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Most times we love a mystery, but sometimes we don’t. And this is one of those times. We found Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX the other day. It’s marketed as a “high stimulant pre-workout”, and the more we looked into Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX, the more it lived up to its name.

According to most of the online dictionaries we checked, “vex” means making (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried. As in “the memory of the conversation still vexed him”.

Annoyed by this supplement? Frustrated by it? Worried about it? Yes, indeed – that’s three out of three. But why should VEX vex us so much? Keep reading to find out why.

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Pros

  • Provides mental stimulation as well as physical energy
  • You don’t get a crash when all the stimulants wear off
  • Proudly American

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Cons

  • Proprietary formulas
  • Contains a scary amount of caffeine in many forms
  • We have no idea who’s behind this company
Watchdog Rejected

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX


What You Need To Know About Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX

Well, everything, really – but whoever Alpha Pro Nutrition might be, they’re really tight-lipped about themselves. Not so much about the product, though. It contains three, maybe four different amino acids (depending on whether you count taurine as a real amino acid or not).

There’s none of the standard information we’ve come to expect, like who’s behind VEX, caution notices, quality statements – none of that.

So you need to know a lot more about VEX and Alpha Pro Nutrition than the little tiny bit they’ve been prepared to tell us.

And even though there are reviews on Amazon dating from early 2016, the website still tells us VEX will be, “launching soon”.

Need we say more?

What Are The Side Effects Of Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX?

In general, if the ingredient information is to be believed, we’d be looking at the possibility of digestion problems, sleep problems, nervousness, headaches, inflammation in the digestive system, and potential interaction with other medications.

How Much Does Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Cost?

There’s always the Alpha Pro Nutrition online shop, where you can purchase VEX for $31.00 plus free US shipping, but we’re also invited to click on the Amazon link on that web page, in order to buy it there as well.

And since we regularly visit Amazon to check out the product reviews there, we did just that. There, we found the supplement facts panel which appeared to have disappeared from the VEX website – if it had ever been there in the first place.

We also discovered Alpha Pro Nutrition was selling VEX on Amazon at $23.99 (a saving of just over $7.00 on their website price) which made us wonder why anyone would want to buy it from the official website in the first place.

Our Verdict On Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a clear image of Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX, as we don’t know who they are. We don’t know anything about the company behind the product, and that makes us a little suspicious.

We don’t want to have anything to do with companies like that. Or their products. So overall, we do not recommend Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX.

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Review

OK, so maybe we sounded a little harsh when we rejected VEX, but wouldn’t you rather know at least one or two facts about a company you’re giving money to, so you can put their products inside you – facts like who they are and how to contact them if you need to? We would.

So we’re not going to apologize for that harshness because good business is about credibility and transparency, and there’s no evidence of either here.

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Facts

  • Alpha Pro Nutrition say they’re based in Los Angeles
  • They sell seven other bodybuilding supplements
  • Not even Siri can tell us anything about the company

Have these people just come up with a formula that sounds like it would sell, and paid a factory to mix it all up and package it? Furthermore, apparently the VEX container is more than just a little bit too big for its contents.

How to Take Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX

We can’t help thinking Alpha Pro Nutrition are leaving us to figure out how much VEX to take and how often, because there’s no kind of dosage instructions we’ve managed to find so far.

Then again, since it’s a pre-workout supplement it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you need to take it before working out and that since you’re provided with a convenient scoop with which to scoop out a scoopful, an educated guess would be that’s how much you’re supposed to take before starting that workout.

But there’s always the problem of what to do with the scoopful you’ve scooped out, however it’s probably safe to assume you mix it with some kind of liquid.

It’s not like Alpha Pro are making it easy for their customers … you could say their customers might be a tad vexed about it all.

It’s way easier to create a supplement like that than you might think: not only have we reviewed products from other companies that fall into that “sort-of-home-made-supplement” category, but we’ve also often traced those products back to the factories where those supplements are created. At least one factory we’ve tracked down is outside the USA, and therefore exempt from US manufacturing standard enforcement. Perhaps the same could be said for this particular supplement.

Then again, there’s always the possibility the people behind VEX have something to hide.

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Concerns:

  • The amount of caffeine in VEX takes you to overdose levels (more than 600 mg a day) if you also enjoy a morning coffee or two
  • One of the ingredients – naringen (which is normally spelled naringin, by the way) has the potential to reduce the efficiency of regular medications. It’s be nice if they’d told us
  • Oh, and did we mention that we’ve got no idea about the people behind VEX?

What Does Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Claim To Do?

Apparently VEX “creates insane energy, focus and concentration”.

We’ve quoted the definition of “vex” before, and now we’ve got “insane”, defined by several online dictionaries as “in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill”.

This review hasn’t driven us completely insane yet, but we’re getting very close to “seriously vexed”.

Does Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Work?

Well, it certainly does what the label says, as in how close we are to “seriously vexed”.

On the basis that there’s enough caffeine and other stimulants in VEX to keep you going longer than the famous Duracell bunny, yes, it ought to work. But there’s more to VEX than just all that caffeine in all its different forms. According to the promotional text VEX not only raises energy levels with all that caffeine, but also creates the fuel muscle cells need to keep going throughout your caffeine-induced workout.

