Embova Rx

Embova Rx is advertised as a male enhancement solution, which works by increasing testosterone levels in the body. Its regular use is supposed to help improve libido, stamina, and erectile dysfunction. It is mainly geared towards people older than 45 years, because the testosterone levels are said to deplete significantly after this age. It helps restore the hormonal balance in the body, and improve your sexual performance as a result.

Embova Rx is designed to help you enjoy better stamina, and have a good time in the bedroom. It uses a combination of herbs to help achieve these amazing benefits. The question is, should you really be trusting Embova Rx to boost testosterone? Can any supplement really increase your T-levels? Here is our review to help you decide.

Embova Rx Pros

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • May improve blood circulation

Embova Rx Cons

  • Proprietary formula
  • May cause side effects
  • Does not work for most people
  • No information about price or guarantee
Watchdog Rejected

Embova Rx


What You Need To Know About Embova Rx

With poor sexual performance and erectile dysfunction becoming common, many men are already looking for a way to improve their overall sexual health. Embova Rx claims to do just that – it boosts libido and fixes erectile dysfunction. It contains a number of herbs and popular ingredients that are supposed to work synergistically, to help you have better stamina. The blend it contains is designed to increase your testosterone levels, which in turn offers benefits such as improved sex life, increased muscle growth, and better stamina. Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence suggesting that the herbs in Embova Rx improves testosterones.

What Are The Side Effects Of Embova Rx?

Embova Rx contains natural ingredients, but it is possible to develop some gastrointestinal symptoms in the beginning, mainly because of the presence of certain herbs. Refer to our “Side Effects” section to learn more.

How Much Does Embova Rx Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding its price. The link to the official site does not work either.

Our Verdict On Embova Rx

Embova Rx claims to work by increasing blood circulation, and inhibiting certain enzymes in the body. While it may help a bit with erectile dysfunction, there is not enough evidence suggesting that its ingredients are also going to improve testosterone levels. Most of its claims are associated with increased testosterone, so there is no reason to buy it if it can do nothing to boost your T-levels.

Some ingredients like Tribulus terrestris may help increase your testosterone levels a little, but you need to take it in large doses to experience any positive result. Since Embova Rx uses a proprietary blend of these ingredients, it is not possible to confirm if it is really going to offer any help in this regard.

Our verdict: avoid it!

Embova Rx Review

Embova Rx contains different natural ingredients that are supposed to have libido-boosting properties. However, many people opt for Embova Rx mainly because it claims to boost testosterone. Without enough testosterone in your body, you cannot enjoy good stamina and sexual health. In fact, you need to have high testosterone levels in the body to increase muscle mass. The problem is that ingredients found in Embova Rx are not backed by enough scientific evidence to cause any significant increase in testosterone levels.

Before talking about its ingredients, it is important to point out that many sites offer different information about its ingredients. There is no real information about what it really contains, and the fact that it uses a proprietary blend makes people even more skeptical about making a purchase. However, one possible ingredient in Embova Rx is horny goat weed. Also called epimedium, it is supposed to work by increasing blood circulation in the body. By increased blood flow to your genitals, you are likely to experience some improvement in issues related to erectile dysfunction. Some studies show that it contains a compound called Icariin, which helps treat erectile dysfunction by inhibiting PDE5. However, the problem is that you just cannot trust horny goat weed. when your primary goal is to increase testosterone levels. It means that if you want to use Embova Rx to improve muscle mass, you will be hugely disappointed. Only human studies have noticed some benefits of horny goat weed supplementation. For instance:

  • Testosterone boosting effects in rats have been noted at a dosage of 200mg/kg of a 40% extract (80mg/kg Icariin).

However, it is not always possible to see the results of animal studies in humans as well. Even if it works in humans, you would have to take very large doses of horny goat weed, which may lead to other health concerns. This is the reason why we believe that you should avoid Embova Rx in the first place.

