Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

How big do you want to be? If you answered as BIG as I can get, then according to the Chaos and Pain advertising, Chemical One is for you! We take a look at this so-called anabolic hormone supplement to find out more.

Chaos and Pain is an online supplements company based in Arizona. The product advertising is based on horror and mythology, and the company is known for bodybuilding supplements. The Chemical One container is decorated with a picture of a figure in a gas mask.

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Pros

  • May help increase muscle mass if used with a comprehensive training plan

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Unknown effects
  • Will not work as described
Watchdog Rejected

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer


What You Need To Know About Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer is an expensive supplement that contains a prohormone that may help you increase your testosterone levels, and so encourage muscle building. That said there are no guarantees that it will work as described and it certainly will not work quickly.

1 Andro is known to help build muscle mass but expert opinion is that it is slow and although safer than many, possibly not effective. We have concerns about the unpredictable nature of the other ingredients too. Fadogia Agrestis is untested on humans and nobody knows the optimum serving size or risk of side effects.

You need to know that you must not take this supplement if you are taking prescription medication because it could be dangerous. A risk to prostate health is also a major concern.

What Are The Side Effects Of Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer?

Potential side effects are largely unknown at the time of writing because Fadogia Agrestis is so under-researched.

However known side effects to the other substances may include acne hair loss, man boobs (gynecomastia), and swelling of the prostate gland.

Increasing testosterone too much may cause increased aggression, mood swings, erratic or violent behaviour, and weight gain.

You should not take Chemical One if you are taking prescription medication because it could cause dangerous reactions. If you have been told to avoid grapefruit, you will need to avoid this supplement.

How Much Does Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Cost?

Chemical One is very expensive. It is only currently available from the Chaos and Pain website where 1 x bottle of 60 capsules costs a whopping $74.99.

You are encouraged to stack Chemical One with other Chaos and Pain supplements, so your bill could run into hundreds of dollars a month!

Our Verdict On Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

We are never keen on prohormones. In our opinion taking prohormones, leads you down the slippery slope to steroid abuse and even legal prohormone supplements comes with some risk to health. Messing about with your hormones can lead to serious health problems in the future, and is not something that we or any medical professional would recommend.

It would not be a Chaos and Pain supplement without a completely unproven ingredient big on claims, but with no clinical evidence. In this case, it is Fadogia Agrestis, a so-called T booster from a Nigerian shrub but with zero human clinical testing or safety information. Who knows what this will actually do? Nothing, everything, safe or dangerous – take this supplement and you are playing the role of the guinea pig so you may find out to your cost.

Finally, Chemical One is massively overpriced. It might come with some punchy advertising and some interesting artwork on the label, but this does not mean it is any good or going to work as described.

Our overall opinion? Don’t bother with Chemical One. It is unproven and unlikely to work, and we would never approve such a dodgy looking supplement. We do not recommend Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer to the Watchdog readers.

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Review

Chemical One is a bodybuilder supplement aimed at men. Most ordinary people don’t want to get BIG, they want to lose weight and get slimmer and fitter, so if you fall into this last group, this supplement is obviously not for you!

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 tablets
  • You are advised to stack with other products
  • If you need to avoid grapefruit because of medication, you will need to avoid this supplement

Chemical One is essentially a testosterone booster. It contains a prohormone compound called Androstene-3b-ol 17-one, also known as 1 Andro or 1 DHEA. A prohormone is a compound that participates in causing a chemical reaction to produce another compound, in this case, androsterone. Androsterone is an androgen, a male hormone which converts to testosterone in the body.

Many prohormones are banned in the USA and worldwide, as are anabolic steroids. However, Androstene-3b-ol 17-one is legal; this is a two-step prohormone which means it needs to go through two changes in the body before testosterone is produced. According to experts, this means there are a lot of chances for this not to happen but the evidence is conflicting regarding efficacy.

How to Take Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

  • You are recommended to stay on Chemical One for two months, followed by a month off-cycle for best results
  • Serving size is not disclosed or how many tablets can be taken each day

As well as 1 DHEA, Chemical One contains herbal extracts Fadogia Agrestis, derived from a Nigerian shrub, and 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin, a natural chemical compound present in grapefruit.

Both these herbal ingredients are marketed as natural T boosting ingredients. 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin is sometimes described as a steroid amplifier because it seems to increase the bioavailability of steroid ingredients, making them more effective. Fadogia Agrestis is sometimes taken as an aphrodisiac and to improve sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Check out the ingredients tab to find out more.

Chemical One is not an anabolic steroid, this term means muscle building hormone. However, it is supposed to provide the same function with the only difference being that instead of being composed of a synthetic hormone (steroid), the idea is that it will encourage the body to manufacture its own testosterone naturally and so have an anabolic (muscle building effect).

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Concerns:

  • Effects may be unpredictable
  • Is there any reason why this unproven supplement should be so expensive? We can’t think of one
  • This is a prohormone supplement. Will customers realise that supplements like this are often the first step towards steroid abuse?
  • How long will each bottle last? It is unclear whether 60 tablets is a month or two month’s serving

Chaos and Pain supplements come with some very memorable artwork and advertising based on horror and mythology, designed to appeal to a predominantly young male audience who in many cases are likely to be new to bodybuilding. In many cases, supplements rely on unproven and overhyped ingredients.

We have covered many Chaos and Pain supplements in previous reviews including, Legendary Mass Builder, and Cannibal Kraken Whey.

These two supplements are designed to increase muscle mass.

