Meet Our Writers and Reviewers

Our dedicated team of writers and reviewers thoroughly research products to give you their 100% honest opinion. They understand how your health and wellbeing affect your everyday life and are here to help.

John Sampson

John has been passionately involved in the fitness and supplement industry for a number of years. He was also a competitive athlete during his twenties, and he still enjoys researching new training ideas and applying them to his ever-busy schedule.

Mark Stephens

Having spent a number of years in coaching roles for various sports teams, Mark has developed a wealth of knowledge that he now uses to help us sort the good supplements from the bad.

As well as keeping up the coaching, Mark plays hockey and football most weekends, and has recently taken up judo.

Tory Mason

As a sports nutritionist, Tory has helped hundreds of clients, as well as herself, get into their ideal shape after years of struggling. Her expertise makes Tory an invaluable member of our research team.