Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

Bodybuilders and gym buffs tend to be big fans of pre-workout supplements, which are typically designed to offer a dose of energy mixed with performance-boosting amino acids. However, those that are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants may find the jittery side effects of pre-workouts too much to take, leading to calls for non-stimulant alternatives to the traditional pre-workout supplement.

Below we take an in-depth look into Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout, to see whether this non-stimulant pre-workout can make customers as “swole” as the manufacturers claim.

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Pros

  • Comes with virtually no side effects
  • The majority of customers like this product, as well as its taste and mixability
  • Ingredient quantities clearly labelled

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Cons

  • Main active ingredients are provided in insufficient doses
  • Around a third of positive customer reviews on Amazon appear to have been faked
  • Relatively expensive when considering the ingredient quantities
Watchdog Rejected

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout


What You Need To Know About Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout is a non-stimulant pre-workout that eschews the usual caffeine dose in favour of l-citrulline malate, beta alanine, and a host of other miscellaneous anti-oxidants and mild performance boosters. It comes in the form of a powder designed to be mixed with water, and is mainly sold in two flavours (green apple hulk and strawbloody kiwi crush).

What Are The Side Effects Of Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout?

Cannibal Permaswole comes with virtually no side effects to speak of. The use of beta alanine and niacin may cause mild flushing and tingling in the muscles, although both effects are ultimately harmless.

How Much Does Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Cost?

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout costs $39.99 (plus shipping) for a single pack containing 6.7oz of powder. The price is always the same whether buying from the official Chaos and Pain website or on Amazon.

Our Verdict On Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

Although we welcome the introduction of pre-workout products that rely less on jittery stimulants, this product is a surprisingly weak offering that does not offer the benefits that customers expect.

Many of the ingredients included in the mix are either ineffective or offer only slight boosts to performance. The exception to this rule is citrulline malate and beta alanine, both of which have been linked with improving performance and gains in the gym. However, both of these effective ingredients have been provided in tiny doses that cannot hope to reach the potential we expect. We consider this to be especially unfortunate given Cannibal Permaswole’s relatively high price tag.

Despite this, most customer reviews are positive, and the powder’s taste and mixability are often praised. However, we regard this product as having too weak a formulation to recommend.

We do not recommend Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout to our readers.

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Review

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout is a product that claims to boost muscular performance without the aid of stimulants. Unlike most other pre-workouts, Cannibal Permaswole contains no caffeine, instead relying on a combination of amino acids and performance-enhancers in order to achieve its effect. As readers may glean from the colourful name, this product is aimed primarily at the bodybuilding market.

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Facts

  • Manufactured by Chaos and Pain
  • Contains 10.9oz of powder per tub
  • Stimulant-free pre-workout supplement

This stimulant-free pre-workout is produced by Chaos and Pain, a supplement manufacturer known for its zany packaging designs and interesting approach to naming products. Chaos and Pain have produced some of the oddest-looking packages we’ve ever seen, giving otherwise innocuous pre-workout supplements names like “PWND Gamerz Aggro” or “Cannibal Riot”. Their brightly coloured and stylised bottles are decorated in much the same way as a heavy metal fan might spray paint their van, adorned with beautifully-drawn skulls, crying angels, and other eye-catching imagery. Unsurprisingly, the company also sells a line of t-shirts. Customers can contact Chaos and Pain using the contact form provided on the official website, or can email the company at [email protected], phone them on 1-855-798-6039 or reach them by post at 5149 Selkirk, Birmingham, AL 35242.

How to Take Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

The directions for use are as follows:

  • Mix one scoop (5.6g) of Cannibal Permaswole with water 15-20 minutes before your workout.

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Concerns:

  • Relatively expensive when compared to others
  • Positive customer reviews appear to have been faked on the Amazon page
  • Most of the effective ingredients are underdosed

What Does Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Claim To Do?

On the official sales page, the manufacturers don’t make many big claims for this product (which is unusual for Chaos and Pain). For the most part, the advertising spiel claims that the effects are mainly cosmetic, helping customers achieve a bulky and muscular look.

Cannibal Permaswole is different from many other pre-workouts in that it is stimulant-free, meaning that it won’t provide a boost of energy. Instead, it aims to provide customers with “cell-volumizing, strength-improving, shirt-splitting ingredients”. The manufacturer promises its bodybuilding customers that this product will “have you checking yourself out in every mirror, window, puddle, or any other somewhat reflective surface you can find and then flipping over a car to keep your pump up.”

Does Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Work?

Although Cannibal Permaswole contains numerous effective ingredients (like Citrulline Malate or Beta Alanine), most are provided in such low quantities that they are rendered essentially ineffective, or at least not optimal. The product also bizarrely contains an analogue of creatine, that is most certainly not creatine and offers none of the expected benefits. The rest of the ingredients are rounded off by a host of miscellaneous antioxidants and other non-essential additions.