We covered Cannibal Alpha PCT – a post cycle therapy supplement that you are urged to take after taking prohormones or steroids in order to help inhibit the production of oestrogen.

What Does Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Claim To Do?

The Chaos and Pain product information explains why you need increased testosterone,

You can never have too much money or testosterone, and while we can’t help with the former, we can definitely aid you in the latter- set your inner Neanderthal loose with Chaos and Pain’s herbal testosterone booster and libido enhancers.

Let’s face it guys, without it, life sucks. You gotta have it to be strong, intense and, well, to be a MAN. Whether you’re at work or at home, at the gym, running or swimming, testosterone boosters put you ahead of the competition….

According to the advertising,

Finally, Chaos and Pain has gotten its hands on one of the NEWEST, most effective anabolic activators ever created! Enter 1-Chemical 1. The cool thing about 1-Chemical 1 is that it converts into 1-TESTOSTERONE in the body!

The product information explains how it works,

Chemical 1 goes through a two step process to be converted into 1-Testosterone. 1-Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that doesn’t convert into estrogen, and helps with gains in strength and lean muscle.

The supplement uses a type of capsule known as cyclosome delivery, “liposomal delivery technology that surrounds 1-Chemical 1 and allows it to pass through the liver without being harmed or destroyed. Now more 1-Chemical 1 is able to be absorbed and used by the body than ever before”

Does Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Work?

You certainly can have too much testosterone! This may not be an issue with this supplement but too much testosterone can lead to the well-known steroid abuse condition called roid rage typified by aggression, violent behaviour and lack of control.

When it comes to helping increase muscle mass, Chemical One may help. There is a general consensus of opinion that 1 Andro can help modest muscle gains. In the body, 1-Andro is converted to 1-androstenedione and 1-androstenediol as claimed and these metabolites exert some androgenic properties themselves. In addition, they convert to 1-testosterone, where most of the muscle-building and strength effects take place. The serving size is fairly low but the addition of 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin may help increase the absorption.

Fadogia Agrestis has only been tested on small mammals. There has been no clinical testing on humans so although this shrub extract increased T levels in mice and rats, there is zero evidence it will do the same in humans. In addition, the low quantities contained in the supplement do not reflect animal testing.

Overall we feel that this supplement comes with too many unanswered questions, and is unlikely to work in the way as described.

What Are The Ingredients of Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer?

Serving size is equal to one tablet.

  • Androstene-3b-ol 17-one (110mg): This prohormone compound, more usually known as 1 Andro or 1 DHEA, is a legal replacement to a growing list of banned steroid ingredients. Prohormones are synthetically produced hormones that convert to an active hormone once in the body via the metabolism. It seems to help bodybuilding. A small study carried out on 17 bodybuilders found that taking 330mg a day of Androstene-3b-ol 17-one over 4 weeks led to increased lean body mass, and was considered an effective way to lose moderate amounts of fat and increase muscle and strength. Source
  • Fadogia Agrestis (150mg): Nigerian shrub that has been used in traditional medicine in Nigeria and is touted as a natural testosterone booster. It is sometimes taken by men trying to improve sex drive, and more recently by bodybuilders and athletes. It has only been tested on rats and mice and although some of this research looked promising, there is zero evidence it will be suitable for human use. Serving size is equally unknown. To reflect the animal testing you would have to take between 500mg – 1800mg. Even then, there is no evidence that it works or is safe for humans. Source
  • 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin (40mg): This is a natural furanocoumarin, a class of organic compounds present in plants. 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin is found in grapefruit and the component that causes so many interactions with prescription drugs. Because it increases the bioavailability of hormones – making them more fully absorbed by the body, 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin is often marketed as an anabolic amplifier, showing up in bodybuilding supplements and prohormones. The idea is that it will make the effects of the other drugs stronger. Source

Does Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Have Any Side Effects?

Chemical One may cause side effects. Androstene-3b-ol 17-one and 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin which makes this compound stronger may cause:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Man boobs (gynecomastia)
  • Swelling of the prostate gland

Increasing testosterone too much may cause:

  • Increased aggression
  • Mood swings
  • Erratic or violent behaviour
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of control

You should not take this supplement if you are taking prescription medication and have been told to avoid grapefruit. This is because 6, 7 Dihydroxybergamottin, a compound present in grapefruit can cause serious side effects with some medication.

There is not much information known about the risks (or the benefits) of Fadogia Agrestis. Experts are concerned that it may be toxic but there has been so little clinical testing, to risks to taking this herbal ingredient are unknown.


Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer?

The only customer reviews we could find were on the product page for this supplement. Comments include,

I have been using the chemical one stack for 3 weeks and everything seems to just get easier and easier. I am very interested to see what happens in the next few months!!

Many customers have stacked Chemical One with other products,

Two weeks into starting chemical one and legendary added with pre workout and pump formula I’m more energized and focused and can see myself improving


Wow it feels so good!

We believe that these are genuine comments. However, it seems likely that Chaos and Pain will not publish any less positive customer reviews.

Does Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

According to the advertising, Chaos and Pain claim to offer a 100% guarantee on all supplements including Chemical One, but there is no information about how to get your money back you should be dissatisfied.

Try contacting the company via Facebook, email or phone (855 798 6039) if you wish to claim this 100% guarantee. Good luck! We have a feeling you are going to need it!

Where Can I Buy Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer?

Chemical One is available from the official Chaos and Pain website. At the time of writing, it is not on sale via Amazon although you may be able to find it on sale from small independent retailers.

Summary: Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

1.4 out of 5
Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Chaos and Pain Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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