We can’t say whether Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX does or doesn’t work, however going by the customer reviews it seems that it doesn’t achieve what it claims to do.

What Are The Ingredients of Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX?

We seem to have three proprietary blends in VEX, even if Alpha Pro Nutrition prefers to call two of them a Matrix and the third a Compound.

VEX Glucogenic ATP Amino Acid Matrix: 2.7 g

  • L-Glycine: Converts glucose to energy, has a lot to do with creating strands of both RNA and DNA and helps to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.
  • L-Alanine: Protects cells from damage during intense physical activity and which also helps convert glucose to energy.
  • N-Acetyl Glutamine: The body converts into glucose.

VEX Explosive Energy Matrix: 522 mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine in a powerful water-free, concentrated form.
  • InfinergyTM: The brand name for dicaffeine malate (or, as Alpha Pro prefer to call it, Caffeine Di-Malate), a combination of caffeine and malic acid. Here’s a little history lesson: when the Coca-Cola company needed to find a substitute for the cocaine they used to blend into a certain soft drink, they decided on dicaffeine malate.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: It’s so tempting to refer to the good Dr Oz and some of the lawsuit-type issues he faced thanks to this particular extract, but we’ve had a little history lesson in this review already. Suffice it to say that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract was included on the basis of its ability to release glucose.
  • Caffeine Citrate: Combination of caffeine anhydrous (see above), citric acid, and sodium citrate, included because it kicks in much faster than all the other caffeine in this Matrix.

VEX Stimulant-Decellerator Compound: 100 mg

  • Theobromine 99%: Which is “chemically related to caffeine, among other stimulants”
  • Naringen: (Which is actually spelled naringin, according to many, many specialist websites and our trusty spellchecker) which not only gives grapefruit its bitter taste but also, say Alpha Pro has “the ability to stimulate the effects of caffeine, increasing its effectiveness”.

Other ingredients:

  • L-Taurine 1.1g: Mixes well with caffeine to improve mood and mental performance. It also regulates glucose and hydrates cells.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 500 mg: An ingredient Alpha Pro seems to have missed out when they were talking about all the others. This is an amino acid which has a lot to do with the production of certain neurotransmitters (those chemical messengers in the brain) which help control mood and behavior.

Does Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Have Any Side Effects?

Caffeine’s side effects can include dizziness, emotional problems, digestion problems, heart problems and of course, keeping a person awake nights. Add to those side effects the potential for headaches, chest pain, ringing in the ears, changes in blood sugar and blood pressure and it’s no surprise that we’re a little wary of the amount of caffeine in VEX.

As far as the amino acid matrix is concerned, there shouldn’t be any problems, but then again, WebMD says “no adverse effects have been reported because of proper L-alanine use” and few side effects will occur as a result of Glutamine consumption “as long as suggested serving sizes are adhered to”.

Since we don’t know how much of either L-alanine and Glutamine that matrix contains, we can’t help being a little bit wary.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine can bring on side effects which include nausea, headache, fatigue, heartburn, and joint pain.

The Stimulant Decellerator Compound contains theobromine which can cause the same sort of side-effects as caffeine, plus the need to visit the bathroom more often.

Naringen (no matter how you spell it) has the potential to interfere with medications and so seriously reduce the amount of them reaching the bloodstream.

Well, we’ve got an allergen warning that tells us VEX is, “Manufactured on equipment which also process products containing milk, egg, soy and wheat”, but other than that, not a peep.

On Amazon, though, we found: “Legal Disclaimer Do not exceed recommended dosage of one scoop a day”.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX?

Strangely enough, there are none on the Alpha Pro website. We think that’s a first, because normally we find the most enthusiastic pro-product reviews on the websites selling those products.

However, Amazon is always a rich source of not-quite-so-biased reviews, and ones we found there included,

With Vex, I can’t say that I ever felt “amped up” “focused” or anything of the like, just the fatigue as if I was running a dry (no supplement) workout.

mehhhhhhhhhhh tastes good so it’s not a one star and it gives energy but once you learn about prop blends and proper dosages this is nothing more than a nice package and cool marketing.

does what it’s supposed ot do but the flavor is a little hard to take so I mix it with a little bit of a mango BCAA that I have, just to get it down.

Dont really feel the rush… of anysort… the next day i feel extremly dehydrated…. wont be buying it again

Gave noticeable energy and focus the first few times of taking it, but then didn’t notice any extra energy after taking regularly.

That last review makes us think the reviewer had developed a tolerance to all the caffeine in VEX, but we hope that’s not the case.

There are, of course, more favorable reviews to be found on Amazon, but every now and then we find it interesting to visit review sites that review Amazon reviews – sites with algorithms to detect whether those reviews are genuine or just planted there.

This time, we visited which, when analyzing VEX reviews an Amazon, came up with a great big red FAIL notice, for a number of reasons including the fact that all but three of those leaving glowing reviews for the product were flagged up as “unverified purchases”.

Does Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Not that we can find on the website. It’s possible other retailers might offer one if you ask them nicely. It’s also possible they might not.

Where Can I Buy Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX?

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX can be purchased from the official website, or via Amazon.

Summary: Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX

Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX

1.2 out of 5
Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Rating

The Muscle Watchdog does not recommend Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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