Embova Rx Facts

  • Natural ingredients
  • Improved blood flow

Tribulus terrestris is another ingredient included in the blend to improve testosterone levels. You can find some evidence that supports the use of Tribulus terrestris as a libido enhancer, but you will not find enough scientific studies confirming its testosterone-enhancing benefits. It means that it may increase sex drive a little, but it is going to do nothing to raise your T-levels. Experts say:

  • On the sexual side of things, tribulus does appear to be a relatively reliable, and potent libido enhancer in rats and the lone human study assessing this has confirmed an increase in sexual well being and erectile function.

Some studies conducted specifically to check how it affected testosterone levels were not that encouraging either. For instance:

  • Conducted in men aged 20-36, two experimental groups consumed either 10mg/kg bodyweight or 20mg/kg bodyweight daily for 24 days; no differences noted in testosterone, androstenedione, or luteinizing hormone. Source

Embova Rx also claims to increase stamina and sports performance, but that is not going to happen because many studies have confirmed that it does nothing to increase stamina.

  • Study conducted in elite rugby players (males), aged 19.8 +/- 2.9 years. No between group differences were noted over the course of 5 weeks with 450mg Tribulus Terrestris daily. Source

Another study has found something similar.

  • Subjects consumed 3.21mg/kg bodyweight of Tribulus Terrestris (45% saponins) daily for 8 weeks alongside their standard diet and supplement regimens; no significant differences in exercise performance between groups was noted nor any differences between groups. Source

How to Take Embova Rx

It contains 60 capsules per pack, but there is no information about how to take it.

You may also find Asian ginseng in this product. Used in Chinese medicine, it is supposed to improve your libido and prostate health. Unfortunately, only animal studies have noted its positive effects. Only a few human studies have found it effective. For instance:

  • A study of 46 men has also shown an increase in sperm count as well as motility. Another study in 60 men, found that Asian ginseng increased sex drive and decreased erection problems. Also, in one study of 45 men, those who took 900 mg of Korean ginseng 3 times per day for 8 weeks had less trouble getting an erection than those who took placebo.

However, the important thing to notice is that these results are linked to how much ginseng you take. You need to take it in larger doses to see any effects. Embova Rx uses a proprietary blend, so it is hard to tell if it is really going to offer enough of it or not. As far as the improvement in prostate health is concerned, there is no evidence to support this claim. Only a couple of studies have shown taking 2,000mg of ginseng twice a day may show some improvement. For instance:

  • In persons with impotence, 3g of Korean Red Ginseng daily for 12 weeks was able to improve penile performance without influencing testosterone or lipoprotein markers. Source

Embova Rx Concerns:

  • Proprietary blend
  • Possibly ineffective
  • Lack of scientific evidence
  • Possible side effects
  • No real info about price or guarantee

Saw palmetto is also included in the blend, which is usually used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Experts believe that it works by limiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT, but the truth is that it is not going to lead to any significant increase in testosterone levels. Moreover, with no information about how much of it is there in Embova Rx, it is not possible to say if it is going to offer any help or not. You are less likely to see any benefits when taking it in lower doses. For instance:

  • 80mg of a lipidosterolic extract of saw palmetto (Permixon) taken twice daily for a total daily dose of 160mg over the course of a week failed to influence testosterone or DHT concentrations in otherwise healthy young men. Source

Other than these ingredients, there may be bioperene found in the blend, which is supposed to improve absorption of other ingredients. Unfortunately, there is no scientific study to support the claim. However, you may find some animal studies showing positive results, but you need to keep in mind that the same studies have noticed that bioperine may interfere with reproductive fertility. Therefore, you may want to avoid Embova Rx to be on the safe side.

