Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

If you want to be a legend in the gym, Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder promises to help you achieve this aim by blocking a special protein called Myostatin which apparently can lead to huge cows. None of this is very clear, so we guess we are looking at a fairly typical Chaos and Pain supplement where confusing the customers seems to be a prime objective. We take a look at Legendary Mass Builder to see whether it is worth a try.

Chaos and Pain is a supplements company, based in Arizona. It was founded by an ex student with a taste for the gothic called Jamie Lewis, along with business partner Wayne Banks. Like Cheech and Chong or Ant and Dec, we are not sure which one is Chaos and which one is Pain. However the product range is easily identified by the mythology and horror based advertising.

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Pros

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
  • There is a guarantee offered on the Chaos and Pain website

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Cons

  • It will not work in the way as described
  • Misleading claims in the advertising
  • Could be dangerous if you combine with prescription medication or illegal drugs
Watchdog Rejected

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder


What You Need To Know About Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder claims to harness the power of muscle building, by preventing a genetic protein in your body called Myostatin from working. Research scientists have developed this for some types of animal and although it has resulted in some very muscle bound cows, this technology is not yet available to humans.

If Chaos and Pain had actually managed to create a Myostatin Inhibitor in a simple supplement, they would have cracked a real medical breakthrough. However they have not, and this supplement will not work in the way that the company claims.

What Are The Side Effects Of Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder?

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder looks pretty safe. However you should not combine with prescription medication, any type of illegal drug (or possibly alcohol) or effects could be increased.

How Much Does Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Cost?

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder is expensive. Buy from the official Chaos and Pain website and a bottle of 60 capsules costs $45.99.

It is also on sale via Amazon USA for $43.00.

Our Verdict On Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

We do not rate Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder at all. There is currently no supplement on the market that can work as a Myostatin inhibitor. This protein gene and how it works is being investigated for medicine as it could play a role in treating wasting diseases such as HIV and Muscular Dystrophy, and if serious research cannot develop a medicinal drug as a Myostatin inhibitor, and then the guys at Chaos and Pain are not going to do it either.

This supplement is a total waste of money. It will not work in the way as described. And like much of the Chaos and Pain advertising, it is based on pure fantasy and nothing else.

Overall, we not not recommend Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder to our readers.

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Review

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder is a supplement in capsule form that according to the product advertising, will turn you into a legend in the gym by helping you build extra large muscles, increase your testosterone and your strength.

Surprisingly, the supplement only contains three ingredients in fairly low quantities to achieve these so called benefits. These are Epicatechin, a natural antioxidant flavanoid found in tea and dark chocolate.

There is a chemical compound called 5 a Hydroxy Laxogenin, a plant steroid that is present in some natural foodstuffs including mustard. Some bodybuilders (and supplement sellers) claim that Laxogenin helps build muscle, and works in a similar way to steroids such as Anavar.

The third ingredient is a branded supplement called Capsorb. We hadn’t heard of Capsorb before, but according to the Chaos and Pain website it is a trademarked version of sodium caprate. Sodium Caprate may help induce drug absorption enhancement, so we guess that the aim here it to make the two ingredients much stronger.

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • Marketed as a Myostatin inhibitor
  • Available from the official website and Amazon USA

According to the product advertising, a natural protein called Myostatin inhibits muscle growth in animals. It has been found that blocking the activity of Myostatin greatly improves muscle mass, and this has been seen in some prize muscle bound cattle. Chaos and Pain claim to have perfected this process for humans.

How to Take Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

Take one to two (1-2) capsules of Legendary one (1) time per day with or without food
Do not exceed four (4) capsules daily

Chaos and Pain may not be the biggest supplement company in the world, but they are certainly memorable. Product advertising draws on myths and legends, and some pretty wild claims made for the supplements. The product containers all feature some great artwork that wouldn’t look out of place on a poster or album cover from the 70s.

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Concerns:

  • This supplement could be dangerous if you combine with prescription medication
  • Waste of money. It is impossible for this supplement to work as described
  • There is a money back guarantee, but will Chaos and Pain really give you your money back when this supplement does not work.

We have covered Chaos and Pain in previous reviews including Cannibal Carna, and Cannibal Kraken Whey, a protein supplement.

Chaos and Pain sell via their own product website and advertise via social media, especially their Facebook page.

What Does Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Claim To Do?

As ever with Chaos and Pain, the advertising is unusual.

It asks the question,

“Have you ever wanted to be a gym Legend? You know, the guy that everyone stops and watches as he effortlessly reps out 315 on the bench? If you want to be one of the select few, then read on. If not, then oh well. It’s not our fault.”

It then continues,

“What is Myostatin? Back in the early 2000s, late 1990s, pictures of insanely HUGE cows started flooding all of the muscle building magazines. What was responsible for these freaks of nature? A lack of Myostatin! Myostatin is a protein made by the muscle cells that inhibits muscle growth. Myostatin doesn’t want you to be a freak!”

