Building muscle in the gym is a hard slog at the best of times. To stay on top, bodybuilders and athletes often look for the right inputs to increase performance and remove limiting factors. Perhaps one of the most noted ‘limiting factors’ when building muscle is the dreaded cortisol, a naturally released hormone that has been accused of limiting muscle growth potential. To find ways around this, many supplement manufacturers now offer products that promise to block the production of cortisol or reduce its impact on muscle growth.

Below we take an in-depth look into C9-T11, to see whether this supposed cortisol blocker can offer the dramatic muscle-building benefits it promises.

C9-T11 Pros

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Few side effects

C9-T11 Cons

  • Likely to have no effect at all
  • Stupid and untrue claims from the company
  • Very costly
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What You Need To Know About C9-T11

C9-T11 is a muscle-building supplement that claims to work by reducing the levels of cortisol in the body, thus helping customers to build muscle more easily. What is truly notable about this product is the sheer boldness of the faintly ridiculous claims made about it. On the official advertising copy, C9-T11 is said to add 600% more muscle in 7 weeks and increase the girth of the biceps by 900% in just 4 weeks!

The product is manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research LLC, which is mainly known for bodybuilding and sports supplements. This small company has built up a poor reputation on consumer watchdog websites, due to poor customer service (such as failing to respond to customer complaints), overcharging and a pervasive habit for lying about the benefits of its products. Some former customers have expressed the opinion that the company is closer to a scam than a legitimate business.

What Are The Side Effects Of C9-T11?

None of the ingredients contained within C9-T11 are likely to cause major side effects, and few customer reviews mentioned adverse reactions. CLA can sometimes cause stomach pains, diarrhoea and fatigue, and phosphatidylserine has been known to cause stomach upset and insomnia (although the dose may be too low for this to take place).

The dosage of Vitamin C is also very low, but adverse reactions do happen on occasion. In the past, some dieters have experienced stomach cramps, vomiting, chest pains and headaches after taking vitamin C supplements.

How Much Does C9-T11 Cost?

On the website set up to promote the product, a single 60-capsule bottle of C9-T11 costs $29.95, with free shipping for all US customers. The same bottle costs more from other outlets like Amazon and the manufacturer’s website (normally around $37 plus shipping).

There are several offers set up for bulk purchases. A set of 4 bottles costs $89.95 on the product website and $111 on the manufacturer’s website. A set of 2 bottles also costs $59.20 (on the manufacturer’s website) and a 6-bottle bundle costs $179.70 (on the special C9-T11 website).

Our Verdict On C9-T11

The marketing for C9-T11 is amongst the stupidest we’ve ever seen, the saving grace being that it’s so daft that we imagine no-one can be taken in by it. It goes without saying that a 900% increase in bicep girth would probably require hospitalisation, and almost all of the other bizarre claims are absolutely untrue. For CLA in particular, most of the statements that Applied Nutritional Research make about it seems to be outright lies.

C9-T11 will not help build muscle whatsoever, as it contains insufficient ingredient quantities to limit cortisol and its main ingredient is a fat burner with no links to muscle. Around half of all ‘verified purchase’ customer reviews say that the product does nothing at all, which is honestly to be expected.

Applied Nutritional Research does offer a pretty good money-back guarantee, but the poor reputation of the company makes us wonder whether customers can actually claim it in practice. Former customers complain that the company cannot be contacted and ignore emails requesting returns. We cannot confirm whether this is true all the time, but we do know that a company that lies so blatantly and sells a junk product for so high a price is one to be avoided at the best of times.

We do not recommend C9-T11 to our readers.

C9-T11 Review

C9-T11 (also known as C9-T11 2.0) is a muscle-building supplement that promises to help customers build 600% more muscle in just 7 weeks. The blend of ingredients contained within the mix is relatively straightforward, with the primary ingredient being the controversial fat burner known as CLA. The overall effect of the product is that is supposedly suppressing the production of cortisol, which is associated with limiting muscle-building potential.

C9-T11 Facts

  • Manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research LLC.
  • 60 capsules per bottle.
  • Muscle-building supplement.

The product is produced and sold by Applied Nutritional Research LLC, a small supplement manufacturer based in Colorado. ANR seem to specialise in muscle-building supplements, although they’re not particularly well regarded by their customers. Scam watchdog websites showcase a number of former customers who complain that the company is difficult to contact and has a habit of overcharging customers.

How to Take C9-T11

As a dietary supplement, take one to two capsules in early morning and one to two capsules late afternoon.

C9-T11 Concerns:

  • Manufacturer’s website makes hideously untrue claims.
  • Product has received mixed reviews from customers.
  • Product is relatively expensive.