The fact of the matter is that everything about Embova Rx makes it look like a scam. There is little information about its price. You will not find much about its official site or the process to place your order. Most sites have different information regarding its ingredient profile. Even if it contains those popular ingredients, it is still not worth your time and money. The reason is that no dietary supplement can increase testosterone levels quickly enough to produce significant benefits. Your body adjusts itself to maintain a hormonal balance, so it is not possible to get good results by taking dietary supplements. Similarly, you should be seeing your doctor if you have erectile dysfunction or low libido, because they are in a better position to help. Supplements like Embova Rx are not going to work!

What Does Embova Rx Claim To Do?

Embova Rx contains some natural ingredients that are supposed to work synergistically to offer many benefits. Here are some of its claimed benefits:

  • Increases libido and improve sexual performance
  • Increases your testosterone levels in a short time
  • Boosts your metabolism and improves stamina
  • Burns fat and helps you have a leaner physique
  • Works to improve your bone health

Does Embova Rx Work?

Embova Rx makes several big claims, but it fails to deliver a punch, mainly because its ingredient profile does not have enough support through scientific studies. It contains horny goat weed, which is supposed to improve erectile dysfunction by increasing blood circulation in the body. However, you should not expect a miracle to happen here. The manufacturer says that Embova Rx can improve the number of erections as well as the size of your penis, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Similarly, the supplement claims to improve testosterone levels for better sexual health, improved bone strength, and increased vitality, but most of its ingredients do nothing to increase testosterone. Some ingredients like Tribulus terrestris may improve testosterone levels to a certain extent, but that happens only when you take it in larger doses. Embova Rx uses a proprietary blend, so we do not know how much of it is there in the blend. Therefore, it is better to avoid Embova Rx, and instead pay attention to your diet and exercise to improve testosterone levels.

What Are The Ingredients of Embova Rx?

Embova Rx contains a number of different ingredients. For instance:

  • Saw Palmetto: It acts as an aphrodisiac, and claims to improve sexual performance. Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidence to support its use to treat sexual problems.
  • Horny Goat Weed: It may help improve erections, mainly because it increases blood circulation throughout the body, but it does nothing to boost testosterone levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: It has some scientific evidence suggesting that it leads to an increase in testosterone levels, but that happens when you take larger doses. No dose related information is available for Embova Rx.
  • Asian Ginseng: It may offer many health benefits, but the scientific evidence is limited about its testosterone-boosting effects.
  • Bioperine: It is included in the blend to increase the absorption of other ingredients.

Does Embova Rx Have Any Side Effects?

Embova Rx includes different ingredients, so it is possible that your body fails to handle a particular ingredient. It includes horny goat weed, which may cause dizziness in some people. Some customers have also complained about nosebleeds after taking horny goat weed.

It also includes saw palmetto, which is likely to cause side effects, such as constipation, vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, and diarrhea. Interestingly, some users say that saw palmetto may cause impotency, which is quite opposite of what Embova Rx claims to do.

The presence of Tribulus terrestris may also lead to several side effects. Some common problems include faster heart rate, feelings of warmth, increased energy, lightheadedness, and restlessness. Your skin may also become more sensitive to sun and there is also a risk of developing an allergic reaction.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Embova Rx?

Embova Rx claims to be a testosterone booster, but it seems that it fails to produce satisfactory results. For instance:

I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and it has done nothing other than causing serious abdominal cramps and gastrointestinal problems. Avoid it!

I am currently using Embova Rx, but I do not think it is doing anything for me. It has done nothing to raise my testosterone levels or stamina. I would not recommend it.

SCAM!!! Product does not do what they claim. Do not order anything from EMBOVA direct. They will make unauthorized charges to your credit card.

DO NOT BUY!!!! They are a scam. The product does not work and they charge almost $200 to your credit card without authorization!!!

Do not order this product it does not work and the company will bill you even after you cancel and it is almost impossible to get your money back.

Does Embova Rx Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Depending on where you go to place your order, you may or may not get a money-back guarantee with Embova Rx.

Where Can I Buy Embova Rx?

You can buy it through several third-party retailers.

Summary: Embova Rx

Embova Rx

1 out of 5
Embova Rx Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Embova Rx.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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