Diablos ECA

There are many dietary products out there and each has its own pros and cons. They also affect each user differently, depending on their immediate needs, lifestyle habits and tolerance levels. Most people start with milder pills and test waters but some need more than that. They need the help of extreme fat burners because the stubborn fat deposits cannot be dislodged and removed without that kind of help.

Then there are professional athletes and hardcore fitness enthusiasts who need these extreme fat burners to supply their bodies with very high energy levels. Diablos ECA is the answer to all their needs. This powerful and excellent thermogenic fat burner is known to support rapid weight loss and complement hardcore workouts well.

Diablos ECA Pros

  • Could help suppress appetite
  • Increase energy levels

Diablos ECA Cons

  • Contains dangerous ingredients
  • Contains high amounts of caffeine
  • Can cause fatal side effects
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Diablos ECA


What You Need To Know About Diablos ECA

This is a powerful thermogenic that has already been established as a successful product. There are many user reviews that show how effective this product has really been, especially for those who have tried hard to lose their excess fat but to no avail. This has more quantities of the potent ingredients than in other products which are perhaps the reason for their success.

What Are The Side Effects Of Diablos ECA?

Since this is an extremely strong product, it is natural that it comes with certain side effects. People who are allergic to stimulants are highly cautioned against using this. Caffeine is present in high amounts that may lead to headaches, insomnia and nausea along with other symptoms.

Sildenafil in the product may interact with nitrates in other drugs to affect blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Phenolphthalein in the product is associated with cancer-causing risks. Sibutramine in the product may pose a threat to heart health. The FDA has released a statement urging users to exercise caution due to the presence of these ingredients.

How Much Does Diablos ECA Cost?

The listed price for Diablos ECA is $89.95 for a bottle of 90 capsules. It is nearly $1 per capsule! It seems overly priced to us.

Our Verdict On Diablos ECA

These ingredients also come with certain negative connotations, like side effects. Many of them have been picked out by the FDA to show how harmful they can be, Ephedra itself has been in the center of many controversies as has been caffeine. It is advisable that one consults a doctor and goes through the ingredients to determine interactions and tolerance levels before taking these. For these reasons, and the no money back guarantee, we have no choice but to reject Diablos ECA.

Diablos ECA Review

Diablos ECA Fire Caps is a proven weight loss supplement that can help users shed those extra pounds with ease. This ephedra based diet pill uses a combination of powerful compounds like ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin to bring about great results. Manufactured by Innovative Diet Labs, it contains about 50mg of ephedran brand extract in each of its capsules. The specially formulated pills work as excellent thermogenic fat burners that help to lose the fat deposits from the body. They also have the power to control the appetite which aids in the weight loss process.

Diablos ECA Facts

  • Has potent dosage of ephedra extract in each pill
  • Designed to promote extreme thermogenic activity
  • Energizes the body and improves both physical and mental powers

The presence of Yohimbine HCL and other ingredients helps in the above functions while the caffeine helps to increase the energy levels in the body. Along with the white willow bark extract it can power one efficiently through their workdays and workouts very well. Then there is the ephedra extract with its fat burning capabilities that supports rapid weight loss. The hoodia gordonii in it increases the metabolism powers and improves the body’s ability to burn fat. Together they also improve alertness, control hunger cravings to help one get back a great body.

Within a few days of intake users begin to see a significant increase in their fat burning powers and these results act as a great motivator to stick to their dieting and workout routines. Along with promoting thermogenic weight loss, it enhances their mental focus and also helps in building up the lean muscle mass. While there are many ephedra based pills out there, the comprehensive functions provided by this pill make it more effective for most users. The company is already known for its successful weight loss products and now with 50 mg of Ephedran Extract per pill, they have come out with one of the most powerful products in this niche, supposedly.

How to Take Diablos ECA

Users are advised to test their tolerance levels first before upping their dosage since this is an extremely powerful product. Begin by taking one capsule each morning with 8oz of water and food for about a week or 10 days. Once the tolerance levels are established this can be upped to two tablets a day. Under no circumstances should one take more than two capsules within 24 hours.

Ephedran Extract is derived from a particular species of the ephedra plant called sida cord. A small amount of ephedrine alkaloids is used to make these pills that can really boost one’s metabolism. A little bit more ephedra than the normal dosage can make a world of difference, especially if one has tried out all other products that have failed to show results. Combined with coffee and aspirin, this power packed pill not only delivers weight loss results but also leads to enhanced energy levels and improved mental focus so that they can enjoy more physical and mental power. The manufacturers have claimed that the proprietary formula has numerous anti-oxidants in it that lead to overall good health as users begin to shed their excess weight.

Diablos ECA Concerns:

  • Comes with too many side effects
  • Uses some banned ingredients so does not have FDA approval
  • There is no money back guarantee attached

As the benefits of ephedra became known, many weight loss companies jumped onto the bandwagon to make profits. Unfortunately, not all of them use the real thing hence users get no real results from them. The highest potency formula of Diablos ECA however, uses the real thing to make the body a fat burning furnace and melt away all the stored body fat super-fast. Diablos also promotes powerful appetite control and suppression, the body does not have to fight the constant calorie intake any longer. The user will experience heightened focus and concentration and also increased intensity during training. The sudden crash that is usually common with many other stimulants is therefore absent here.

What Does Diablos ECA Claim To Do?