What Does C9-T11 Claim To Do?

Applied Nutritional Research makes a lot of frankly baffling claims about C9-T11. The product is said to be an extremely effective muscle-building aid, which is apparently ‘proven’ to help customers build 600% more muscle in 7 weeks. The muscle-building effects will also reportedly allow customers to add 30 pounds to their bench press and enjoy a 900% increase to the girth of their biceps in 4 weeks. These astounding results are said to take place due to the product’s ability to suppress cortisol, a catabolic hormone that limits muscle growth after exercise.

ANR also claim on some websites that the product can burn fat, although this benefit is barely mentioned when compared to the muscle-building claims.

Does C9-T11 Work?

It doesn’t take an expert to recognise that some of the above claims are a little far-fetched, and no customer should expect the extreme benefits listed on the official website. In fact, customers should unfortunately expect no positive impact on their muscle-building potential at all, as this product is bafflingly awful.

C9-T11 is said to work by lowering cortisol, which in turn is said to help customers to build more muscle faster (this itself may not actually be completely accurate, but we’ll leave that aside for now). However, the quantities of the active ingredients that actually lower cortisol are far, far too low to possibly be effective. The main ingredient, CLA, has never been associated with muscle-building benefits in the slightest, and is actually more well-known for being a (fairly poor) fat burner. In all likelihood, this product will do nothing at all, although some customers may see some very minor weight loss.

What Are The Ingredients of C9-T11?

The ingredients contained within C9-T11 are listed below. Readers should note that the quantities listed below are true for 1 softgel of C9-T11.

  • Vitamin C 50 mg: Vitamin C has been shown in some studies to reduce cortisol levels in stressful situations, although the dosage included in this mix is far too low to be effective.
  • Phosphatidylserine 50 mg: A couple of studies have indicated that Phosphatidylserine reduces cortisol brought about by stress. However, the dosage in this product is far too low to possibly be effective.
  • CLA Complex (72% Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 900 mg: Primarily used as a fat burner, more recent evidence may be suggesting that it often fails to do that. Although it may cause a tiny bit of weight loss and may lower blood pressure, it is generally inconsistent and weak when compared to other fat burners. No scientific study has ever linked CLA with muscle building, and it definitely has no effect on cortisol levels.

Does C9-T11 Have Any Side Effects?

C9-T11 shouldn’t come with too many side effects. The main ingredient, CLA, can sometimes cause nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue, and some people have adverse reactions to Vitamin C (which can very occasionally lead to stomach cramps, vomiting, heartburn and headaches).

Phosphatidylserine can sometimes cause insomnia and stomach upset, although the dosage is likely far too low to cause issues.

Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any other dietary supplement.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For C9-T11?

There are a few customer reviews for C9-T11 on Amazon (although the product is no longer sold there). Opinions appear to be split down the middle, with some customers claiming that it works, and the remaining half simply claiming that it doesn’t.

This product will help produce results in conjunction with a serious weight lifting program. Whether lifting light weight to increase muscle shape or definition or lifting heavy weight to increase size and strength, C-9 T-11 will help you see results quicker! Absolutely no side effects!

I’ve got better results from this than any other product.

I choose this supplement to help my 17-year-old male athlete build muscle mass… We have seen no noticeable improvement despite a continued rigorous workout regimen, and he reports feeling sick after taking it. I have also noticed a turn for the worse in his overall happiness and mood. I would not recommend experimenting with this product.

This item is more like a fat burner than a muscle builder. It guarantees to add muscle, but it doesn’t.

I am very disappointed to find out it does not work at all. I felt no difference in muscle gain or any physical performance increase.

Does C9-T11 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Applied Nutritional Research offer a strong 60-day money back guarantee on all purchases, and claim to accept and fulfil returns on opened (or even empty) bottles. Customers are asked to contact the company first to obtain a return authorisation number. In this regard, readers should still be wary; a number of former customers have complained online that ANR are impossible to get hold of, with some speculating that the company and its returns policy are a scam.

Where Can I Buy C9-T11?

C9-T11 is available to buy from two official websites (one named after the product and one named after Applied Nutritional Research themselves), and we have also seen it sold on Amazon and eBay.

C9-T11 is cheapest on the product website, where a single 60-capsule bottle retails for $29.95 with free shipping. The same bottle costs $37 on Amazon and the ANR website, and both websites seem to charge shipping at around $6. Buying in bulk is obviously cheaper, with 4 bottles costing $89.95 on the product website, and $111 on the ANR website. Customers can also get a 2-bottle bundle from the ANR website for $59.20 and a 6-bottle bundle from the product website for $179.70.

Summary: C9-T11

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2.3 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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