous for many people.

EvoMuse AlphaBurn contains Alpha Yohimbine also known and referred to as Rauwolscine. This as the principle ingredient and we have serious concerns about this. Yohimbine is a plant chemical derived from an African tree extract and it is touted as an energy enhancer, aphrodisiac, sexual enhancer, and a way to curb depression.

This does sound appealing but the problem is that it is very unsafe and can cause a range of potentially dangerous side effects including liver damage, increased heart rate and blood pressure, mood swings, and more. Alpha Yohimbine (Rauwolscine) is regarded as stronger than Yohimbine and more effective at low doses.

EvoMuse AlphaBurn Facts

  • Although this company does not publicise its location, research suggests that EvoMuse is based in Ohio
  • Each bottle contains 100 capsules
  • Not manufactured in the USA

EvoMuse contains Alpha Yohimbine at only 3mg a serving so although this ingredient can be lethal in high doses, serving sizes of around 15mg have been studied with regards its function as a treatment for sexual dysfunction. The issue here is that Alpha Yohimbine has undergone less investigation than Yohimbine so although it generally works in the same way, effects could be very unpredictable.

There are numerous side effects associated with even low levels, but these will largely depend upon your own physical make up.

Alpha Yohimbine increases adrenaline in the body, prompting the fight or fight response. It also can increase blood flow which is why it can be effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is believed to suppress cells that regulate fat burning so may be effective for rapid weight loss.

To boost the effectiveness of Alpha Yohimbine without adding more Alpha Yohimbine, EvoMuse AlphaBurn also contains Piperine – a natural chemical derived from black pepper. Piperine can increase effectiveness of other ingredients, so this supplement should seem stronger than the 3mg per capsule serving suggests.

How to Take EvoMuse AlphaBurn

  • The product information does not provide any directions

EvoMuse AlphaBurn comes in bottles of 100 capsules. There is no information regarding where the supplement was manufactured and with 100 capsules, it seems likely that people are expected to misuse this supplement.

There is very little information about EvoMuse. We found the CEO Matt Pearson on social media and found that he has run the company for 4 years and is based in Ohio. Source

It also seems that he used to be active on various bodybuilding forums. Source

EvoMuse AlphaBurn Concerns:

  • Why is there no contact information? You can write to EvoMuse via the website, but this company obviously wish to stay off the radar or they would have provided a contact address or phone number
  • The side effects could be serious for some users
  • It is highly possible that AlphaBurn was manufactured in China and imported, so may not conform to basic safety guidelines
  • Without directions some users will abuse this supplement

There is zero information about EvoMuse easily available to customers. This makes us nervous about the quality and the origins of the supplements and whether this is a reputable company. We had to do an extensive search to find out more about CEO Matt, and he is certainly not saying much about his company. Most reputable businesses do have some contact details but not this one.

EvoMuse doesn’t seem to have a very comprehensive product range. Other products include Defuse described as a fat gain inhibitor, Eviscerate a weight loss spray and Super Nova, another topical spray which is supposed to target fatty areas.

None of this looks remotely impressive.

What Does EvoMuse AlphaBurn Claim To Do?

The product information explains how the supplement works;

“AlphaBurn™ is an adrenergic based fat burner. Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline are released by the body during fight or flight situations, triggering a rapid release of fatty acids from fat cells. Normally, the amount is sufficient to trigger Beta2 receptors, which is the “release” switch for those fatty acids, resulting in fat loss. However, the other 2 series receptor, A2, causes that release to cease. Think of them as on-off switches for fat burning.”

It continues,

“AlphaBurn™ uses the very potent antagonistic properties of the Alpha-Yohimbine (Rauwolscine) against the A2 receptor. A2 activation, an unavoidable situation when nor-epinephrine is released, causes a negative loop to shut down that nor-adrenaline release and bring a halt to fat burning. AlphaBurn™ prevents that shut down and enables adrenergic based fat burning for extended periods of time.”

“Because of the diversity of receptor affinities, Rauwolscine also stimulates several dopamine receptors, causing an intense mood improvement, lack of hunger, and motivation. Each capsule contains 3mg of Alpha-Yohimbine.”

This all sounds pretty dangerous and behind the scientific jargon there is very little information about what you can expect from taking this supplement. There is zero information about where this supplement is manufactured and given that each bottle contains a whopping 100 capsules, we have a suspicion that it could have been made in China.

This is worrying because Chinese supplements have a reputation for not being made in accordance to hygiene and safety standards, and are well known for containing dangerous and often undisclosed ingredients. And for selling capsules by the hundred!

Does EvoMuse AlphaBurn Work?

Who knows what it will do. There is no customer feedback available, and the research into Alpha Yohimbine is disturbing. This is a powerful chemical that may well work as described, but what the product information does not tell you is the high risk of potentially very dangerous side effects.

People have had heart attacks, seizures, and kidney failure following taking Yohimbine supplements. In our opinion EvoMuse AlphaBurn is just not worth the risk.

What Are The Ingredients of EvoMuse AlphaBurn?

Serving size is equal to one capsule. There is no advice regarding a recommended daily serving.

  • Alpha-Yohimbine HCl (3 mg): Alpha Yohimbine HCI is often known as Rauwolscine. It is similar in function to the better known Yohimbine – a chemical derived from a tree bark of the Yohimbe tree, but research suggests that alpha Yohimbine is stronger and effects elevated. Rauwolscine is a central nervous system stimulant, a local anaesthetic, and an aphrodisiac. Serving size is not established and although there are anecdotal reports of people taking around 15mg per serving, we would not advise anyone to do this. Source
  • Piperine (4 mg): Natural chemical derived from black pepper which may help boost the effects of other substances. However research into the bioavailability properties of Piperine have yet to be proven. Source

Does EvoMuse AlphaBurn Have Any Side Effects?

We haven’t found any customer feedback out there for EvoMuse AlphaBurn, so we cannot pass on any real life customer experiences.

However judging by the information available on Alpha Yohimbine HCI, potential side effects may be severe and include;

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure levels
  • Seizure
  • Heart attack
  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Agitation
  • Excitation
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Allergic reactions

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you have any known health issues or are taking prescription medication. Discontinue use immediately if you experience side effects and see your doctor if these are severe or worrying. People have had heart attacks from taking supplements which contain Yohimbine, so do not underestimate the risks of this supplement.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For EvoMuse AlphaBurn?

There are no customer reviews for EvoMuse Alpha Burn.

Does EvoMuse AlphaBurn Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee on offer with this supplement.

Where Can I Buy EvoMuse AlphaBurn?

At the time of writing EvoMuse AlphaBurn is only available to buy from the official EvoMuse website.

Summary: EvoMuse AlphaBurn

EvoMuse AlphaBurn

1.3 out of 5
EvoMuse AlphaBurn Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend EvoMuse AlphaBurn.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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