This product could provide a small boost to performance and gains in workouts, although we would estimate the useful ingredient quantities are far too low to remain truly effective.

What Are The Ingredients of Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout?

The ingredients found in Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout are listed below. The quantities listed are correct for 1 scoop (5.6g) of powder.

  • L-Citrulline Malate 2000mg: L-Citrulline is thought to increase l-arginine levels in the body, which in turn widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the muscles. It seems to improve athletic performance. The dosage used in this product is too low to be truly effective. Source
  • Beta Alanine 1500mg: Beta alanine has been repeatedly proven to raise the levels of muscle carnosine in the human body, which has the effect of increasing the amount of work athletes can perform in high-intensity workouts. Its use is accompanied by a distinctive “tingling” sensation in the muscles. The dosage used in this product is slightly too low to be maximally effective. Source
  • Agmatine 500mg: Agmatine is thought by some to act as a useful form of pain relief, although most sports supplement manufacturers promote it as a way to improve performance and aid exercise recovery. Source
  • Creatinol-O-Phosphate 250mg: This synthetic analogue of creatine was created to protect against heart arrhythmia and cardiac decline following injection. No studies have ever been conducted to examine whether it has the same properties when taken orally. Despite the name, it bears no resemblance to creatine, and there is no reason to think it has the same performance-boosting effects. Source
  • L-Norvaline 200mg: This amino acid is thought to be complementary to l-arginine, as it inhibits arginase and helps to prolong and intensify the effect that arginine has on the body. Source
  • Pomegranate Fruit (20% PuniCaligins) 200mg: The anti-oxidant potential of PuniCaligins is significant. However, relatively low levels of this molecule actually reach the bloodstream, requiring large doses to be supplemented in order to be effective. The dosage used in this product is far, far too low to be effective. Source
  • Resveratrol 8% 150mg: This ingredient is a type of polyphenol, an antioxidant, which is found naturally in the skin of red grapes, as well as some other plant sources. Resveratrol has been found to help prevent insulin resistance, and so indirectly could have implications for weight loss in some patients. However, as yet this has not been confirmed conclusively through clinical trials. It is thought that antioxidants, in general, promote general health and wellness. Source
  • Niacin 10mg (62% DV): This vitamin is normally only used in cases of deficiency, although very high doses (like that which is used in this product) have been associated with lowering cholesterol. Source

Does Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Have Any Side Effects?

As it contains no stimulants, Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout contains none of the usual side effects we normally associate with pre-workouts.

The most common side effect of Beta Alanine is a tingling sensation in the muscles; many consider this a sign that the Beta-alanine is working, and as evidence that the supplement is indeed correctly dosed. Some people may dislike the tingling sensation, but it is not a sign of anything negative or more serious. Flushing is also a side effect caused by taking high doses of beta alanine.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are taking any medications or are unsure about the suitability of this supplement for you, consult your doctor before purchase.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout?

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout has received a decent amount so far on Amazon, although the useful review-checking service FakeSpot estimates that just under a third of the total number of reviews are fake. Most of the overwhelming praise is directed to the product’s non-jittery benefits.

4 days in to my gym routine with this pre-workout and I’m loving it. Non stim so I don’t have the jitters but I do have tons of energy and get in a nice pump. I love the tingly feeling so I know it’s working. Can’t wait to see what a month on this stuff does

Chaos and Pain are my favorite supplement brand and PermaSwole is simply the best nitric product available! The pumps are extremely intense with this product and the Green Apple Hulk flavor tastes great. I have never had an issue with an uneasy stomach when taking PermaSwole… There is quite a bit of niacin in this product, so if you are sensitive to that, it is worth considering; I personally love that tingle that lets me know it’s in my system and ready to work.

I just got back from one of the best workouts in months. This stuff is amazing. It got me focused without the jitters and had me ready to go. I was able to increase my set volume and the pump with this stuff is awesome.

Had an allergic reaction to product. Won’t use again

Does Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

It’s tricky to say whether Chaos and Pain offer a true money-back guarantee, as they fail to detail their policy anywhere on their website. Instead, they simply state that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee without explaining any terms or procedures.

As regular readers will know, we only consider a money-back guarantee as such if it offers customers a full refund within a reasonable time on all opened products (even if customers are expected to pay the cost and bear the risk of shipping the item back). If looking to return this product, it might be worth dropping an email to the company to receive the details of their returns policy in full.

Where Can I Buy Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout?

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout can be purchased from Amazon or the official Chaos and Pain website.

Summary: Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout

2.3 out of 5
Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole PreWorkout.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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