Diablos ECA has unique proprietary blend that is specially designed to burn fat and suppress appetite, at a much faster pace than other similar products. It contains a powerful Ephedran Extract that targets stubborn areas of stored fat and works very well to boost metabolism and improve the way the body burns fat. The formula is a combination of Ephedran Extract and caffeine along with Aspirin or white willow bark that can increase the energy levels and improve one’s mental focus along with the fat loss. Loaded with antioxidants it leads to better health and brings about positive results faster than ever before.

Does Diablos ECA Work?

Diablos ECA Fire Caps have 50 mg Ephedran Extract in each of its pills. This is significantly a higher dosage than found in many other similar products and immediately pushes up the power and efficacy of these pills. The unique proprietary blend targets stubborn areas of stored fat, helps to breakdown these fats and also increases the metabolism rate to help improve the way a body burns fat. At the same time it can suppress appetite to prevent extra calorie intake.
It has been designed by experts to keep fatigue and depression at bay which is often associated with dieting. By increasing energy levels it improves one’s mental focus and cognitive functions, aiding them in better physical and mental performance. The antioxidants in it help to being about an overall feeling of goodwill. There is no question about its effectiveness; however its extreme power can lead to severe side effects for some users.

What Are The Ingredients of Diablos ECA?

Diablos ECA offers one of the highest dosages of ephedra/caffeine stack which makes it work as a metabolic enhancer. It stimulates the thermogenic activity that aids the body in naturally burning the fat deposited in it as well as converts the calories ingested to be turned into usable energy readily. It also protects the muscle mass which means that while you burn the unwanted fat away, the actual muscles are left untouched so that the body gets a toned, slim and healthy look.

A look at the ingredients:

  • Ephedran Brand Extract: This is the key ingredient that makes this pill so powerful. It has the power to boost the metabolic activity to such a level that all stubborn fat deposits begin to melt away very soon. It works in a manner similar to the adrenaline epinephrine that is the body’s endogenous chemical messenger. As potent CNS stimulator, it increases the energy levels leading to better physical and mental performance, enabling better traction from workouts. Heightened focus and concentration enables positive and euphoric feelings instead of fatigue.
  • Synephrine HCL: This ingredient works in a manner very similar to Methylsynephrine. Mainly found in citrus aurantium or bitter orange, this adrenergic agonist can induce and amplify lipolysis or rapid burning of fat cells.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: This all powerful stimulant is a common ingredient in many weight loss products and it is not hard to see why. Metabolizing caffeine leads to increased lipolysis or breakdown of fat deposits which is now used as the energy to keep the body active and charged at all times. It also has the power to suppress appetite, which prevents intake of unnecessary calories, and therefore aids in the weight loss process. As a mild diuretic it prevents water retention and as a stimulant it works on the central nervous system to enhance mental alertness and focus.
  • White Willow Bark P.E. or aspirin: The benefits of this product are many. Along with alleviating various aches and cramps, muscle pain and headaches it also has the ability to accelerate the body’s ability to burn fat. Found naturally, it helps in thinning the blood and enhancing the effectiveness of other thermogenic ingredients in the formula.
  • Hordenine: This compound is a derivative of the amino acid tyramine and has the power to increase metabolic rate manifold along with extreme appetite suppression qualities. It is also known to stimulate energy levels, increase cognitive function and also improve the mood of the user.
  • Yohimbine HCL: This ingredient has also become quite popular with weight loss products as it has the ability to increase fatty acid mobilization, aid in appetite suppression and thereby decrease fat synthesis. It is more commonly known as a vasodilator that helps increase blood flow and improves circulation. It helps uplift the mood and leads to an overall sense of wellbeing.

Other ingredients in the product are black tea, green tea, green coffee bean, L-Phenylalanine, CissusQuadrangularis, Hoodia Gordonii, and Black Pepper.

Does Diablos ECA Have Any Side Effects?

Since this is an extremely strong product, it is natural that it comes with certain side effects. People who are allergic to stimulants are highly cautioned against using this. Caffeine is present in high amounts that may lead to headaches, insomnia and nausea along with other symptoms.
Sildenafil in the product may interact with nitrates in other drugs to affect blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Phenolphthalein in the product is associated with cancer-causing risks. Sibutramine in the product may pose a threat to heart health. The FDA has released a statement urging users to exercise caution due to the presence of these ingredients.

Not meant for children, pregnant women, diabetics, those suffering from blood pressure and cardiac issues. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. The product is not meant to replace regular diet and cannot be used to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. None of the manufacturer’s claims have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. In a recent statement, the FDA has pointed out to certain ingredients in the product and urged users to exercise caution.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Diablos ECA?

There are numerous independent reviews online.

This is the Best Ephedrine that Ephedra Warehouse has to offer. You really feel the thermogenics working. Notice weight loss after 2 days and kept working for 2 months then I hit my goal dropping 26 lbs. Its now a month later and I have kept it off with light exercise and and moderate dieting. Try it if your thinking about it. You won’t be let down.

Diablo is awesome i weighed 198 pds two 1/2 months ago with a 36 inch waist now after taking Diablo and exercising a little I weigh 174 with a 31 inch waist. Try Diablo it does the trick

I have been on this product for going on three weeks. It has been giving me great amounts of energy in the gym and doing a great job curbing my appetite.

So i’ve only been using this product for about two weeks now and between the diet, the workouts and the help from this, i’ve lost 8 pounds and feeling great. no jitters, being as i’ve replaced this with my normal caffeine intake.

From the looks of things it seems that Diablos ECA could really work for some people.

Does Diablos ECA Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee mentioned for this product.

Where Can I Buy Diablos ECA?

It can be bought from online retailers such as Ephedra Warehouse, Strong Supplement Shop, eBay and Amazon.

Summary: Diablos ECA

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1.2 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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