We found some pictures of these muscle bound cattle online and to be honest the poor cows are freakishly big. So we question which are the freaks here?

The product information proposes how to provide you with the same results in humans.

“How do you stop Myostatin from killing your gains? Enter Epicatechin! Epicatechin is found in dark chocolate and helps promote an increase in Follistatin. Follistatin helps to inhibit Myostatin.

What is Laxogenin help? 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is a steroidal sapinogen that has been shown to have a similar anabolic/androgenic ratio to Anavar. It helps to increase protein synthesis, aka muscle building.

It’s like opening the flood gates of muscle gains!”

There is no evidence for this provided. And it is important to remember that Chaos and Pain are known for being fanciful in their advertising.

Does Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Work?

No it will not work in the way as claimed. To keep the cattle motif, it is total BS.

Myostatin or growth differentiation factor 8 is produced by muscle cells and this inhibits muscle growth. In humans it is encoded by the MSTN gene. The gene encoding Myostatin was discovered in 1997, by geneticists Se-Jin Lee and Alexandra McPherron who produced mice that lacked the gene, and had approximately twice as much muscle as normal mice. These mice were subsequently named “mighty mice”. It has also been tested on cattle, whippets, rabbits, and goats with varying levels of success.

For humans, there is hope that unlocking this gene and thereby blocking Myostatin action will be useful for muscle wasting diseases, such as HIV and Muscular Dystrophy. However research is in very early stages, and as yet Myostatin inhibitors are just not out there for humans.

If there was a Myostatin inhibitor for humans, it would undoubtedly be abused by athletes and the World Doping Agency (WADA) has already banned it in advance. As a spokesman for WADA said in an interview, “when the Myostatin inhibitors come along, they’ll be abused. There’s no question in my mind”

This brings us back to Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder, which is just one of many fake Myostatin blockers aimed at bodybuilders. It will not work. If it did work in the way as described and these effects could be achieved by this simple formula, it would be a medical breakthrough. Source

What Are The Ingredients of Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder?

Serving size is equal to one capsule.

  • Epicatechin (150mg): Epicatechin is bioflavonoid, a type of antioxidant found in plant derived compounds. Antioxidants are important for health as they can protect cells against damage. There are around 6000 different bioflavanoids, with Epicatechin present in dark chocolate and tea. It may have numerous benefits to weight loss and the regulation of blood sugar. Source
  • 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin (25mg): This plant steroid is often touted as viable alternative to steroids such as Anavar, but the evidence is not really there. It is supposed to increase protein synthesis whilst decreasing protein breakdown and help the body build muscle (similar to an anabolic steroid), but it has not undergone testing on humans. All testing has been carried out in the lab and although it is becoming popular as a supplement, there is no real evidence it will work in the way as described.
  • Capsorb (50mg): According to Chaos and Pain, this is a branded supplement but whoever does actually make this is keeping hidden. It contains Sodium Caprate which seems very promising as a substance for increasing drug absorption, but it requires further testing. Source

Does Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Have Any Side Effects?

There are no particular side effects associated with Legendary Mass Builder. There is very little reliable information available about Laxogenin, but we have not uncovered any obvious health risks to taking this supplement.

Our main concern is that if you combine this supplement with prescription medication, the Capsorb may make effects stronger. Likewise with illegal drugs and alcohol.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take this supplement if you are taking prescription medication. Do not combine with illegal drugs. Speak to your doctor before use.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder?

There are some customer reviews for Legendary Mass Builder on Amazon USA, but we cannot guarantee that these are all genuine. Many of the positive reviews have been left by customers who have never previously reviewed a product, and their identities are masked.

Here is a general selection of customer feedback.

This customer has only ever reviewed Chaos and Pain supplements, and we saw this pattern repeated with most of the positive reviews.

Within a month taking this supplement at 2 caps per day, I had gotten vascularity that I had not had beforehand and I also managed to keep my strength up, plus still hit PRs at a caloric deficit! Gaining strength during weight loss, I think that speaks for itself! I will definitely be using this again and again!

This customer found it didn’t work at all,

Not really doing anything at all really.

Another customer felt it was OK, but nothing outstanding,

Have tried many things over the years, first time using laxogenin supplement, after a few weeks on it notice some vascular changes and tightening up. No weight gain or loss but some minor body recomp, ok but may not work for everyone

Does Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

According to the terms and conditions Chaos and Pain do offer a 100% money back guarantee, but there are no further details how you go about claiming a refund.

We suggest contacting the company via email at [email protected] or by the phone number posted on the website: 855 798 6039

Where Can I Buy Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder?

You can buy Legendary Mass Builder direct from the official Chaos and Pain website. It is also on sale via Amazon USA.

Summary: Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder

1.3 out of 5
Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Chaos and Pain Legendary Mass Builder.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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