Approved Muscle Supplements

There are thousands of supplements available for you to buy today. They can be for weight loss, boosting athletic performance, and increasing muscle size. They could be for maintaining general health and wellbeing, improving mood, or to help you relax.

Supplement companies make bold promises, guarantee you success, tell you how well it’s worked for everybody else, and seduce you with their sales talk. But the balance between science and marketing is often heavily skewed.

We like to cut through all the bull. We take an honest look at what’s inside these ‘miracle’ products to get to the truth.

This is the criteria that all approved muscle supplements must aim for:

  • The product must do what the manufacturer says it does
    What is the point in spending money on a product that won’t do what it says? By looking at the ingredients we can determine whether it will offer the result that you want.
  • The manufacturer must be reputable, with details ready to provide proof
    In the past, we have been unable to find any information on manufacturers, a clear indicator that they aren’t the real thing. For your health and financial safety, we will check to see if they are who they say they are if you ever need to contact them.
  • Your purchase must be covered by a money-back guarantee
    Any product must come with a guarantee to ensure that you feel protected from a scam and allow you to have confidence in the product.
  • The ingredients should be safe and tested for consumption
    We make sure that we list all the ingredients and try to show how much of something is in the product. This is to make sure you are aware of what you are actually taking, some surprises aren’t always good.
  • The product must not produce harsh side effects
    Everything we review must be tested to check that it is safe for consumption and won’t be toxic for your health.
  • Products must have genuine customer approval
    We want to offer you details of real life people taking this product. It is important that you know who it works for and who it doesn’t, only then can you judge whether it is right for you.
It’s as simple as that. We look at the facts and decide whether or not it will be a good choice for you, the consumer.

Top Performer for Cutting/Weight Loss


With a clinically proven blend of fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients, Phentaslim is a supplement that is backed by science and a risk-free money-back guarantee to give you the results you’re after.

Phentaslim Pros

  • Effective thermogenesis
  • You can feel the energy kick
  • Noticeable fat loss when used correctly

Phentaslim Cons

  • Only sold direct from the manufacturer
  • Not vegetarian

Highly Rated Testosterone Booster

Hunter Burn

Quite possibly a product that lives up to the hype. Hunter Test contains the right ingredients, in the right quantities, and comes with a generous money-back guarantee if you find it’s not the one for you.

Hunter Test Pros

  • Works as is claimed
  • Optimal ingredients profile
  • Generous money-back guarantee

Hunter Test Cons

  • Somewhat pricey

Good for Performance

MAN Sports Beta-Alanine

A straight forward supplement that contains a sole ingredient. If you want to experience the Beta-Alanine tingle and improve muscular performance, this is one of the better ways to achieve this.

MAN Sports Beta-Alanine Pros

  • Delays fatigue
  • Increases endurance
  • Single ingredient supplement
  • Great value. One tub provides 250 servings!

MAN Sports Beta-Alanine Cons

  • Limited user feedback
  • Requires a loading phase before working